Transcribed by Susan D. Young.  All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.  Please note:  all dates 1 January through to and including 24 March in all years up to and including 1751 are recorded in the Old Style and so, must be read by way of example as 2 January 1676/77.

..........   12-Feb 1802 unknown persons (4), probably drowned in Sackett s Hoy
..........   17-Feb 1808 unknown strangers (3), drowned
..........   9-Sep 1820 unknown person found dead on the beach,
..........   23-Aug 1820 unknown persons (2) found dead on the beach,
..........   24-Aug 1821 unknown person,
..........   28-Jul 1831 unknown man found drowned
..........   17-Sep 1832 unknown man found drowned
..........   26-May 1834 unknown man found drowned
..........   18-Nov 1835 unknown man found drowned
..........   14-Sep 1836 unknown man found drowned
..........   11-Jun 1842 unknown man found drowned
..........   26-Sep 1843 unknown man found drowned
..........   13-May 1844 at Acol, unknown man found drowned
..........   17-Aug 1846 unknown man found drowned or otherwise dead in the water, [see James HARVEY]
..........   4-Sep 1846 unknown person, a women cast ashore at the Minnis(?) in a high state of decomposition dressed in common clothes/a ring on the marriage finger
..........   17-Jul 1849 unknown female cast ashore, rather aged ,
..........   1-Jul 1849 unknown man cast ashore,
..........   9-May 1849 unknown man cast ashore,
..........   9-May 1849 unknown man cast ashore,
..........   16-Aug 1850 unknown man washed ashore, unknown [age] -grown up ,
..........   18-Aug 1850 unknown woman washed ashore, supposed to be of middle age ,
..........   20-Jun 1855 unknown man cast ashore in Westgate Bay, unknown [age] but grown up’,
..........   19-Aug 1856 unknown man washed ashore in Epple Bay, apparently about 60y [found same day]
..........   9-Nov 1858 unknown man washed ashore in Westgate Bay, [body found 6 Nov 1858]
..........   12-Sep 1860 unknown man washed ashore in Minnis Bay,
..........   27-Oct 1866 unknown man washed ashore near St. Nicholas Coastguard Station,
..........   28-Jun 1867 unknown man washed ashore,
..........   18-Aug 1870 unknown boy washed ashore, apparently about 11y or 12y
..........   11-Feb 1873 unknown man washed ashore,
..........   6-Apr 1882 unknown man washed ashore at Minnis Bay, apparently from 25y to 30y
.......... Lewis William 27-Dec 1865 Thanet Union, 77y
............ George Charles Frederic 3-Jun 1870 of this parish, 70y
ABBOTT Robert 11-Jan 1815 of this parish, 85y
ADAMS Anne 1-Jul 1843 of this parish, 72y
ADAMS Elizabeth 15-Feb 1883 of this parish, 66y
ADAMS Elizabeth 21-Nov 1810 55y
ADAMS James 1-Nov 1863 of this parish, 16y
ADAMS John 12-Jul 1847 of this parish, 71y
ADAMS John 1-Sep 1850 of this parish, 7m
ADAMS John 2-Jul 1853 of this parish, 5m
ADAMS Thomas 8-Feb 1841 of this parish, 92y
ALCOCK Beryl Constance 18-Dec 1878 of this parish, 6m
ALCOCK Leonard Michael 23-Jan 1880 of this parish, 5m
ALCOCK Mabel Gertrude 21-Sep 1874 of this parish, 3-3/4m
ALLEN Aneilla 13-Dec 1856 Acol, 2d
ALLEN Bridget 2-Jan 1845 of this parish, 85y
ALLEN Charles 11-Feb 1832 Garlinge, 65y
ALLEN Charles 26-Dec 1874 Garlinge, 61y
ALLEN Edward 2-Jul 1816 of this parish, 60y
ALLEN Elisabeth 30-Dec 1873 Thanet Union, 84y
ALLEN Esther 12-Dec 1839 St. John Margate, 78y
ALLEN John 2-Dec 1862 Garlinge, 69y
ALLEN Mary Ann 27-May 1868 Minster, 62y
ALLEN Sarah 25-Aug 1826 Acol, 5w
ALLEN William 11-Jul 1822 Acol, 1m
ALLEN William 3-Apr 1862 Thanet Union, 72y
AMES Benjamin Dyer 27-May 1886 Thanet Union, 41y
AMES George 12-Apr 1883 of this parish, 42y
ANDREWS James 19-Jul 1843 of this parish, 86y
ANDREWS James 3-Mar 1847 Thanet Union, 66y
ANDREWS Maria 10-Feb 1841 of this parish, 1y 3m
ANDREWS Mary 27-Jun 1838 of this parish, 82y
ANDREWS Sarah 5-Aug 1832 of this parish, 44y
ANNING Eliza 13-Feb 1865 Epple Bay of this parish, 24y
ANSELL Ann 12-Feb 1856 Westgate, Acol, 39y
ANSELL Ann Grace 22-Nov 1854 Westgate, Acol, 14y
ANSELL Ellen 20-Dec 1855 Westgate Bay, Acol, 18m
ANSELL John Thomas 20-Sep 1851 Westgate, Acol, 2y 7m
ANSELL Mary Elisabeth 11-Jan 1872 Margate, 24y
ASHBEE Alice Maud 27-Mar 1886 St. James Terrace, 3-1/2y
AUSTEN Eliza Alice 14-Jul 1887 Mill Cottages, 38y
AUSTEN James Henry 18-May 1881 Acol, 15m
AUSTEN Mabel Lily 19-Feb 1887 Burr Cottages, Southend, 1y
AVANT Mary 19-Dec 1837 Westgate, Acol, 35y
AYLES Jane 6-Sep 1815 of this parish, 78y
AYLES John 1-Feb 1802  
BAILAY William 5-Jun 1826 of this parish, 35y, [BAILEY ?]
BAILEY Ada Mary 13-Oct 1880 Acol (Southampton Arms, Westgate), 25y
BAKER Ann 14-Mar 1851 of this parish, 91y
BAKER Anne Eliza 12-Aug 1872 Linden Villa, of this parish, 6w
BAKER Jane 18-Feb 1816 Canterbury, 87y
BAKER Robert 8-Jul 1838 Thanet Union, 77y
BAKER Thomas 18-Sep 1825 of this parish, 33y
BAKER Thomas 31-Jan 1830 of this parish, 45y
BARRETT Sarah 29-Dec 1883 of this parish, 50y
BARTRAM Sarah Ann 11-Dec 1862 of this parish, 3m
BATE Sylvanus Archibald 19-Jun 1828 Westgate, 6m
BAX Alice 9-Jan 1852 Ramsgate, 44y
BAX George 18-Jun 1837 Acol, 9y
BAX Harriet 8-Feb 1836 Acol, 2y
BAX Stephen 6-Mar 1848 Thanet Union, 65y
BEER John Kneptune 3-Sep 1822 of this parish, 11d
BEER Thomas 14-Mar 1802 81y
BELMAN Elizabeth 17-Apr 1822 of this parish, 35y
BELSEY Ann 17-Nov 1822 Canterbury, 19y
BELSEY Elizabeth 28-Dec 1830 Cliffsend, 78y
BELSEY John 3-Jul 1814 of this parish, 71y
BELSEY Mary 19-Feb 1837 of this parish, 85y
BELSEY Mary 31-Jul 1845 of this parish, 77y
BELSEY Stephen 14-Dec 1853 of this parish, 78y
BELSEY William 23-Oct 1821 of this parish, 71y
BENEFELD Ann 19-May 1858 of this parish, 88y
BENEFELD Maria 27-Feb 1850 of this parish, 44y
BENEFELD Martha Ann 9-Jun 1875 of this parish, 70y
BENEFELD Michael John 20-Jan 1875 of this parish, 66y
BENEFELD Patience Mary 7-Feb 1883 of this parish, 74y
BENEFIELD John Michael 11-Aug 1828 of this parish, 18y
BENEFIELD Michel 4-Sep 1835 of this parish, 84y
BENSON Susannah Elizabeth 22-Sep 1832 Westgate, 10y
BENTLEY John 8-Jan 1812 70y
BICKER Elizabeth 28-Apr 1833 St. Nicholas, 17y
BICKER George 8-Feb 1858 of this parish, 26y
BICKER John 29-Apr 1821 of this parish, 5m
BICKER John 9-Mar 1825 of this parish, 13w
BICKER Sarah 14-Dec 1863 of this parish, 76y
BICKER William 12-Dec 1851 of this parish, 76y
BIRCH Alfred 7-May 1832 Acol, 9m
BIRCH Ann 30-Jul 1855 Acol, 60y
BIRCH Ann Maria 29-Aug 1861 Monkton, 9m
BIRCH Hannah 31-May 1817 Margate, 14y
BIRCH Henry 12-Nov 1843 Acol, 21y
BIRCH John 10-Feb 1858 Margate, 77y
BIRCH John 6-May 1812 4y
BIRCH Sarah 9-Mar 1815 shopkeeper, Acol, 28y
BIRCH Sarah 31-Dec 1835 Northdown, St. John Thanet, 58y
BIRCH Sarah 19-Jan 1852 Acol, 41y
BIRCH Sidders 28-Sep 1843 Acol, 19y
BIRCH William 11-Aug 1846 Acol, 64y
BIRCH William 6-May 1812 1y 2m
BIRD Eliza 18-Feb 1880 of this parish, 82y
BISHOP Ann 30-Jul 1870 Acol, 23y
BISHOP Elizabeth 8-Jun 1810  
BISHOP Jane Elizabeth 9-Aug 1869 of this parish, 1y
BISHOP Thomas 10-Nov 1814 shopkeeper, of this parish, 39y
BISHOP Thomas 3-Mar 1836 Acol, 20m
BISHOP Thomas 27-Apr 1869 Acol, 32y
BLACHET Mary 10-May 1802 89y
BLACKLY Jane 21-May 1823 Canterbury, 54y
BLANCHER Mary 31-Aug 1831 of this parish, 6m
BLANCHETT Ann 13-Jul 1832 of this parish, 6m
BLANCHETT James 19-Oct 1833 Epple Bay Station [changed from Westgate Station], 26y
BLEW Jane 30-Sep 1854 Thanet Union, 79y
BLEW Richard 7-Jan 1802  
BLEW Sarah 16-Jul 1801  
BOLTON Mary 6-Mar 1803  
BOSSANTS Emily 14-Dec 1842 St. Nicholas Station, 8y
BOULTON Elizabeth 27-Feb 1821 of this parish, 33y
BOWLES Thomas 16-May 1824 of this parish, 30y
BOYER Emma 26-Dec 1885 Rotherhithe (staying at Railway Station), 45y
BRADLEY Alice Jane 19-Sep 1883 North Lodge Quex Park, 14y
BRADLEY Elizabeth 15-Nov 1864 of this parish, 72y
BRADLEY John 24-Aug 1828 of this parish, 4y
BRADLEY Thomas 7-Aug 1855 of this parish, 61y
BRETT Albert 7-Dec 1874 of this parish, 5y
BRETT Frederick James 25-Sep 1876 Quex, of this parish, 4-1/2y
BRETT Percy Thomas 12-Mar 1877 of this parish, 11m
BRICE Sarah 22-Sep 1826 Acol, 87y
BRISLEY Ann 2-Mar 1853 Margate, 46y
BRISLEY Stephen 4-May 1853 Margate, 54y
BRISTOW George 15-May 1851 of this parish, 7m
BRISTOW John 14-Jan 1874 Southend Farm, of this parish, 73y
BRISTOW Maria 24-Mar 1885 Stourmouth, 79y
BRISTOW Rosina 18-Mar 1886 The Square, 22y
BRISTOW Sarah 13-Jun 1866 of this parish, 2m
BROCKMAN Albert John 18-Oct 1878 of this parish, 11y
BROCKMAN Amos 2-Nov 1855 of this parish, 2-1/2y
BROCKMAN Ann 9-Feb 1867 of this parish, 64y
BROCKMAN Charlotte 11-Jun 1880 Ramsgate, 58y
BROCKMAN Edward 26-Jan 1858 of this parish, 13y
BROCKMAN Edward 7-Mar 1863 of this parish, 64y
BROCKMAN Eliza 17-Feb 1828 of this parish, 10m
BROCKMAN Elizabeth 28-Mar 1857 of this parish, 89y
BROCKMAN George 31-Jan 1836 of this parish, 3y
BROCKMAN James 13-Oct 1816 of this parish, 5w
BROCKMAN James 8-Oct 1839 of this parish, 34y
BROCKMAN James 26-Mar 1852 of this parish, [age not recorded],
BROCKMAN Jane 29-Dec 1883 Ramsgate, 34y
BROCKMAN John 14-Jun 1837 of this parish, 41y
BROCKMAN Mary 9-Feb 1801  
BROCKMAN Richard 1-Apr 1839 of this parish, 74y
BROCKMAN Sarah 20-Nov 1883 of this parish, 72y
BROCKMAN Thomas 29-Mar 1871 of this parish, 12y
BROCKMAN William 24-Oct 1881 of this parish, 73y
BROMLEY Sarah Ann 4-Mar 1839 Margate, 16y
BROOK Elisabeth Street 1-Apr 1843 Margate, 37y
BROTHERS Ethel Laura 20-Mar 1881 [changed from Lorrie ], of this parish (father's residence London), 9m
BROTHERS Louisa Jane 14-Oct 1881 of this parish (husband's abode Grays Inn Lane, London), 26y
BROWN Athelstone 27-Aug 1849 of this parish, 6w
BROWN Charles 18-Mar 1875 of this parish, 5w
BROWN Elizabeth 17-Oct 1808  
BROWN George 30-Aug 1880 of this parish, 54y
BROWN Hannah 2-Sep 1810  
BROWN Harriet 17-Feb 1822 Acol, 5m
BROWN Harriott 20-Jun 1802 d. William/Elizabeth,
BROWN Katherine Sarah 14-Oct 1886 Gore End Coastguard Station, 15y
BROWN Sarah 30-May 1802 99y
BROWN William 13-May 1808  
BROWNING Anne 26-Aug 1827 of this parish, 1y
BROWNING George 10-Jan 1880 of this parish, 60y
BROWNING Jane 4-Nov 1861 of this parish, 67y
BROWNING John 14-Jun 1852 of this parish, 58y
BROWNING Matilda 18-May 1815 of this parish, 6w
BROWNING William 29-Jul 1818 of this parish, 2y
BUBB Clement 26-Feb 1815 mariner, of this parish, 25y
BUBB Jane 20-Oct 1846 of this parish, 89y
BUBB Robert 23-Oct 1825 of this parish, 67y
BUBB Stephen 20-Aug 1812 30y
BUBB William 5-Jun 1849 of this parish, 65y
BUDDLE William 26-May 1887 Church Hill, 64y
BUIST Josias Rowley 11-May 1825 Westgate, 9w
BUNDOCK Thomas 2-Jul 1887 Waterworks Cottages, Acol, 54y
BURGESS James 22-Dec 1887 of this parish, 83y
BURGESS John 15-Oct 1884 of this parish, about 60y (supposed) ,
BURTON Elizabeth 10-Mar 1818 of this parish, 52y
BURTON Elizabeth 30-Jan 1868 Manston, 68y
BURTON George 1-Mar 1846 of this parish, 17y
BURTON George 4-Apr 1883 Minster, 85y
BURTON Henry 17-Dec 1826 of this parish, 68y
BURTON John 7-Jun 1846 of this parish, 24y
BUSBRIDGE Henry Yeomans 6-Mar 1856 of this parish, 8m
BUSBRIDGE John Richard 11-Mar 1856 of this parish, 4y
BUSBRIDGE Richard 27-Mar 1845 of this parish, 64y, for thirty years Parish Clerk,
BUSBRIDGE Sarah 27-Oct 1848 of this parish, 72y
BUSBRIDGE Stephen 29-Jan 1886 Parish Clerk and Sexton from 1845 to 1881, The Square, 76y
BUSHEL Mary 14-Dec 1823 Acol, 5m
BUSHELL Ann 3-Jun 1835 of this parish, 6d
BUSHELL Ann 31-Jul 1839 of this parish, 35y
BUSHELL Daniel 13-Apr 1831 of this parish, 17y
BUSHELL Elizabeth 26-Jun 1825 of this parish, 15y
BUSHELL George 24-Apr 1840 of this parish, 13y
BUSHELL James 20-Feb 1838 of this parish, 24y
BUSHELL John 28-Jun 1827 Acol, 6y
BUSHELL John 29-Jun 1828 of this parish, 31y
BUSHELL John 28-Sep 1882 of this parish, 52y
BUSHELL Mary 4-Jan 1841 of this parish, 68y
BUSHELL Mary 10-Sep 1848 of this parish, 20y
BUSHELL Richard 2-Sep 1835 of this parish, 30y
BUSHELL Robert 30-May 1868 Thanet Union, 62y
BUSHELL Sarah 3-Apr 1825 of this parish, 54y
BUSHELL Sarah 5-Mar 1835 Minster, 24y [note: age may be 4 years, not 24 years],
BUSHELL Sarah 16-Dec 1867 of this parish, 68y
BUSHELL Sarah Ann 28-Feb 1857 of this parish, 1m
BUSHELL Sarah Anne 23-Jan 1840 Thanet Union, 1y 3m
BUSHELL Thomas 4-Jan 1838 of this parish, 69y
BUSHELL William 30-Oct 1884 of this parish, 81y
CAMPER Kate 5-Oct 1856 of this parish, 10m
CARTER Ann 29-Apr 1862 of this parish, 67y
CARTER James 11-Jul 1866 Thanet Union, 80y
CASTLE Edward 5-Feb 1842 Thanet Union, 1y 4m
CASTLE Jane 6-May 1886 The Square, 2d
CASTLE Louisa 18-Oct 1875 of this parish, 23y
CASTLE Sarah 4-Aug 1868 of this parish, 71y
CASTLE William 17-Jun 1880 of this parish, 85y
CATFORD Adeline Mary 13-Jun 1873 of this parish, 11m
CATFORD Ernest James 1-Jun 1872 of this parish, 16m
CATFORD Herbert William 8-Mar 1873 of this parish, 3-1/2y
CHANDLER Adnit 22-Mar 1818 of this parish, 62y
CHANDLER Edward 22-Apr 1821 Grove, 20y
CHANDLER Sarah 1-Jun 1812 52y
CHAPMAN Abraham 2-Aug 1835 of this parish, 70y
CHAPMAN Ann Fanny 4-Jul 1827 Acol, 20y
CHAPMAN Anne 25-Apr 1847 of this parish, 83y
CHAPMAN Eliza 17-Aug 1826 of this parish, 2w
CHAPMAN Eliza 14-Jan 1838 of this parish, 14d
CHAPMAN Henry William 16-May 1833 of this parish, 11m
CHAPMAN Jane 11-Oct 1819 Margate, 14m
CHAPMAN John Coward 29-Mar 1842 of this parish, 5d
CHAPMAN John Hale 15-Sep 1868 St. Nicholas, 27y
CHAPMAN Joseph 12-Jul 1842 Thanet Union, 79y
CHAPMAN Louisa 4-Nov 1842 of this parish, 3y
CHAPMAN Louisa Sarah 13-Aug 1876 of this parish, 67y
CHAPMAN Robert Ansdell 25-Mar 1875 Hale, St. Nicholas At Wade, 31y
CHAPMAN Sarah 21-Nov 1802  
CHAPMAN Sarah 22-Feb 1812 56y
CHAPMAN Sarah 17-Sep 1827 Margate, 26y
CHAPMAN Sarah 12-Jan 1859 Thanet Union, 82y
CHAPMAN Sarah 7-Aug 1882 Hale Farm, St. Nicholas At Wade, 65y
CHAPMAN Stephen 23-Jun 1822 Acol, 2y
CHAPMAN Thomas 13-Nov 1803 84y
CHAPMAN William 3-May 1818 of this parish, 60y
CHAPMAN William 16-Dec 1838 of this parish, 5m
CHAPMAN William 19-Aug 1846 of this parish, 54y
CHAPMAN William 15-Mar 1878 of this parish, 71y
CHAPMAN William Henry 3-Oct 1834 of this parish, 8d
CHARMAN Eliza 25-Sep 1886 York Villas, of this parish, 46y
CHITTENDEN Alfred 3-Feb 1833 Acol, 3w
CHITTENDEN Ambrose 15-Jan 1834 Acol, 5w
CHITTENDEN Emma 17-Mar 1823 Acol, 2m
CHITTENDEN James 9-Jun 1875 Thanet Union, 79y
CHITTENDEN Jane Elizabeth 21-Mar 1851 Thanet Union, 18m
CHITTENDEN Sarah Ann 20-Mar 1833 Acol, 9w
CLARK Ann 4-Nov 1859 Acol, 59y
CLARK Anne 2… [Nov or Dec] 1827 of this parish, 7y
CLARK Betsey 31-Dec 1837 of this parish, 10m
CLARK Charlotte 30-Nov 1866 of this parish, 65y
CLARK Clement 16-Jul 1846 of this parish, 9w
CLARK Daniel 24-Mar 1822 of this parish, 9m
CLARK Daniel 27-Sep 1842 of this parish, 85y
CLARK Daniel 2-Mar 1869 Thanet Union, 81y
CLARK Daniel 8-May 1812 28y
CLARK Drayson 15-Jan 1859 of this parish, 72y
CLARK Edwin …Dec 1827 of this parish, 13m
CLARK Elizabeth 14-Oct 1823 of this parish, 5w
CLARK Elizabeth 5-Aug 1854 of this parish, 58y
CLARK Elizabeth Ann 25-Jun 1862 Acol, 28y
CLARK Elizabeth Smith 16-Dec 1827 of this parish, 2y
CLARK Ellen 9-Oct 1842 of this parish, 13m
CLARK Frances 6-Mar 1861 of this parish, 72y
CLARK Georgiana Elizabeth 15-Sep 1833 of this parish, 5m
CLARK Grace 9-Jul 1863 Thanet Union, 25y
CLARK Harriet 6-Oct 1857 of this parish, 53y
CLARK Harriet 12-Sep 1860 of this parish, 24y
CLARK Henry 5-Nov 1878 of this parish, 47y
CLARK James 1-Jun 1868 of this parish, 33y
CLARK Jane 2-May 1849 of this parish, 85y
CLARK Jane 4-Apr 1871 of this parish, 63y
CLARK John 14-Apr 1833 of this parish, 82y
CLARK John 8-Oct 1841 Garlinge, St. John Margate, 62y
CLARK John 26-Mar 1870 Thanet Union, 75y
CLARK Louisa 17-Jan 1859 Ramsgate, [age not recorded],
CLARK Louisa Caroline 18-Jun 1878 Station Road, of this parish, 32y
CLARK Marion 19-Nov 1887 of this parish, 38y
CLARK Mary 28-Sep 1824 of this parish, 32y
CLARK Mary 25-Jan 1846 Thanet Union, 94y
CLARK Mary 7-Feb 1849 of this parish, 71y
CLARK Mary Ann 15-May 1860 Thanet Union, 21y
CLARK Mercy 13-Feb 1866 Garlinge, St. John Margate, 85y
CLARK Phebe 25-Dec 1810 infant
CLARK Sarah 28-Jan 1859 of this parish, 64y
CLARK Thomas 3-Jan 1880 of this parish, 91y
CLARK William 3-Mar 1853 of this parish, 67y
CLARK William 19-Oct 1833 Epple Bay Station, 28y
CLARK William Edward 22-Mar 1835 of this parish, 7m
CLARK William James 22-Nov 1835 of this parish, 19m
CLARKE Jane 17-Nov 1818 of this parish, 2w
CLARKE John 4-Feb 1851 of this parish, 50y
CLARKE Joseph 14-Mar 1802 79y
CLARKE Joseph 3-Dec 1837 of this parish, 74y
CLARKE William Emptage 26-Oct 1874 of this parish, 39y
CLAY Sarah 21-Jan 1831 of this parish, [age illegible],
CLUNN Elisabeth 5-Mar 1844 of this parish, 77y
CLUNN Elizabeth 25-Apr 1814 widow, of this parish, 79y
CLUNN Hannah 16-Feb 1838 Kew, Surrey {Surry}, 48y
CLUNN Robert 25-Jan 1808  
CLUNN William 22-Jan 1810 88y
COCK Mary Jane 3-Aug 1859 Westgate, Acol, 12w
COCK William James 18-May 1863 Acol, 1y 5m
COLE John 29-Dec 1819 of this parish, 40y
COLEMAN Amelia Ann 29-Nov 1840 Acol, 6y
COLEMAN Amie 2-Nov 1808  
COLEMAN Emma Miriams 21-Jul 1883 Mill Row, of this parish, 28y
COLEMAN Francis 30-Dec 1827 Acol, 2y
COLEMAN Francis 3-Jan 1854 Acol, 60y
COLEMAN Francis 9-Oct 1876 Garlinge, 40y
COLEMAN Frederick 7-Jan 1862 Thanet Union, 2y 9m
COLEMAN George 21-Nov 1818 of this parish, 1y 10m
COLEMAN George Frederick 12-Apr 1858 Thanet Union, 1y
COLEMAN Harriett Jane 12-May 1871 Acol, 1y
COLEMAN Jane 27-Dec 1811 82y, P ,
COLEMAN John 6-Jan 1841 Acol, 65y
COLEMAN Lewis Arthur 21-Nov 1882 of this parish, 4w
COLEMAN Louisa 19-Dec 1844 Acol, 16y
COLEMAN Mary 13-Jan 1883 of this parish, 35y
COLEMAN Rebecca 1-Sep 1822 of this parish, 4m
COLEMAN Rebekah 9-Mar 1855 Acol, 55y
COLEMAN Rosetta 3-Oct 1843 Acol, 8m
COLEMAN Susannah 24-Feb 1854 Acol, 18y
COLEMAN William 24-Oct 1808  
COLEMAN William 3-Oct 1815 lab, of this parish, 36y
COLTSON Lee 24-Jan 1805  
CONSTANT Henry 26-Mar 1833 of this parish, 77y
CONSTANT Martha 6-May 1848 Thanet Union, 87y
COOK Alexander Boyter 11-Jun 1834 Westgate, 10m
COOK Bridget 17-Sep 1818 of this parish, 12m
COOK Charlotte 15-May 1845 of this parish, 53y
COOK Edward 2-Mar 1843 of this parish, 20y
COOK Edward John 1-Sep 1869 of this parish, 18m
COOK Elias 7-Oct 1832 of this parish, 4m
COOK Elizabeth 26-Apr 1856 of this parish, 75y
COOK Emily Jane 6-Apr 1874 of this parish, 8y
COOK Jane 25-Apr 1844 of this parish, 6m
COOK Mary Jane 5-Mar 1864 St. Nicholas Station, 5y 11m
COOK Peter 25-May 1862 of this parish, 83y
COOK William 21-Mar 1847 of this parish, 67y
COOKE Charles Henry 9-Dec 1865 of this parish, 16m
COOMBS Mary 14-May 1837 Thanet Union, Minster, 26y
COTTON Alexina 21-Sep 1815 d. Charles/Harriet, Kingsgate, 13d
COTTON Arthur Annesley 20-May 1836 Capt in H M 7th Hussars, Kingsgate, 24y
COTTON Arthur Henry Buller 13-Oct 1806  
COTTON Charles Bowland 15-Sep 1847 St. Mary, Middlesex, 79y
COTTON Harriet 21-Jan 1837 Kingsgate, 60y
COTTON Harriet Powell 12-Jun 1819 Kingsgate, 11y
COTTON Laura Susan 4-Apr 1811 12y
COUSENS Eliza Jane 25-Oct 1880 Acol, 16m
COVELL Mary 31-Oct 1801  
COWPER Mary Emily 24-Jul 1883 Westgate, 53y
COX Annie Eliza 21-Jul 1883 Acol, 5m
COX June 4-May 1878 St. Nicholas At Wade, 39y
COX Louisa Marion 8-Sep 1875 Westgate On Sea, 1y
COX Mercy Jane 4-Dec 1867 Acol, 3y 4m
COZENS Eliza 18-May 1876 Brooksend, St. Nicholas, 55y
CRAYFORD Ellen Mary 15-Sep 1884 Acol, 3m
CREED Henry 12-Apr 1818 of this parish, 81y
CREED Mary 14-May 1810  
CRUMP Edith Annie 3-Jun 1876 Epple Bay, 14m
CRUMP Emily Clara 12-Aug 1872 of this parish, 10m
CRUMP John Frederick 17-Oct 1884 of this parish, 19d
CRUMP Mabel Rose 20-Apr 1882 of this parish, 10m
CULLEN Ann 4-May 1885 of this parish, 91y
CULLEN David 29-Jun 1807  
CULLEN Thomas 2-Jun 1802  
CULLEN Thomas 16-Mar 1825 of this parish, 10m
CULLEN Thomas 14-Feb 1863 of this parish, 72y
CULLIN Stephen 15-Sep 1836 of this parish, 10m
CULLUM Ethel 14-Jun 1887 Prospect Villas, 14m
CULVER Jesse 7-Jun 1803  
CURDY Elisabeth Ann 21-Jun 1841 of this parish, 36y
CURLES John 28-May 1809 infant
CURTIS Ann 28-Oct 1810  
CURTIS James 3-May 1847 Thanet Union, 74y
CURTIS Sarah 29-Jul 1814 d. James/Ann, Acol, 12y
DALGAIRUS Charles Anderson 28-Jul 1877 Westgate On Sea, 52y
DAMPHY Agnes 30-Nov 1872 Margate, 57y
DANTON John 29-Jan 1875 of this parish, 75y
DANTON John 17-Apr 1878 Thanet Union, 78y
DANTON Mary 16-Apr 1875 of this parish, 74y
DARBY Albert 1-Oct 1837 Margate, 12m
DARBY Ann 29-Aug 1846 Thanet Union, 39y
DARBY Benjamin 9-Apr 1872 Margate, 54y
DARBY Daniel 3-Dec 1820 of this parish, 17y
DARBY Daniel 3-Jun 1859 of this parish, 25y
DARBY Daniel 17-Sep 1873 of this parish, 91y, married 21 Oct 1805 to Elisabeth, died 11 Sep,
DARBY Dennis 18-Aug 1854 St. Lawrence, 9m
DARBY Elisabeth 17-Sep 1873 of this parish, 93y, married 21 Oct 1805 to Daniel, died 7 Sep,
DARBY Emma 11-Oct 1878 of this parish, 69y
DARBY Henry 22-Sep 1823 Margate, 41y
DARBY Henry 10-Oct 1862 of this parish, 62y
DARBY Henry 12-Aug 1887 of this parish, 77y
DARBY Jane 17-May 1829 of this parish, 13m
DARBY Jane Hennessey 20-Jan 1849 of this parish, 5m
DARBY John 27-Apr 1818 of this parish, 45y
DARBY John 13-Jan 1828 of this parish, 10m
DARBY Louisa 14-Jun 1869 Margate, 50y
DARBY Mahala 2-Aug 1874 of this parish, 73y
DARBY Mary 20-Apr 1828 of this parish, 54y
DARBY Mary 3-Mar 1828 of this parish, 80y
DARBY Mary 29-Jan 1837 of this parish, 67y
DARBY Mary 18-Aug 1854 St. Lawrence, 69y
DARBY Mary 31-Oct 1865 of this parish, 83y
DARBY Mary Ann 25-May 1883 Margate, 70y
DARBY Phoebe 11-Nov 1837 Margate, 47y
DARBY Sackett 27-Jan 1853 Thanet Union, 74y
DARBY Sarah 9-May 1853 Thanet Union, 63y
DARBY Sidney 27-Sep 1824 Westbrook, 9m
DARBY William 25-Feb 1828 Westbrook, 13 m
DARBY William 20-Jun 1802 s. John/Mary,
DARBY William 1-Jan 1812 72y
DAVIES Edward   1857 of this parish, 1y, Feast of St. John Baptist,
DAVIS Alfred 14-Jan 1872 of this parish, 17m
DAVIS Edward 13-Dec 1877 of this parish, 18y
DAVIS Ellen 6-Jul 1875 of this parish, 7y
DAVIS Harriet Jane 10-Mar 1862 of this parish, 5y
DAVIS Hetty 25-Jul 1885 Lower Gore End, 2-1/2y
DAVIS James Henry 5-Feb 1869 of this parish, 4y 11m
DAVIS Thomas 28-Nov 1875 of this parish, 52y
DAVIS Walter 13-Apr 1874 of this parish, 17m
DAVIS William George 28-May 1873 of this parish, 15y
DAWSON John 7-Jul 1814 Ramsgate, 22y
DAWSON Richard 9-Aug 1837 Thanet Union, Minster, 74y
DE ST. MART Alfred Xavier Gilbert 29-Dec 1852 Margate, 2y
DENNETT Ann 26-Sep 1874 Acol, 67y
DENNETT James 13-May 1870 Acol, 66y
DENNETT Jane 23-Feb 1878 Epple Bay, 6y
DENNETT Walla.......... 11-May 1883 of this parish, 6m
DICKS Mary Ann 27-Jun 1870 of this parish, 81y
DOBLE Robert 12-Feb 1829 of this parish, 6w
DOWN Alice Sarah 19-Nov 1879 of this parish, 1y
DRAYSON Thomas 22-Apr 1807  
DRING Dorothy Isabel 23-Jan 1885 of this parish, 15d
DRINKWATER William Felton 25-May 1878 Westgate On Sea, 35y
DUCKETT Martha 5-Jan 1887 Flint Cottage, Southend, of this parish, 65y
DUFFEL Catharine 21-Feb 1813 d. George/Sarah, of this parish, 3y
DUFFELL George 8-Jul 1835 of this parish, 60y
DUFFELL George Doughty 27-Oct 1841 of this parish, 13y
DUFFELL Mary 10-Sep 1834 of this parish, 30y
DUFFELL Witherden 14-Feb 1836 Northgate, Canterbury, 28y
DUNN Sarah 17-Nov 1823 of this parish, 40y
DUNN Thomas 26-Dec 1823 of this parish, 48y
EAST Betty 4-Jan 1811 travelling woman from workhouse,
EAST Mary 7-Jun 1846 of this parish, 65y
EAST Sophia 29-Jun 1818 of this parish, 7y
EAST William 26-Sep 1819 of this parish, 7y
EASTLAND Eliza 22-Sep 1822 of this parish, 5w
EASTLAND Elizabeth 11-Jun 1807  
EASTLAND Hannah 4-May 1819 of this parish, 42y
EASTLAND Henry 20-Jan 1846 of this parish, 61y, very sudden death,
EASTLAND Isaac 23-Apr 1810  
EASTLAND John 4-Feb 1801  
EASTLAND John 6-Jan 1860 of this parish, 76y
EASTLAND Mary 13-Sep 1886 Station Road, 77y
EASTLAND Mary Ann 19-Feb 1886 Pond Cottage, 57y
EASTLAND Richard 10-Oct 1849 of this parish, 32y
EASTLAND Sarah 5-Mar 1873 of this parish, 87y
EDMUND Sarah 6-Dec 1810 26y
EDWARDS Ann Elisabeth 1-Dec 1879 of this parish, 43y
EDWARDS James 5-Dec 1882 of this parish, 36y
EDWARDS John 19-Aug 1887 Epple Terrace, 34y
EDWARDS John William 21-Sep 1861 of this parish, 3y
EMPTAGE Alice 11-Jun 1842 Acol, 1y 7m
EMPTAGE Ann 12-Jan 1812 75y
EMPTAGE Ann Hollis 16-Jun 1855 of this parish, 4m
EMPTAGE Anne Frances 8-Jul 1841 of this parish, 5m
EMPTAGE Daniel Clark 28-Jun 1837 of this parish, 1m
EMPTAGE Edith Georgina 22-Nov 1878 Margate, 3-3/4m
EMPTAGE Elijah 14-Jun 1873 Brooksend, of this parish, 76y
EMPTAGE Eliza 30-Aug 1822 of this parish, 3y
EMPTAGE Eliza Jane 5-Jun 1851 of this parish, 10w
EMPTAGE Elizabeth 25-Mar 1825 Acol, 4m
EMPTAGE Elizabeth 28-Jun 1837 of this parish, 33y
EMPTAGE George Henry 21-Feb 1838 of this parish, 7w
EMPTAGE George Peal 19-Aug 1855 of this parish, 10y
EMPTAGE James 18-Dec 1827 of this parish, 3y
EMPTAGE James Henry 28-May 1853 of this parish, 18y
EMPTAGE John 19-Mar 1807  
EMPTAGE John 17-May 1886 Thanet Union, 88y
EMPTAGE Martha 17-Jun 1841 Brooksend, St. Nicholas, 10y
EMPTAGE Mary 3-Feb 1863 of this parish, 87y
EMPTAGE Mary Ann 27-Aug 1870 of this parish, 1y
EMPTAGE Mary Ann 14-Oct 1880 of this parish, 47y
EMPTAGE Mary Anne 7-Jul 1839 of this parish, 3m
EMPTAGE Mary Maria 24-May 1875 Cheesemans, Acol, 3y
EMPTAGE Sarah 12-Nov 1867 of this parish, 65y
EMPTAGE Thomas John 11-Dec 1878 Margate, 2y
EMPTAGE William 9-Jun 1848 of this parish, 81y
ENGLAND Stephen James 24-Jul 1870 St. Nicholas Station, 10y
EPPS John 30-Mar 1849 of this parish, 47y
EPPS Mary 2-Apr 1867 of this parish, 62y
EPPS Sarah 13-Aug 1847 of this parish, 19y
EPPS William Thomas 20-Jun 1874 Acol, 43y
EUDEN Elisabeth 27-Dec 1879 Thanet Union, 86y
EUDEN Sarah 22-Jan 1841 of this parish, 18y
FAGG Robert 15-Jun 1851 of this parish, 26y
FAIRMAN John Benjamin 4-Aug 1877 Thanet Union, 83y
FAULKNER Joseph 21-Aug 1879 of this parish, 68y
FEGEN Alice Mary 3-Apr 1865 Marsh Bay, St. John Margate, 3m
FLOOD Jane Elizabeth 4-Oct 1872 Epple Bay of this parish, 2-1/2y
FLOOD Robert Edmund 20-Feb 1869 of this parish, 6m
FLYNN Elizabeth Jane 28-Mar 1863 St. Nicholas Station, 8d
FORD Mary Ann Browning Golder 29-Dec 1882 Brooksend, Acol, 11m
FOREMAN Ann 3-Jun 1884 of this parish, 52y
FOREMAN Anne Eliza 21-Nov 1873 of this parish, 14m
FOREMAN John 5-Sep 1804  
FOREMAN Robert 15-Sep 1886 Station Road, 68y
FOREMAN Seldon 16-Jan 1835 of this parish, 78y
FOREMAN Stephen 10-Jan 1814 of this parish, 88y
FOREMAN Thomasin 23-Jun 1809  
FORESTER Orlando Cecil Robert Weld 2-Aug 1884 Rose-Bank, of this parish, 6m
FOX Anne 29-Mar 1829 of this parish, 73y
FOX Jane 10-Feb 1828 of this parish, 70y
FOX Jane Bentley 7-Jun 1846 Acol, 5y
FOX Mary 21-Oct 1858 Cleve, Monkton, 40y
FOX Thomas 6-Jul 1828 of this parish, 77y
FOX Thomas 7-Feb 1836 Minster, 76y
FOX William 9-Oct 1828 of this parish, 69y
FRANCISCO John 9-Feb 1810  
FRIEND Edward 1-May 1820 London, 27y
FRIEND Elizabeth 6-Mar 1827 of this parish, 76y
FRIEND George 5-Aug 1831 London, 41y
FRIEND George 17-Nov 1813 gentleman (churchwarden), of this parish, 65y
FRIEND George Twyman 7-Dec 1836 of this parish, 47y
FRIEND Henry 13-Aug 1811  
FRIEND James 9-Aug 1819 London, 38y
FRIEND John 11-Apr 1817 Brooksend, 64y
FRIEND John 12-Jul 1858 Brooksend, of this parish, 70y
FRIEND John 26-Jul 1858 Birchington Place, of this parish, 77y
FRIEND Margaret 1-Mar 1856 of this parish, 82y
FRIEND Mary 30-Mar 1801  
FRIEND Mary Ann 15-Apr 1834 of this parish, 52y
FRIEND Pheebe 26-May 1812 52y
FRIEND Sarah 10-Mar 1807 d. George/Phoebe,
FRIGHT Abraham 6-Nov 1865 Thanet Union, 69y
FRIGHT Elizabeth 25-May 1855 of this parish, 54y
FRIGHT Frances Elisabeth 11-Sep 1840 of this parish, 2w
FRIGHT John 19-Jun 1820 of this parish, 71y
FRIGHT Sarah 24-Mar 1833 of this parish, 75y
GARDNER Arthur 11-Jun 1871 Acol, 3y
GARDNER Edward 30-Aug 1849 Acol, 15m
GARDNER Edwin 2-Sep 1849 Acol, 10m
GARDNER Elizabeth 23-Nov 1864 Margate [duplicate entry records residence as 'of this parish’], 73y
GARDNER Elizabeth Lavinia 14-Sep 1871 Acol, 2m
GARDNER Fanny Elisabeth 6-Nov 1880 Garlinge, 7m
GARDNER George Henry 25-Jan 1860 Westgate, Acol, 2y
GARDNER Hannah 19-Aug 1817 Acol, 58y
GARDNER Hannah 18-Dec 1885 Rossetti Bungalow, 36y
GARDNER Henry 19-Mar 1860 Acol, 16m
GARDNER Henry William James 19-Dec 1868 Acol, 2y
GARDNER James Edwin 10-Feb 1881 of this parish, 3m
GARDNER John 28-Nov 1819 of this parish, 40y
GARDNER Lily 19-Mar 1884 Garlinge, 9m
GARDNER Mary Ann 22-Feb 1848 Ramsgate, 37y
GARDNER Thomas 23-Aug 1870 of this parish, 7m
GARDNER William 30-May 1820 Acol, 66y
GARDNER William 9-Nov 1867 Acol, 23y
GASGOIN .......... 29-May 1801 stranger,
GASKIN William 22-Sep 1811 69y
GEARING George 9-Oct 1842 of this parish, 12d
GEARING George 3-Mar 1850 of this parish, 46y
GEARING Maria Elisabeth 30-Jun 1844 of this parish, 5m
GEE Charles James 1-Jul 1821 of this parish, 2y
GIBBENS Elizabeth 16-Sep 1810  
GIBBONS Elizabeth 28-Apr 1818 of this parish, 71y
GIBBONS Mary 23-Dec 1802 78y
GIFFORD Agnes 10-Jul 1852 of this parish, 11m
GIFFORD Ann 1-May 1845 Thanet Union, 18y
GIFFORD Ellen Janie 25-May 1882 Southend Farm, 5m
GIFFORD Jane Elizabeth 6-Feb 1860 Thanet Union, 5y
GIFFORD Mary 7-Jul 1853 of this parish, 62y
GIFFORD Susan Annie 14-Jul 1886 Southend Farm, 3m
GILES Henry James 22-Jun 1886 Acol, 5y
GILHAM Walter 18-Apr 1855 of this parish, 9m
GILLIARD Albert Edward 28-Nov 1884 of this parish, 2d, [entered together with Ethel Agnes]
GILLIARD Ethel Agnes 28-Nov 1884 of this parish, 5d, [entered together with Albert Edward]
GILLMORE Peter 30-Nov 1823 of this parish, 28y
GINMAN Mary Hannah 26-Oct 1883 Margate, 55-1/2y
GISBY Pleasant 6-Apr 1841 of this parish, 82y
GISBY Turner 3-Mar 1802  
GODDEN Mary 25-Jul 1849 Thanet Union, about 37y
GODDEN Richard 27-Feb 1840 Thanet Union, 10m
GOLDER Edward 17-Jan 1855 of this parish, 5y
GOLDER Elisabeth 7-Apr 1877 of this parish, 58y
GOLDER Frances Amy 17-Nov 1885 of this parish, 5y 6m
GOLDER Thomas 14-Jan 1849 of this parish, 1y 5m
GOLDER William Edward 23-Dec 1881 Brunswick Place, 4m
GOLDER William Thomas 11-Oct 1829 of this parish, 1m
GOLDSMITH Mary 31-Dec 1885 Acol, 59y
GOLDSMITH Mary Ann 20-Oct 1883 Bedlam, of this parish, 52y
GOODBOURN Ann 19-Nov 1855 of this parish, 4y
GOODBOURN Charles George 6-Jun 1881 of this parish, 6m
GOODBOURN Charles William Smith 31-Jul 1878 of this parish, 10m
GOODBOURN Eliza 27-Apr 1858 of this parish, 34y
GOODBOURN Elizabeth 24-Apr 1836 Acol, 27y
GOODBOURN Elizabeth 17-Nov 1868 of this parish, 80y
GOODBOURN George 6-Jan 1826 [suffix of surname heavily overwritten], of this parish, 74y
GOODBOURN George 13-Mar 1862 of this parish, 72y
GOODBOURN Hannah 10-Oct 1882 of this parish, 66y
GOODBOURN Harry 12-May 1853 of this parish, 9m
GOODBOURN Hezekiah 30-Nov 1876 of this parish, 89y
GOODBOURN Mary 31-May 1856 of this parish, 72y
GOODBOURN Sarah 3-Feb 1846 of this parish, 19y
GOODBOURN Sarah Sidders 17-Jun 1832 Westgate, 18y
GOODBOURN Susannah 3-Jun 1858 of this parish, 12 hours,
GOODBOURN Susannah 26-Aug 1865 of this parish, 48y
GOODBOURN Thomas 1-Nov 1858 of this parish, 38y
GOODBOURN Thomas Frederick 18-Apr 1877 of this parish, 3-1/2y
GOODBOURNE Jane 21-May 1883 of this parish, 54y
GOODBOURNE John 12-Feb 1802 drowned in Sackett s Hoy,
GOODBURN Elisabeth 5-Oct 1842 of this parish, 84y
GOODBURN George 17-Aug 1862 of this parish, 35y
GOODBURN Harry Spain 22-May 1850 of this parish, 10m
GOODWIN Ellen Louisa 9-Oct 1880 of this parish, 15d
GOODWIN Frank Charles 23-Feb 1886 Church Hill, 7m
GOODWIN George 9-Feb 1886 Church Hill, 45y
GORE Ellen Mildred 10-Sep 1871 of this parish, 3m
GORE Harriet 31-Jan 1879 Acol, 28y
GORE Thomas 6-Jun 1859 Acol, 14y
GORE William 30-May 1859 Acol, 10y
GORE William 27-Dec 1880 Acol, 64y
GOULDER Eliza 11-Feb 1860 of this parish, 1y 10m
GOULDER Kender 6-Nov 1855 of this parish, 3-1/2y
GRAHAM John 19-Apr 1824 of this parish, 17m
GRAHAM Sarah Ann 7-Oct 1859 St. Nicholas Coastguard Station, of this parish, 7m
GRAVES John 17-Feb 1850 of this parish, 61y
GRAVES Louisa 29-Sep 1849 of this parish, 17y
GRAVES Mary 12-Oct 1858 of this parish, 70y
GRAVES Richard 4-Sep 1836 of this parish, 18m
GRAY Erasmus 19-May 1833 Margate, 17y
GRAY Mary 15-Nov 1836 Union Workhouse, 59y
GREG Mercy 10-Dec 1810  
GRIFFITHS James 22-Aug 1824 of this parish, 25y
GRIFFITHS Margaret 20-Mar 1829 of this parish, 8m
GRIGG Ann 8-Mar 1823 Acol, 6w
GRIGG Mary 1-Jul 1831 Acol, 31y
GRIGGS Ann 13-Mar 1810 64y
GRIGGS John Edward 29-Jan 1832 Acol, 9m
HABEKER Ann 1-Aug 1856 of this parish, 35y
HADAWAY Sarah Anne 5-Jul 1841 of this parish, 7w
HADDAWAY Harriett 24-May 1845 of this parish, 3y
HADDAWAY John 1-Aug 1841 Thanet Union, 77y
HADDAWAY John 9-Jul 1871 of this parish, 68y
HADWAY Elizabeth 4-Jan 1804  
HAIG Kate Masters 17-Jul 1885 Minnis Road, Birchington Bay, 31y
HALE Thomas 27-Sep 1807  
HAMMOND Sarah 11-May 1883 of this parish, 76y
HANNAH Ellen 2-Jul 1837 Epple Bay Station, 8m
HANNAH Robert 18-Jun 1839 Epple Bay, 6m
HARDY Charles 3-Feb 1886 Thanet Union, 66y
HARLOW Eunice Susanna 1-Sep 1842 of this parish, 2y
HARLOW Richard 29-Oct 1878 Margate, 76y
HARLOW Sarah 17-Sep 1886 Mutrix, Margate, 82y
HARLOW Stephen 20-May 1863 Mutrix, Margate, 21y
HARRIS Ann 23-Mar 1845 of this parish, 51y
HARRIS Ann 5-Jul 1871 of this parish, 75y
HARRIS Henry 21-Dec 1853 of this parish, 25y
HARRIS James 5-Jun 1872 of this parish, 47y
HARRIS Mary 26-Apr 1844 of this parish, 8y
HARRIS Thomas 2-May 1864 of this parish, 68y
HARRIS Thomas William 31-Aug 1863 of this parish, 35y
HARRISON Amelia 6-Sep 1860 of this parish, 14y
HARRISON Ellen Bracken 9-Sep 1887 of this parish, 66y
HARRISON Henry Peace 21-Nov 1854 of this parish, 53y
HARROW Arthur 27-Feb 1858 Lower Streatham, Surrey, [age not recorded],
HARTFIELD James 11-Mar 1827 of this parish, 57y
HARVEY Eliza Jane 30-Apr 1883 of this parish, 8y
HARVEY Florence Elizabeth 12-Feb 1885 of this parish, 3-1/2y
HARVEY James 17-Aug 1846 Jersey, 23y, by the verdict given at an inquest adjourned to Monday the 24th August the man found drowned appeared to be James Harvey of the smack Nelson of Jersey, aged 23 years. Dated this 27 day of August 1846, Wm Alexander AYTON curate; witnessed John WILSON, churchwarden,
HASLER Hariot 27-Mar 1809  
HATCHER Ellen 14-Sep 1874 Acol, 16y
HATCHER Hannah 31-Dec 1860 of this parish, 76y
HATCHER John 21-Dec 1811 65y, P [pauper]
HATCHER Mary 22-Jul 1810  
HATCHER Stephen 6-Jan 1866 of this parish, 86y
HATCHER Thomas 9-Mar 1825 of this parish, 83y
HATCHER Thomas 17-Sep 1875 of this parish, 34y
HATCHER William 1-Oct 1848 of this parish, 2y
HATFIELD Sarah 21-Aug 1846 Grove Place, Mile End Road, London, 61y
HATHAWAY Jane 21-Jan 1847 Thanet Union, 81y
HATHAWAY Mary 30-Jul 1879 of this parish, 61y
HAWKINS James Neame 19-Mar 1834 of this parish, 23y
HAYWARD Elizabeth 27-Sep 1821 Acol, 48y
HAYWARD Elizabeth 19-Jan 1815 illegitimate d. Ann, of this parish, 2y 9m
HAYWARD Harriott 17-May 1831 of this parish, 27y
HAYWARD Jane 13-Oct 1816 of this parish, 83y
HAYWARD John 15-Feb 1873 Margate, 80y
HAYWARD Mercy 2-Sep 1870 of this parish, 77y
HAYWARD Richard 9-Jul 1805  
HAYWARD Richard 13-Nov 1842 Thanet Union, 42y
HAYWARD Sarah 6-Apr 1871 of this parish, 52y
HAYWARD Thomas 14-Dec 1826 of this parish, 50y
HAYWARD William 8-Feb 1821 Acol, 23y
HAYWARD Worrill 2-Oct 1808  
HAYWOOD Elizabeth 7-Mar 1823 Acol, 2y
HEATH Richard 5-Dec 1863 of this parish, 63y
HEDDLE James 6-Jun 1876 Thanet Union, 78y
HEDDLE Ruth 23-Jan 1875 of this parish, 76y
HEDGE Margaret Ellen 24-Oct 1883 of this parish, 17y
HENNESSEY Jane 12-Dec 1819 of this parish, 64y
HEWETT Adelaide Maria 17-Mar 1860 of this parish, 11m
HEWETT Albert 9-Feb 1862 of this parish, 6w
HEWETT Kate 6-Jan 1864 of this parish, 4m
HEWETT Maria 17-Feb 1877 of this parish, 53y
HEWETT Thomas 16-Dec 1854 of this parish, 11m
HEWETT Walter 15-Aug 1857 of this parish, 5m
HILL Ellen 15-Aug 1883 of this parish, 3w
HILL Joseph 7-Sep 1878 of this parish, 5w
HILLS Amelia Jane 2-Sep 1879 of this parish, 2y
HILTON Arthur Harry 24-Mar 1866 Westgate, Acol, 2y
HINWRIGHT Mary 18-Jan 1829 [or WINWRIGHT?], of this parish, 42y
HITCHCOCK Alice 18-Jun 1865 of this parish, 40y
HITCHCOCK Edward 1-Apr 1885 Chiswick, 59y
HOCKINS Charlotte 13-Apr 1877 [EVANS written in square brackets under surname], Epple, of this parish, 36y
HOCKINS Richard 18-May 1876 of this parish, 4m
HOGBEN Anne 16-Sep 1813 d. Thos/Mary, of this parish, 6m
HOGBEN Elizabeth 26-Aug 1809 infant
HOGBEN Harriet 21-Apr 1804  
HOGBEN Mary 18-Mar 1810  
HOGBEN Sarah 28-Dec 1817 of this parish, 3w
HOGBEN Sophia 19-Mar 1817 of this parish, 10m
HOGBEN William 15-Sep 1803 64y
HOGBEN William 2-Dec 1810  
HOGBIN Alice 9-Dec 1881 of this parish, 8m
HOGBIN Edward 15-Oct 1875 Teynham, 43y
HOGBIN Jane 10-May 1832 of this parish, 9y
HOGBIN Martha 13-Mar 1831 of this parish, 42y
HOGBIN Mary 15-Mar 1846 of this parish, 72y
HOGBIN Mary 28-May 1877 Acol, 41y
HOGBIN Sarah 4-Nov 1817 of this parish, 3y
HOGBIN Susannah 17-Feb 1824 of this parish, 79y
HOGBIN Thomas 25-Mar 1832 of this parish, 2y
HOGBIN Thomas 12-Aug 1859 Acol, 66y
HOGBIN William 29-Dec 1830 of this parish, 49y
HOLE Robert 13-Jun 1812 18m
HOLLAMS George 21-May 1801  
HOLLAMS Henry 12-Aug 1805  
HOLLAND William 4-Jul 1876 Brooksend, 74y
HOLLANDS Annie 18-Nov 1887 Acol, 15m
HOLLANDS Emma 20-Apr 1882 Acol, 2y
HOLLANDS John Stringer 30-Aug 1869 of this parish, 56y
HOLLANDS Mary 13-Sep 1869 of this parish, 89y
HOLLANDS Sarah Ann 24-Jan 1865 of this parish, 8m
HOLLANDS Thomas 12-Mar 1843 of this parish, 64y
HOLLANDS Thomas 13-Jan 1846 of this parish, 36y, killed on Railroad
HOLLANDS Thomas 23-Mar 1814 smuggler, of this parish, 34y
HOLLANDS Thomas George 27-Dec 1862 of this parish, 4m
HOLLANDS Walter James 14-Nov 1876 Brooksend, 6m
HOLLANDS William 29-Jan 1805 54y
HOLLEY Esther 27-Oct 1877 of this parish, 58y
HOLLEY Harriet 14-Apr 1868 of this parish, 29y
HOLLEY Henry Mile 26-Apr 1871 of this parish, 4m
HOLLEY James 9-Nov 1855 of this parish, 73y
HOLLEY Lily 11-Dec 1869 Thanet Union, 85y
HOLLEY Martha Anne 28-Feb 1884 of this parish, 28y
HOLLEY Rose Anne 8-Mar 1886 Doon House,Westgate [changed from Street Court, Westgate], 10y
HOLLEY Thomas 22-Jul 1870 Margate, 26y
HOLLOWAY James 13-Sep 1858 Margate, 39y
HOLLOWAY James 24-Apr 1863 Manston, 74y
HOLLOWAY Marianne 1-Mar 1876 Margate, 53y
HOLLOWAY Mary 20-Oct 1823 Garlinge, 35y
HOLLOWAY Mary 4-Mar 1810  
HOLLOWAY William 28-Nov 1824 Garlinge, 15m
HOLLOWAY William 3-Nov 1801  
HOLMANS Alexander 18-Dec 1869 Westgate, Acol, 39y
HOLMANS Alfred John 12-Sep 1866 Westgate, Acol, 5w
HOLMANS Arthur 21-Sep 1869 of this parish, 17d
HOLMANS John 13-Jun 1867 Acol, 43y
HOLMES Ann Margaret 17-Oct 1845 of this parish, 5w
HOLMES Elizabeth 14-Mar 1840 Margate, 82y
HOLMES John 9-Feb 1838 of this parish, 80y
HOLNESS Caroline 14-Oct 1859 of this parish, 4y
HOLNESS Hannah 20-Feb 1803 82y
HOLNESS Martha 30-Nov 1878 of this parish, 35y
HONE Elizabeth 7-Jun 1832 of this parish, 83y
HONE James 24-Feb 1815 of this parish, 80y
HOOF Mary 12-Feb 1802 drowned in Sackett s Hoy,
HOOK David 29-Aug 1849 Margate, 59y
HOOKER Charles 25-Aug 1875 of this parish, 6w
HOOKER Henry Gilbert 2-Dec 1874 of this parish, 7m
HOOKER Lucy 14-Oct 1875 of this parish, 3m
HOOKER Mary Ann 11-Oct 1878 of this parish, 4m
HOOKER Thomas Henry 13-Jul 1878 of this parish, 8y
HOPKINS Mary 4-Feb 1827 of this parish, 82y
HORN Albert 4-Nov 1882 Acol, 7m
HORN Arthur 14-Nov 1885 Acol, 1y 10m, accidently drowned
HORN George 28-Jul 1839 of this parish, 11m
HORN Hannah 10-May 1884 Brooksend, St. Nicholas, 85y
HORN Jane 24-Dec 1858 of this parish, 28y
HORNBROOK Ann 7-Feb 1867 Thanet Union, 72y
HORNE Mary 24-Mar 1850 of this parish, 78y
HORNE Thomas 1-Jul 1838 Garlinge, 76y
HORTON Edith Rose 2-Jan 1886 St. James Terrace, 1m
HORTON Elizabeth 19-Sep 1825 of this parish, 78y
HORTON Frances 6-Aug 1829 of this parish, 24y
HORTON Frances 7-Jul 1831 of this parish, 6w
HORTON Frances 17-Jun 1853 of this parish, 16y
HORTON George William 30-Dec 1854 of this parish, 6w
HORTON James 12-Nov 1829 of this parish, 15y
HORTON Jane 17-Jun 1853 of this parish, 1y 9m
HORTON Joseph 15-Apr 1812 infant
HORTON Knowler 13-Nov 1848 of this parish, 2y 5m
HORTON Sarah 2-Jan 1862 of this parish, 29y
HORTON Susanna 16-Apr 1809 17y
HORTON Thomas 21-Apr 1846 of this parish, 46y
HORTON Thomas 29-May 1875 of this parish, 46y
HORTON William 13-Apr 1826 of this parish, 83y
HOUGHAM George 2-Jun 1871 Acol, 3y
HOWELL Elizabeth 14-Oct 1834 of this parish, 81y
HUCKSTEP Charles Edward 19-Feb 1863 Brooksend, St. Nicholas, 3y
HUCKSTEP Daniel 25-Sep 1880 Thanet Union, 89y
HUCKSTEP Edward 14-Sep 1838 of this parish, 61y
HUCKSTEP Edward 15-May 1886 East End Cottages, 21y
HUCKSTEP Elisabeth 4-Sep 1880 of this parish, 72y
HUCKSTEP Elizabeth 17-May 1815 of this parish, 19y
HUCKSTEP Harriet 14-Dec 1823 of this parish, 5w
HUCKSTEP Harry 6-Sep 1868 Brooksend, St. Nicholas, 7y
HUCKSTEP Jane 8-Jul 1870 of this parish, 80y
HUCKSTEP John 28-Dec 1823 of this parish, 2-1/2y
HUCKSTEP Lydia Pearce 4-Nov 1881 of this parish, 48y
HUCKSTEP Robert 10-Jul 1881 of this parish, 53y
HUCKSTEP William 6-Oct 1883 Thanet Union, 68y
HUCKSTEP William 26-Nov 1815 s. Edward/Mary, lab, of this parish, 13m
HUCKSTEP William Charles 24-Jul 1886 East End Cottages, 13y
HUCKSTEP William Thomas 20-Sep 1862 of this parish, 5m
HUGHES Elizabeth 26-Aug 1812 52y
HUGHES Elizabeth 5-Apr 1819 Margate, 85y
HUGHES Harriett 18-Nov 1830 Acol, 23y
HUGHES Henry James 8-Jun 1870 Northdown, 13m
HUGHES James 3-Jun 1819 of this parish, 1m
HUGHES Jane 26-Nov 1826 of this parish, 41y
HUGHES Jane 8-Mar 1860 of this parish, 12y
HUGHES John 7-Oct 1827 of this parish, 13m
HUGHES John 10-Jan 1872 Thanet Union, 55y
HUGHES Mary 18-Nov 1851 Acol, 77y
HUGHES Mary 18-Oct 1865 Acol, 49y
HUGHES Mary 10-Apr 1880 of this parish, 66y
HUGHES Mary 18-Oct 1812 24y, wife of James, lab,
HUGHES Mary Ann 7-Sep 1868 of this parish, 68y
HUGHES Robert 23-Dec 1804  
HUGHES Robert 18-Apr 1875 Acol, 58y
HUGHES Robert 11-Apr 1803  
HUGHES Sarah 1-Jan 1814 widow, Acol, 79y
HUGHES Thomas 9-Oct 1825 of this parish, 14m
HUGHES Thomas 7-Jul 1840 of this parish, 4y 1m
HUGHES Thomas 14-Sep 1851 Acol, 79y
HUGHES Thomas 16-Sep 1872 Thanet Union, 75y
HUGHES Thomas 20-Sep 1846 shepherds house, Acol, 8w
HUGHES Thomas 27-Nov 1874 Northdown, Margate, 43y
HUGHES Thomas Fox 4-Jan 1883 of this parish, 69y
HUGHES Thomas James 24-Feb 1862 Northdown, 5w
HUGHES William 30-Mar 1823 of this parish, 34y
HUGHES William 28-Oct 1849 of this parish, 27y
HUGHES William 28-Feb 1857 of this parish, 18m
HUGHES William 3-Jan 1805  
HUGHES William Valentine 5-Sep 1841 Acol, 3y 5m
HUTCHENCE Isaac George 6-Mar 1876 Epple Bay, 10y
HUTCHESON Alexander 22-Sep 1860 of this parish, 18d
HUTCHINS William 9-Jun 1866 Thanet Union, 65y
HUTSON Edward 2-Nov 1810 88y
HUXSTEP Elizabeth 24-May 1851 Margate, 24y
HUXSTEP Emily 21-Aug 1867 Brooksend, St. Nicholas, 4m
HUXSTEP Emma 26-Aug 1852 of this parish, 17m
HUXSTEP Henry 5-Feb 1852 Northdown, 36y
HUXSTEP Jane Elizabeth 25-Sep 1855 of this parish, 15m
HUXSTEP Joseph 16-May 1830 of this parish, 72y
HUXSTEP Mary 2-Jul 1837 of this parish, 55y
HUXSTEP Mary Ann 25-Sep 1865 of this parish, 5m
HUXSTEP Sarah 10-Jan 1836 of this parish, 16y
HUXSTEP Thomas 16-Sep 1885 Epple Bay, 36y
HUXSTEP William Hooker 3-Sep 1851 of this parish, 2y
HUXSTEP William Stephen 12-Dec 1863 of this parish, 1y
IMPET Ann 13-Nov 1836 of this parish, 13m
IMPET Esther 5-Apr 1832 Westgate, 2y
IMPETT John 2-Jan 1851 of this parish, 43y
IMPETT John Robert 12-Mar 1842 of this parish, 1y
IMPETT Martha 11-Nov 1855 Plum Pudding Island, St. Nicholas, 17y
IMPETT Sarah Jane 28-Aug 1859 St. Nicholas, 10y
IMPETT William 4-Nov 1827 of this parish, 14m
JACOBS Ann 18-Oct 1835 St. Luke Chelsea, 39y
JACOBS Catherine 3-Sep 1838 of this parish, 87y
JAMES Henry 18-Jul 1885 Gordonfields, 5-1/2y
JARMAN Elizabeth 31-Mar 1826 of this parish, 16y
JARMAN Mary 30-Aug 1843 of this parish, 69y
JARMAN Stephen 22-Dec 1829 of this parish, 65y
JARMAN Thomas 24-Jan 1874 of this parish, 3d
JARMAN Thomas 28-Mar 1884 Brunswick Place, of this parish, 72y
JARVIS Sophia 17-Jul 1833 St. John Margate, 58y
JENNINGS Sarah 19-Mar 1834 of this parish, 84y
JEWELL Elizabeth 29-Oct 1859 Thanet Union, 23y
JOHNSON .......... 19-Feb 1804 sailor,
JOHNSON Edward 6-Jul 1807  
JOHNSON Edward 1-Apr 1852 of this parish, 39y
JOHNSON Edward 25-Sep 1815 lab, of this parish, 40y
JOHNSON Henry Thomas 26-Mar 1837 Acol, 20m
JOHNSON Mary 13-Apr 1810  
JOHNSON Mary Ann 16-Dec 1806 d. Edward,
JOHNSON Sarah 4-Feb 1827 Acol, 9m
JOHNSON Thomas Wright 13-Sep 1829 of this parish, 9w
JOINER Elizabeth 5-Nov 1826 of this parish, about 40y
JOINER William 30-Nov 1825 of this parish, 52y
JONES George 8-Sep 1828 of this parish, 43y
JONES Rebecca 10-Jun 1835 of this parish, 33y
JORDAN Ann 12-Apr 1833 St. Lawrence, 77y
JORDAN Edward 6-Nov 1880 Thanet Union, 82y
JORDAN Elizabeth 16-May 1830 Acol, 70y
JORDAN George 23-Sep 1824 of this parish, 3w
JORDAN Harriet Ann 21-Apr 1839 of this parish, 4y
JORDAN Harriett Ann 14-Apr 1832 of this parish, 1d
JORDAN James 28-Nov 1828 of this parish, 69y
JORDAN Joseph & Thomas 23-Apr 1810  
JORDAN Robert 5-Oct 1804  
JORDAN Sarah 9-Jul 1876 of this parish, 78y
JORDAN Thomas 6-Apr 1817 of this parish, 82y
JORDAN Thomas 7-Mar 1837 Thanet Union, Minster, 78y
JORDON Lovina 6-Jun 1830 of this parish, 26y
JURDAN Henry 7-Oct 1827 of this parish, 15m
JURDON Edward 14-Aug 1825 of this parish, 11m
KEMP Elizabeth Castell 23-Apr 1863 Mutrix in the parish of St. John Margate, 76y
KEMP Ellen Louisa 13-Aug 1852 of this parish, 4m
KEMP John 22-Apr 1826 of this parish, 70y
KEMP John 22-Mar 1812 82y
KEMP Lilly 26-May 1833 of this parish, 73y
KEMP Stephen 10-Jun 1869 Thanet Union, 80y
KEMP Thomas 14-Apr 1868 Thanet Union, 77y
KEMP William 3-Dec 1855 Garlinge, 39y
KENCH Elisabeth Eleanor Mary 15-Jul 1875 Lambeth, London, 4y
KENNEDY Edward 5-Mar 1820 died in … … … March 2nd, 21y
KENT Philip George 18-Oct 1884 of this parish, 17d
KIDWELL Mary 3-May 1810  
KINGSTON Alfred Robert 4-Nov 1872 Margate, 2-1/2y
KNIGHT James 19-Jul 1884 of this parish, 76y
KNIGHT Sarah 27-Mar 1836 Sturry, 67y
KNOTT George 10-May 1882 of this parish, 33y
KNOTT James 2-Sep 1834 of this parish, 68y
KNOTT John 5-Jun 1817 of this parish, 4m
KNOTT John 30-Nov 1817 of this parish, 9d
KNOTT Maria 10-Sep 1827 of this parish, 6w
KNOTT Mary 17-Jan 1816 of this parish, 13m
KNOTT Mary 1-Feb 1835 of this parish, 66y
KNOTT Mary 15-May 1857 of this parish, 66y
KNOTT Phebe 19-May 1839 of this parish, 5y
KNOTT Susannah 23-Jul 1809 infant
KNOTT William 26-Jul 1851 of this parish, 62y
KNOWLER Hannah 13-Aug 1863 of this parish, 82y
LAMB Frank 29-Sep 1876 Sandwich, 33y
LAMBERT George Frederick 24-Jun 1867 of this parish, 75y
LAMBERT George Joseph 1-Jun 1868 St. Luke, City Road, Middlesex, 38y
LAMBERT Sarah 8-Dec 1875 of this parish, [age not recorded],
LANDAY Isaac 3-Feb 1831 of this parish, 23y
LARKIN Thomas 26-Mar 1868 of this parish, 1y 9m
LATTO Edward 8-Apr 1886 Gore End Coastguard Station, 57y
LAURANCE George 14-Jul 1826 St. John Margate, 12y
LAURENCE Charlotte 2-May 1819 Margate, 16y
LAWRENCE Ann 4-Jun 1858 Margate, 81y
LAWRENCE Henry 8-Apr 1836 St. John Margate, 23y
LAWRENCE Richard 8-Jul 1836 St. John Thanet, 64y
LAWRENCE William 3-Dec 1823 Margate, 19y
LEE Ernest Henry 27-Aug 1884 unbaptised, Margate, 10m
LEVER Augustus 25-Oct 1881 of this parish, 5d
LIARDET Jane Evelyn 22-Jul 1837 Westgate, 36y
LIBEAND Eugene Julien 15-Sep 1876 London, 29y
LILLEY Elizabeth 14-Apr 1870 of this parish, 83y
LILLEY Esther 5-Jun 1825 of this parish, 17m
LILLEY Jane 30-Oct 1827 of this parish, 2y
LILLY George 4-Apr 1849 of this parish, 22y
LILLY William 13-Nov 1852 of this parish, 71y
LLOYD Richard 1-Mar 1809 infant
LONG Elizabeth Iggulden 30-Oct 1871 of this parish, 3y
LONG Fanny 2-Feb 1852 Westgate Bay, 1y
LONG Joseph 14-Nov 1866 of this parish, 18m
LONG Thomas 6-Jul 1864 of this parish, 6w
LOVE George 18-Jul 1838 Westgate, Acol, 43y
LOVE Jane 25-Oct 1852 Margate, 81y
LOVE John 3-May 1849 of this parish, 81y
LUCKETT John 29-Dec 1815 s. Henry & Phoebe, lab, of this parish, 4y
MACDOWALL Charles 2-Nov 1872 St. James, Middlesex, 78y
MACDOWALL Mary 9-Dec 1876 Cheesemans, 73y
MARSDEN Dorothy 31-Dec 1811 16y, 9s, 6d [these figures may relate to entry for Valentine SIMMONS],
MARSDEN Elizabeth 6-Mar 1816 London, 22y
MARSH Edward John 28-Jul 1882 Gore End Brickfield, 12d
MARSH John 30-May 1867 Margate, 83y, Ascension Day,
MARSH Nellie Eveline 23-Jun 1882 Westgate, 16m
MARSH Susanna 30-Jul 1871 Margate, 84y
MARSH William Gardner 6-Sep 1842 of this parish, 8w
MARTEN Edward Bradley 28-Jun 1886 Tower Bungalows, of this parish, 19y
MARTIN Eliza 9-May 1819 of this parish, 3m
MARTIN Elizabeth 28-Apr 1854 of this parish, 78y
MARTIN John 9-Apr 1850 of this parish, 72y
MATCHETT Elizabeth 30-Sep 1863 of this parish, 46y
MAXTED Ann 2-Mar 1836 Minster, 49y
MAXTED Ellen 15-Mar 1862 of this parish, 14m
MAXTED Henry 16-Dec 1865 of this parish, 9m
MAXTED Margaret 8-Mar 1835 of this parish, 1m
MAXTED Peter 4-Mar 1825 of this parish, 8m
MAXTED Thomas 18-Aug 1834 Acol, 48y
MAY Anthony 25-Jan 1858 Thanet Union, 88y
MAY Mary 23-Aug 1843 of this parish, 71y
MAY Richard 12-Jun 1841 of this parish, 36y
MAY Sarah 2-Aug 1836 of this parish, 63y
MAY William 21-Dec 1843 of this parish, 71y
MCCARTHY Mary 27-Feb 1855 Epple Bay of this parish, 65y
MCCOMBIE Joseph Hayes 27-May 1886 Acol, 80y
MCKINNON Thomas William 21-Dec 1881 Gore End Station, 2-1/2m
MEBLEY Thomas 21-Jul 1881 commonly called CAREY, of this parish, [age not recorded], found dead at Reculver,
MERTENS Louis Mountency 12-Mar 1864 Street Lodge, Acol, 9m
MERTENS Mountency Dirs 31-May 1870 Street Lodge, Acol, 5-3/4m
MERTENS Sarah 12-Mar 1883 Streete Court, Westgate, 81y
METLEY Sarah 21-Nov 1885 of this parish (Union Workhouse), 73y
MILES Fanny 30-Dec 1821 Sarre, 52y
MILES George 10-May 1806 infant
MILES Henry 29-Mar 1842 St. John Margate, 70y
MILES Henry Jefferson 29-Nov 1855 of this parish, 6y 9m
MILES James 4-Nov 1850 Sarre, 83y
MILES Jane 28-Oct 1809  
MILES Jane 18-Apr 1827 Sarre, 79y
MILES John 18-Dec 1839 Sarre, 36y
MILES Martha Neame 26-Nov 1807 d. James/Fanny,
MILES Mary 15-Feb 1808  
MILES Richard 8-Jan 1804  
MILGATE Ellen 11-May 1842 of this parish, 10y
MILGATE Ellen Elizabeth 1-Jan 1869 Acol, 4y
MILGATE George 7-Mar 1870 of this parish, 72y
MILGATE Jane 5-May 1870 of this parish, 71y
MILGATE Mary 10-May 1867 Acol, 28y
MILLEN Mary 18-Mar 1840 Thanet Union, age unknown,
MILLER Benjamin 9-Jan 1872 of this parish, 50y
MILLER Henry 24-Aug 1821 Acol, 2m
MILLGATE Emma 29-Jun 1883 of this parish, 61y
MILLGATE George Robert 6-Dec 1880 of this parish, 53y
MILLGATE Harriet 21-Feb 1880 Acol, 38y
MILLGATE Jabez 10-Feb 1886 Mill Row, 1y
MILLGATE John 2-Sep 1882 Acol, 79y
MILLGATE Mary 6-Aug 1882 Acol, 81y
MILLGATE Robert 11-Aug 1883 Acol, 76y
MILVILL Robert 9-Feb 1802 drowned in Sackett's Hoy,
MINTER William 14-Sep 1820 Margate, 78y
MIRAMS Edward 13-Mar 1833 Garlinge, 76y
MIRAMS John 8-Mar 1854 Garlinge, 50y
MIRAMS Mary 1-Dec 1855 Garlinge, 80y
MIRIAMS George 10-Mar 1845 Garlinge, Margate, 28y
MIRIAMS John 30-Apr 1807  
MIRIAMS Susan 4-May 1809  
MIRIAMS Thomas 5-Jan 1809  
MIRRIMS Joshua 18-Aug 1802  
MITCHELL William 24-Jul 1875 of this parish, 29y
MITCHELL William Stephen 8-Oct 1875 of this parish, 1/2y
MOCKETT Elizabeth 23-Nov 1805 95y
MOLONEY Daniel 30-Aug 1875 of this parish, 5m
MONEY James 24-Feb 1850 of this parish, 66y
MONEY Mary 8-Dec 1856 of this parish, 67y
MONEY William 23-May 1841 of this parish, 24y
MONEY William 21-Jan 1877 of this parish, 22y, accidently killed by a thrashing machine,
MONK Sarah 17-Jan 1837 Acol, 93y
MONKS Chittim 5-May 1824 Cheesemans, 80y
MORELAND Florence Rosetta 5-Aug 1886 of this parish, 8m
MORGAN James 10-Mar 1858 Acol, 1y
MORGAN Jane 5-Feb 1875 of this parish, 38y
MORGAN William 21-Apr 1880 Thanet Union, 67y
MORLEY William 10-Sep 1831 Garlinge, 3m
MORRIS Edward George 28-Mar 1847 Westgate, Acol, 3m 14d
MORRIS Sophia 22-Feb 1848 Acol, 38y
MORRIS William 4-Oct 1854 Chislet, [age not recorded],
MOSS Augustus Henry 13-Nov 1869 of this parish, 3y
MOSS William 29-Aug 1866 of this parish, 3y
MOSS William 22-Sep 1876 of this parish, 36y
MOUNT Ann 15-Feb 1884 of this parish, 44y
MOUNT Edith Jessie 4-Aug 1879 of this parish, 14m
MOUZANT Augustina Marcy 15-Jun 1802  
MURPHY Edward 13-May 1821 of this parish, 40y
MURPHY Jeremiah 3-May 1880 Epple Bay Coastguard Station, 48y
MYRAMS Hester 3-Dec 1809 75y
NAGLE Richard 13-May 1827 of this parish, 23y
NEAM Sarah 11-Apr 1803  
NEAME Charlotte 7-Sep 1872 of this parish, 79y
NEAME Edward 2-Dec 1869 of this parish, 73y
NEAME Elizabeth 15-Sep 1807 97y
NEAME Francis 2-Sep 1842 of this parish, 19y
NEAME Francis Jenkin 5-Mar 1856 of this parish, 73y
NEAME Frederick Thomas 14-Apr 1866 Upper Stamford Street, Lambeth, 23y
NEAME George Norman 17-Jul 1873 of this parish, 32y
NEAME James 23-Jul 1829 of this parish, 7y
NEAME James 7-Jul 1843 of this parish, 97y
NEAME James 15-Apr 1814 s. James/Sarah, of this parish, 28y
NEAME John 4-Feb 1836 of this parish, 53y
NEAME John 2-Mar 1855 Margate, 64y
NEAME Maria 1-Jul 1876 of this parish, 59y
NEAME Maria 9-Dec 1879 of this parish, 91y
NEAME Mary 12-Dec 1825 of this parish, 63y
NEAME Sarah 28-Jun 1822 of this parish, 42y
NEAME Sarah 11-Mar 1886 75 Stockwell Park Road, London SW, 79y
NEAME Sarah Taddy 16-Feb 1821 of this parish, 5m
NEAME Susanna 21-Mar 1867 of this parish, 78y
NEAME Thomas Albert 7-Apr 1883 of this parish, 46y
NEAME Thomas Jenkin 21-Mar 1828 of this parish, 10m
NEAME Victoria Louise Ellen 8-Mar 1887 Evergreen House, later known as The Smugglers Tea House, 7y
NEAME William 9-May 1814 farmer, of this parish, 61y
NEEVE John 5-Feb 1817 of this parish, 67y
NEEVES Stephen 27-Jun 1824 of this parish, 34y
NEVES Ann 9-Jul 1823 of this parish, 72y
NEVILL Joseph 15-Dec 1882 of this parish, 71y
NOAKES Ambrose 19-Aug 1869 of this parish, 41y
NORGROVE Lydia Elizabeth 6-Apr 1850 of this parish, 76y
NORGROVE Thomas 7-Apr 1851 of this parish, 82y
NORMAN Thomas 1-Jul 1858 of this parish, 87y
NORMAN William Henry 17-Dec 1869 Ramsgate, 57y
NORSWORTHY George Mantle 10-Apr 1862 of this parish, 1m
NORTON John 15-Mar 1828 Margate, 55y
NUTTING George 8-May 1879 of this parish, 82y
OCONNOR Thomas Michael 3-Jan 1877 Epple Bay, 5y
OFFSPRING Robert 9-Feb 1802 drowned in Sackett's Hoy,
OLIPHANT Daniel 18-Jan 1872 of this parish, 73y
OLIPHANT David 4-Jul 1847 of this parish, 88y
OLIPHANT John 12-Jul 1829 of this parish, 40y
OLIPHANT Sarah 27-Dec 1811 42y [1st letter of surname obliterated],
OLIPHANT Sarah 19-Dec 1873 of this parish, 77y
OLIPHANT Thomas 31-Mar 1812 2y, [this entry appears to have been first written in the baptisms register, where it is deleted and gives the parents as David/Sarah]
OLIPHANT Thomas 29-May 1826 of this parish, 6y
OSBORNE Joseph James 27-May 1851 Epple Bay Coastguard Station, 32y
OVENDEN Frances Jane 15-Jun 1860 Marsh Bay, Margate, 14m
OVENDEN Lydia 20-Jan 1828 of this parish, 63y
OVENDEN Richard 8-Mar 1806 infant
OVENDEN Sampson 2-Sep 1857 St. John Margate, 5m
OVERY George 1-Aug 1849 Thanet Union, 73y
OVERY Margaret 30-Jul 1849 Thanet Union, 65y
PAGE Mary Ann 24-Jul 1885 London but staying with grandparents at Birchington, 1y 10m, killed by a train,
PAGE Thomas 31-Aug 1828 Acol, 3y
PARKER Henry 12-Jun 1871 Thanet Union, 81y
PARKER James 18-Jan 1866 St. Nicholas Station, 2y 9m
PARKER Sarah 5-Sep 1884 Thanet Union, 93y
PARKER William 27-Aug 1842 of this parish, 6d
PARSONS Louisa 19-May 1882 Gore End Station, 2-1/4y
PARTRIDGE Henry 15-Apr 1880 Westgate On Sea, 56y
PATTERSON Robert Partridge 4-Oct 1881 Streete Hill, Westgate, 6-1/2y
PATTISON John 20-Aug 1837 Lenham, 50y
PAY Annie Cowell 8-Mar 1875 of this parish, 20y
PAY Arthur George 17-Jul 1865 of this parish, 18m
PAY Caroline 23-Apr 1875 of this parish, 18y
PAY Edith Maude Mary 4-Sep 1871 of this parish, 4m
PAY Emily 12-Mar 1862 of this parish, 18m
PAY Emma Jane 14-Oct 1861 of this parish, 2y
PAY Isaac 20-Sep 1807  
PAY Sarah 4-Feb 1812 82y
PAY William 10-Sep 1809  
PEAL Henry 29-Mar 1812 48y
PEAL John Phillpot 1-Jul 1832 Street, St. John, 14m
PEAL Samuel 8-Feb 1817 Margate, 13y
PEARCE Anne 25-Sep 1825 of this parish, 6w
PEARCE Charles 31-Jul 1861 of this parish, 5m
PEARCE James 10-Feb 1863 Thanet Union, 4y
PEARCE Richard 7-Nov 1870 of this parish, 30y
PEMBLE Albert 8-Sep 1840 of this parish, 2m
PEMBLE Charles 21-Aug 1886 Station Road, 1-1/2y
PEMBLE Edith Ethel 8-May 1876 of this parish, 3-1/2w
PEMBLE Edward 16-Nov 1852 of this parish, 9w
PEMBLE Elizabeth 17-Aug 1834 of this parish, 16m
PEMBLE John 7-Oct 1868 of this parish, 44y
PEMBLE John Brown 24-Jul 1882 of this parish, 11w
PEMBLE Julian 6-Apr 1849 of this parish, 1m
PEMBLE Norman 1-Jan 1852 of this parish, 5m
PEMBLE Philip Edward 18-Dec 1871 of this parish, 10m
PEMBLE Robert 9-Aug 1881 of this parish, 80y
PEMBLE Rosa 2-Oct 1859 of this parish, 9y
PEMBLE Sarah 21-Apr 1833 of this parish, 3y
PEMBLE Sarah 15-Nov 1853 of this parish, 5w
PEMBLE Sarah 9-Jul 1866 of this parish, 64y
PEMBLE Sarah Alexandra 26-Sep 1884 Square, of this parish, 21y
PEMBLE Walter Josiah Robert 5-Jun 1858 of this parish, 8m
PEMBLE William 16-Mar 1837 of this parish, 7m
PEMBLE William Thomas 4-Apr 1864 of this parish, 18y
PENLIGAN Mary 4-Nov 1853 Epple Bay Coastguard Station, 88y
PETERS Mary 12-Mar 1801  
PETIT James 25-Aug 1816 of this parish, 47y
PETLEY Susannah 15-Nov 1883 Faversham, 64y
PETT Elizabeth 3-Mar 1806 46y
PETT Mary 23-May 1862 Canterbury, 85y
PETT Michael 7-May 1828 Acol, 79y
PETT Michael 3-Nov 1851 of this parish, 60y
PHILLIPS James 1-Dec 1801  
PHILLIS Elizabeth 7-Aug 1823 of this parish, 91y
PHILLIS John 23-Jan 1825 of this parish, 88y
PHILLPOT William 14-Sep 1844 of this parish, 67y
PHILPOT James Thomas 17-Mar 1826 of this parish, 12m
PHILPOT Maria 31-Dec 1818 of this parish, 2y 6m
PHILPOTT Elisabeth 8-Jul 1842 of this parish, 61y
PHILPOTT James 12-Sep 1820 of this parish, 9m
PIERCE Mary Ann 7-Jun 1877 of this parish, 74y
PIERCE Robert 13-Apr 1874 of this parish, 73y
PILCHER Emma 5-Oct 1865 Acol, 25y
PILCHER Jane 21-Feb 1877 Acol, 62y
PILCHER Jane Elizabeth   1859 Acol, infant, [no date but entered between 6 Jun and 1 Aug]
PILCHER Sarah 20-Nov 1858 Acol, 79y
PILCHER Stephen 17-Jan 1854 Acol, 77y
PILCHER Stephen 2-Apr 1879 Thanet Union, 74y
PINKER Robert 13-Oct 1859 Thanet Union, 77y
PINKER Sarah 13-Dec 1858 of this parish, 76y
PIPER Phoebe 16-Jun 1865 of this parish, 77y
PIZLEY George 6-Apr 1821 [Note: surname first written BEASLY], of this parish, 34y
PLUMMER Charles James 2-Dec 1862 of this parish, 13y
POINTER Alice Elizabeth 4-Oct 1846 Acol, 18m
POINTER Alma Esther 21-Oct 1881 Thanet Union, 3y
POINTER Ambrose 7-Jun 1839 Acol, 9m
POINTER Anne 16-Jul 1843 of this parish, 83y
POINTER Augustus 24-Jun 1864 of this parish, 62y
POINTER Elisabeth 8-Mar 1880 of this parish, 81y
POINTER Elizabeth 2-Jun 1814 widow, of this parish, 75y
POINTER Elizabeth 23-Aug 1855 of this parish, 67y
POINTER Elizabeth Emma 12-Apr 1859 Acol, 8y
POINTER Emily Ann 12-Dec 1845 Acol, 6m
POINTER Esther 25-Jan 1824 Acol, 7m
POINTER Esther 17-Mar 1842 Acol, 15y
POINTER Esther 25-Apr 1885 of this parish, 48y
POINTER Esther Ann 3-Nov 1879 of this parish, 24y
POINTER James 18-Oct 1840 of this parish, 79y
POINTER John 14-Sep 1854 of this parish, 66y
POINTER Lucy 19-Mar 1815 spinster, of this parish, 28y
POINTER Mary 17-Oct 1805  
POINTER Mary Martha 24-Jun 1858 of this parish, 18m
POINTER Robert 27-Oct 1848 Acol, 57y
POINTER Sarah 18-Oct 1852 of this parish, 52y
POINTER Sarah Ann 29-Jan 1832 Acol, 2w
POINTER Sarah Ann 14-Mar 1843 of this parish, 4y
POINTER Thomas 28-Apr 1866 of this parish, 71y
POINTER William 25-Feb 1852 Thanet Union, 5m
POINTER William 23-Mar 1803 79y
POINTER William 2-Aug 1818 Margate, 32y
POINTER William John 10-Mar 1886 The Square, 10m
POOLE Harriet 9-Sep 1878 of this parish, 22y
PORDIGE William 1-Dec 1801  
PORT Edith Ellen 7-Oct 1886 3 Mill Row, 5y
PORT Frederick William 15-Sep 1845 of this parish, 6m
PORT George 1-Sep 1868 of this parish, 13d, [see Mary Ann Grove PORT]
PORT Jane 20-Nov 1803  
PORT Mary Ann Grove 1-Sep 1868 of this parish, 48y, in same coffin a child named by the parents George , but unbaptised, aged 13 days,
PORT Robert George 9-Aug 1886 Mill Cottages, 10m
PORT Sarah 31-Jul 1868 of this parish, 10y
PORTER Charlotte 1-Dec 1868 of this parish, 13d
POTTER Annie Hannah 4-Sep 1866 Westgate, Acol, 9m
POULTNEY Oliver 29-Jun 1876 of this parish, 10m
POUT John 3-Jan 1834 of this parish, 74y
POWELL Charlotte 19-Aug 1844 Quex Park, of this parish, 70y
POWELL John Powell 22-May 1849 Esq., Quex Park, of this parish, 79y
PRICE Eliza 29-Mar 1850 Acol, 16m
PRICE Eliza 18-Aug 1873 Dandelion, St. James Westgate, 57y
PRICE Hannah 2-Mar 1833 Acol, 16y
PRICE Hannah 18-Apr 1839 Acol, 11w
PRICE Jane 24-Jun 1844 Acol, 2y
PRICE Jane 7-Oct 1856 Acol, 36y
PRICE Mary Elizabeth 30-Mar 1833 Acol, 14y
PRICE Sarah 3-May 1833 Acol, 10y
PRICE Sarah Caroline 15-Aug 1871 of this parish, 22y
PRICE Thomas 3-Jun 1809 infant
PRICE Thomas 27-Nov 1856 Acol, 1y
PRICE Thomas 24-Nov 1877 Minster, 66y
PRICE William 25-Nov 1854 Acol, 10y
PRITCHARD Alice Maria 30-Aug 1887 Streete, Westgate, 23y
PRITCHARD Ann 6-Mar 1811 28y, with her infant Sarah,
PRITCHARD Edward 11-Oct 1819 of this parish, 42y
PRITCHARD Elizabeth 3-Dec 1820 of this parish, 9w
PRITCHARD James 21-Feb 1870 of this parish, about 46y
PRITCHARD Martha 11-Apr 1823 of this parish, 78y
PRITCHARD Mary Agnes 2-Jun 1884 Streete Court, Minster, 15y
PRITCHARD Phoebe 15-Mar 1839 Ramsgate, 23y
PRITCHARD Sarah 12-May 1810  
PRITCHARD William 26-Oct 1887 Streete Lodge, Westgate, 62y
PRITCHARD William John 25-Sep 1857 Street, Acol, 5m
PRITCHERD Sarah 16-Sep 1810 infant
PRITCHES Jane 11-Jan 1813 d. Mary, of this parish, 4m
PRITCHES John 27-Jan 1807  
PRITCHES Lydia 1-Jan 1814 w. Thomas, Acol, 37y
PYSDEN Ann 25-Nov 1865 St. John Margate, 59y
QUINN Thomas 10-Jan 1855 St. Nicholas, [age not recorded],
RALPH James 28-Jun 1801  
RALPH Thomas 12-Nov 1825 of this parish, 70y
RAUSON Jane 4-Aug 1883 Square, of this parish, 48y
RAYNER Jane 18-Dec 1873 of this parish, 69y
RAYNER John 21-Jan 1826 Acol, 70y
RAYNER Lewes Watson 12-Nov 1820 Acol, 23y
RAYNER Mary 4-Nov 1844 Whitstable, 88y
RAYNER Thomas .......... 3-Dec 1806 s. John/Elizabeth,
READ Alfred Somerford 2-Mar 1872 Acol, 3m
READ Alfred Thomas 1-Sep 1866 Acol, 3m
READ Eliza Annie 20-Sep 1880 Acol, 3m
READ Emily 11-Dec 1876 of this parish, 22y
READ Maria 12-Mar 1877 Brooksend, St. Nicholas, 85y
READ Stephen 25-Dec 1844 Acol, 3w
READ Stephen 29-Oct 1875 Acol, 53y
READ Thomas 22-Jan 1832 of this parish, 3w
READ Thomas 30-Jun 1833 Acol, 7m
READ William 15-Nov 1818 Acol, 1y 8m
READ William 18-Feb 1840 Acol, 36y
READE Mary 20-Oct 1809  
READER John 25-Apr 1843 of this parish, 79y
READER Mary 12-Mar 1851 Ramsgate, 92y
REDWOOD Ann 30-Oct 1861 Margate, 79y
REDWOOD Francis 22-Apr 1840 of this parish, 4y
REDWOOD George 16-Aug 1867 of this parish, 53y
REDWOOD James 21-Mar 1848 Thanet Union, 39y
REDWOOD Jane 7-Feb 1862 of this parish, 45y
REDWOOD John 2-May 1833 Acol, 16y
REDWOOD William 8-Jun 1867 Thanet Union, 84y
REED Elizabeth 9-Mar 1874 of this parish, 39y
REEVE George 4-Jun 1875 of this parish, 39y
REVEL James 18-Jul 1818 of this parish, 9m
REVELL William 22-Oct 1864 Thanet Union, 39y
RICHARDSON Casemer 25-Aug 1811  
ROACH John Thomas 3-Oct 1838 Westgate, 3m
ROAF Martha Ann 1-Jan 1856 Acol, 5m
ROALFE Mary Ann 21-Oct 1884 of this parish, 41y
ROBERTS William 12-Jan 1805 82y
ROBINSON Abel Westbrook 10-Apr 1843 Margate, 43y
ROBINSON Martha 31-Dec 1834 St. Nicholas Station, 33y or 53y
ROCKCLIFF Rebekah 10-Jan 1837 Epple Bay Station, 15m
ROFFE Ann 5-Mar 1809  
ROFFE Ann 27-Jun 1810  
ROFFE Elizabeth 26-Apr 1807  
ROFFE Hannah 27-Feb 1811 infant
ROFFE Hannah 19-Feb 1809 d. Michael,
ROFFE John 15-May 1812 6y
ROFFE Sarah 27-Oct 1804  
ROGERS Emily Ann 12-Apr 1862 of this parish, 19m
ROGERS John 11-Feb 1873 of this parish, 73y
ROLFE Henrietta 25-Aug 1846 Acol, 12m
ROLPH Miles 5-May 1837 Thanet Union, Minster, 77y
ROOF Ann 8-Sep 1807  
ROOF John 30-May 1802  
ROSE Jane 8-Jan 1875 Ramsgate, 57y
ROSE Sarah Jane 17-Aug 1854 of this parish, 4m
ROSSETTI Gabriel Charles Dante 14-Apr 1882 [Dante Gabriel ROSSETTI written in brackets], Cheyne Walk, Chelsea (staying at West Cliffe Bungalow), 53y
ROWE Mary 27-Jan 1828 of this parish, 92y
ROWLAND Mary Pointer 25-Jun 1848 of this parish, 6d
RUSSEL George 27-Mar 1821 of this parish, 35y
RYAN George 5-Apr 1881 of this parish, 4y
SACKETT Thomas 29-Jun 1807  
SACKETT William 18-Jun 1807  
SAFFERY Elizabeth 12-Mar 1812 40y
SANDS Joseph 21-Jan 1827 of this parish, 58y
SANDWELL George 6-Apr 1885 of this parish, 64y
SANDWELL Jane Hughes 5-Jul 1858 of this parish, 36y
SAUNDERS William 12-Oct 1828 Acol, 8m
SAVIN Elizabeth 26-Jun 1855 of this parish, 77y
SAVIN George 20-Jun 1847 of this parish, 11d
SAVIN Margaret 12-May 1869 of this parish, 84y
SAVIN Marianne 25-Oct 1829 of this parish, 5y
SAVIN Solomon 7-Jun 1856 Garlinge, 85y
SAVIN Thomas 26-Aug 1811  
SAVIN William 21-Apr 1860 of this parish, 77y
SAVIN William 21-Nov 1876 of this parish, 67y
SAVINE William 26-Aug 1840 of this parish, 2w
SAWYER Elisabeth Jane 28-Feb 1885 of this parish, 27y
SAYER Charles William 10-Dec 1822 of this parish, 6m
SAYER Edward 14-Jan 1872 of this parish, 83y
SAYER Edward 23-Apr 1885 Thanet Union, 72y
SAYER Edward James 21-Feb 1884 Mill Place, of this parish, 11y
SAYER Eliza 12-Apr 1878 Acol, 50y
SAYER Elizabeth 19-Mar 1814 Margate, 32y
SAYER George 11-May 1830 of this parish, 5m
SAYER Hannah Mary 26-May 1880 Acol, 10y
SAYER Henry 6-Jan 1814 Margate, 33y
SAYER Henry 7-Jun 1871 Thanet Union, 57y
SAYER Henry 21-Sep 1882 of this parish, 86y
SAYER Henry 2-Feb 1806  
SAYER Isaac 21-Dec 1817 of this parish, 78y
SAYER James 29-Nov 1855 of this parish, 2y
SAYER James 7-Dec 1876 of this parish, 64y
SAYER James 1-Sep 1811 6d
SAYER James 30-Aug 1877 Brooksend, of this parish, 17y, accidently killed by a mowing machine,
SAYER Jane Eliza 18-Dec 1869 of this parish, 14y
SAYER Jemima 6-Dec 1840 of this parish, 3y
SAYER Jemima 16-Jan 1864 of this parish, 48y
SAYER John 23-May 1882 of this parish, 30y, accidentally killed
SAYER Mary 23-Feb 1814 Margate, 9w
SAYER Mary 18-Feb 1830 of this parish, 79y
SAYER Mary 14-Apr 1882 Acol, 45y
SAYER Mary 17-Jul 1883 Acol, 78y
SAYER Mary Ann 16-Sep 1851 of this parish, 9w
SAYER Rebecca 19-Dec 1826 of this parish, 71y
SAYER Rebecca 1-Jan 1832 of this parish, 41y
SAYER Sarah 2-Jan 1825 of this parish, 17m
SAYER Sarah 11-Nov 1827 of this parish, 7m
SAYER Sarah 7-Apr 1850 Margate, 33y
SAYER Sarah 20-Dec 1878 of this parish, 79y
SAYER Sarah Anne 29-Apr 1826 of this parish, 4m
SAYER Susan 26-Feb 1875 Margate, 71y
SAYER Thomas 10-Oct 1813 s. Henry/Elizabeth, Margate, 3y
SAYER Valentine 8-Aug 1825