Transcribed by Susan D. Young. All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.  Please note:  all dates 1 January through to and including 24 March in all years up to and including 1751 are recorded in the Old Style and so, must be read by way of example as 2 January 1676/77.

..........   10-Feb 1703 travelling soldier,
..........   30-Nov 1708 Wm FULLER's servant,
..........   24-Apr 1742 travelling woman unknown,
..........   25-Jun 1767 travelling woman unknown,
..........   5-May 1776 traveller unknown,
..........   24-Nov 1778 stranger,
..........   1-Jun 1789 stranger from Ramsgate,
..........   14-Feb 1828 traveller unknown male, about 50y,
.......... Clement 15-Sep 1776 s. Thomas & Susanna, [entry appears to have been deleted]
ADAMS Anne 26-Jan 1826 Margate, 12y,
ADAMS Charlotte 1-Nov 1828 of this parish, 25y
ADAMS Elisabeth 18-Dec 1754 d. Mary,
ADAMS Elizabeth 27-Oct 1736 affidavit received,
ADAMS Elizabeth 22-Apr 1779 an infant,
ADAMS Elizabeth   1784 [date not recorded]
ADAMS Elizabeth 10-Apr 1801  
ADAMS Emma 9-Jun 1855 of this parish, 24y,
ADAMS Esther 7-Aug 1842 of this parish, 72y,
ADAMS Esther Jane 7-Mar 1852 of this parish, 3y,
ADAMS Frederick Hogbin 5-Jun 1873 of this parish, 36y,
ADAMS George 31-May 1822 of this parish, 14y,
ADAMS George 18-Oct 1825 of this parish, 1y,
ADAMS Henry 16-Aug 1829 of this parish, 3y,
ADAMS James 1-Aug 1853 of this parish, 11m,
ADAMS Jane 28-Nov 1833 St Nicholas, 24y,
ADAMS Jesse 19-Apr 1833 of this parish, 24y,
ADAMS Jesse 7-Dec 1851 of this parish, 1y,
ADAMS Jesse 18-Apr 1849 Thanet Union Workhouse, 72y,
ADAMS John 20-May 1816 of this parish, 4y,
ADAMS John 3-Dec 1731 s. Mary, widow affidavit received,
ADAMS Josiah 5-Jun 1822 of this parish, 50y,
ADAMS Mary 22-Jul 1882 of this parish, 78y,
ADAMS Mary Sackett 19-Jan 1869 Margate, 92y,
ADAMS Richard 17-Nov 1826 of this parish, 25y
ADAMS Sarah 30-May 1829 of this parish, 14y,
ADAMS William 28-Nov 1730 affidavit received 30 ,
ADAMS William   1784 [date not recorded]
ADLEY William 30-Oct 1847 Thanet Union Workhouse, 67y,
AKEHURST Thomas 3-Mar 1719 a servant,
ALLEN Henry 11-Dec 1723 s. Henry & Elisabeth,
ALLEN Henry 16-Apr 1724  
ANDERSON Ann 22-Sep 1763 d. John & Ann,
ANDERSON John 24-Feb 1772  
ANDERSON John 5-Jul 1804 MD,
ANDERSON Susannah 27-Nov 1752  
ANSELL Sarah 8-Nov 1857 Ramsgate, 36y,
ANSLEY Edith Mary 5-Jun 1879 of this parish, 7y,
AUSTEN Abraham 17-Apr 1801  
AUSTEN Abraham 4-Sep 1831 St Peter, 55y,
AUSTEN Clement 8-Feb 1803  
AUSTEN Eleanor 24-Apr 1779  
AUSTEN Jane 12-Aug 1761 widow
AUSTEN Margaret 17-Feb 1785  
AUSTEN Mary 27-Mar 1726 w. Thomas,
AUSTEN Miles 8-Jan 1797  
AUSTEN Robert 11-Jul 1804 infant,
AUSTEN Sarah 21-Mar 1845 St Peter, 65y,
AUSTEN Susan 21-Nov 1805  
AUSTEN Thomas 4-May 1728 affidavit received 8,
AUSTEN Thomas   1793  
AUSTIN Elizabeth 8-Aug 1729 affidavit received 9,
AUSTIN Elizabeth 15-Apr 1752  
AUSTIN George 19-Nov 1770 s. Thomas & Ellen,
AUSTIN Jane 5-Dec 1769 d. Thomas & Ellen,
AYLIN .......... 28-Apr 1728 Mrs., buried in the church,
AYLING Elisabeth 26-Jun 1706  
AYLING John 8-Dec 1710 clerk, Vicar of Monkton & Birchington for 48 years,
BAILEY Anna 24-Dec 1840 of this parish, 3w,
BAILEY Jane 24-May 1868 of this parish, 2y 2m,
BAILEY Stephen 7-Dec 1873 of this parish, from Minster Union House, 77y,
BAILEY Thomas 10-May 1874 of this parish, 7m,
BAILEYS James 13-Sep 1729 Revd, Mr., Vicar of this parish,
BAILEYS Sophia & George 28-Jan 1728 affidavit received,
BAILY Jane 14-Dec 1841 Birchington, 45y,
BAKER Elizabeth 15-Jun 1788 Mrs.,
BAKER Geo 20-Jan 1787  
BAKER Geo 9-Sep 1788 Mr.,
BAKER Richard 15-Feb 1787  
BAKER Richard 25-May 1812 80y [or 81y],
BAKER Rob 3-Apr 1785  
BAKER Robert 21-Dec 1735 affidavit received,
BAKER Robert 7-Apr 1759  
BALDWIN .......... 5-Jun 1704 widow
BAX Anne 22-Jun 1731 d. John & Judith, affidavit received 27,
BAX Edward 21-Dec 1741 s. John & Elizabeth,
BAX Eliz 12-Sep 1765 w. John,
BAX Jeremiah 15-May 1745  
BAX John 19-Sep 1735 s. John & Elizabeth affidavit received,
BAX John 19-Mar 1759  
BAX John James 20-May 1862 of this parish, 2d,
BAX Judith 6-Nov 1763  
BAX Rich 30-Apr 1706  
BAX Sarah 23-Mar 1763 d. John & Elizabeth,
BAX Wm 18-Apr 1728 affidavit received 22,
BAXTER Jane 5-Apr 1820 of this parish, 43y,
BAYLEY John 23-Jan 1744  
BAYLY Thomas 16-Sep 1718  
BEAL Elizabeth 16-Jun 1776  
BEALE .......... 31-Mar 1781 an infant,
BEDINGFIELD John 15-Aug 1781  
BELSEY Ann 30-Mar 1747 [see also Thomas SITHERS]
BELSEY Elizabeth 19-Jul 1739 widow
BELSEY John 7-Feb 1724  
BELSEY John 7-Apr 1747  
BELSEY Sarah 22-Aug 1762  
BELSEY Thomas 17-Sep 1719  
BENEFIELD Ann 3-Jun 1767 w. John,
BIDWELL Francis Henry 27-Sep 1861 of this parish, 27 y,
BIDWELL William 21-Jul 1865 Buckland near Dover, 69y,
BING Andrew 18-Dec 1710  
BING Dorcas 5-Jan 1701 w. John,
BING John 15-Apr 1706 junior,
BING John 4-Oct 1724  
BIRCH Ernest Albert 30-Jul 1867 of this parish, 2y,
BIRCH Henry Maxted 27-Aug 1849 of this parish, 10y,
BIRKETT .......... 7-Apr 1778 Mrs.,
BIRKETT John 10-Apr 1772 Vicar of this parish,
BLAXLAND Anna 26-Apr 1700  
BLAXLAND John 1-Feb 1705 s. John,
BOTHAM Peter 28-Feb 1784  
BOTTOM Elizabeth 25-Dec 1765  
BOTTOM Sarah 18-Feb 1765  
BOURN Boyce 29-Aug 1739  
BOURN Elizabeth 2-Jan 1757 base d. of Sarah
BOURN John 28-Nov 1727 bachelor, affidavit received 29y
BOURN Mary 4-Apr 1729 affidavit received 5,
BOURN Mary 12-May 1755  
BOURNE John 29-Mar 1744  
BOYKIN John 21-Feb 1713 a servant,
BRENSLEY Elizabeth 27-Mar 1832 of this parish, 16m,
BRENSLEY James 31-Dec 1829 of this parish, 2y,
BRENSLEY John 13-Oct 1824 of this parish, 6w,
BRENSLEY John 28-Nov 1837 of this parish, 1y,
BRETT Charlotte Emma 31-May 1840 of this parish, 3d,
BRETT Elisabeth 6-Apr 1852 of this parish, 84y,
BRETT James 13-Jan 1812 80y
BRETT James 21-Jul 1845 of this parish, 51y,
BRETT John 15-Jan 1816 of this parish, 20y,
BRETT John 6-Apr 1813 Newington, 47y,
BRETT John Chapman 9-Aug 1859 Minster, 29 y
BRETT Mary 13-Feb 1798  
BRETT Thomas 10-May 1843 of this parish, 75y,
BRETT Thomas 10-Apr 1878 of this parish, 76y,
BRIGGS Elizabeth 6-May 1710 in woollen,
BROAD Elizabeth 11-May 1734 w. John, affidavit received,
BROOKE James 28-Jan 1711 servant
BROWN Sarah 12-May 1844 of this parish, 42y,
BROWN Thomas 2-Jul 1848 of this parish, 6w,
BROWNING Arthur Henry 6-Feb 1863 of this parish, 2y 10m,
BROWNING John 23-May 1758 s. John & Margaret,
BROWNING John 14-Feb 1779  
BROWNING Margaret 11-Jan 1776  
BROWNING Margaret   1796 d. John & Jane ,
BROWNING Phoebe 10-Dec 1837 of this parish, 37y,
BROWNING Sarah 22-Oct 1825 of this parish, 3y,
BROWNING Thomas 2-Apr 1869 of this parish, 72y,
BROWNING William 6-Jul 1808 infant,
BROWNING William 30-Aug 1829 Herne, 18y,
BUDD Robert 6-Jan 1768  
BUDDEL Mary 18-Oct 1772 infant,
BUDDINGTON Francis 3-Jul 1810 ['tt' written above 'dd' to give BUTTINGTON],
BUDDINGTON Mary 22-May 1795 w. Francis,
BUSH Ann 26-Mar 1710 in woollen,
BUSH Elisabeth 25-Oct 1727 w. John,
BUSH Elizabeth 27-Jul 1736 affidavit received,
BUSH John 11-May 1711  
BUSH John 13-Aug 1755  
BUSH John 4-Mar 1790 [entered before 1789 burials]
BUSH Mary 15-Nov 1733 w. John, affidavit received 18,
BUSHEL John 17-May 1728 clark [clerk], affidavit received 18,
BUSHELL Daniel 15-Feb 1825 of this parish, 77y,
BUSHELL Daniel 22-Jan 1850 of this parish, 51y,
BUSHELL Daniel 4-Jan 1847 Thanet Union Workhouse, 74y,
BUSHELL Elisabeth 18-May 1712 w. John
BUSHELL Elizabeth 26-Feb 1834 Minster, 82y,
BUSHELL Elizabeth Ann 17-Oct 1871 of this parish, 62y,
BUSHELL Emma 16-Dec 1855 of this parish, 13m,
BUSHELL George 10-Sep 1868 of this parish, 8m,
BUSHELL Henry 15-Dec 1869 of this parish, 16y,
BUSHELL Henry Birch 8-Feb 1850 of this parish, 5y,
BUSHELL James 14-Apr 1850 of this parish, 8m,
BUSHELL Jane 12-Dec 1708 w. John,
BUSHELL Jane 17-Apr 1737 widow, affidavit received,
BUSHELL Jane 27-Sep 1808  
BUSHELL John 23-Sep 1708 senior,
BUSHELL John 6-Jan 1878 of this parish, 77y,
BUSHELL John 6-Oct 1719  
BUSHELL John 14-Dec 1735 s. Richard & Sarah, affidavit received,
BUSHELL Margaret 7-Nov 1708  
BUSHELL Maria 11-Feb 1857 of this parish, 5m,
BUSHELL Thomas 29-Apr 1720 s. John & Jane
BUSHELL William 11-Jun 1839 of this parish, 7w,
BUSHELL William 8-Mar 1858 of this parish, 5w,
BUSHELL William 26-Jan 1804  
BUSHELL William 7-Feb 1876 Thanet Union, 74y,
CALEY Harriett 16-Mar 1859 of this parish, 4y,
CANTIS Charlotte Feb 1794 d. William,
CANTIS Easter 20-Mar 1814 Canterbury, 81y,
CANTIS Elisabeth 22-Apr 1750  
CANTIS Hester 25-Oct 1739  
CANTIS John 12-Jun 1708 s. Valentine & Mary,
CANTIS John 12-Apr 1772 from Canterbury,
CANTIS John 5-Jan 1798  
CANTIS John 22-Nov 1800  
CANTIS Martha 25-Jan 1761 from London,
CANTIS Mary 10-Dec 1762 d. John & Hester,
CANTIS Mary 7-Apr 1762 w. Valentine,
CANTIS Mary 28-Jan 1770 from Canterbury,
CANTIS Mary 21-Apr 1788  
CANTIS Sarah 4-Mar 1711 d. Valentine & Sarah,
CANTIS Sarah 26-Jul 1730 d. Valentine & Mary, affidavit received,
CANTIS Sarah 22-Sep 1754  
CANTIS Sarah 28-Aug 1796  
CANTIS Sarah 8-Jun 1801  
CANTIS Sarah 22-Sep 1804 infant,
CANTIS Thomas 5-Oct 1704 s. Valentine & Mary, certified in woollen,
CANTIS Thomas 7-Jul 1710 s. Valentine & Mary,
CANTIS Valentine 9-Apr 1732 no affidavit received, certified to church warden on 25 April,
CANTIS Valentine 21-Dec 1773 from Canterbury,
CANTIS Valentine 26-Dec 1791  
CASTLE Alice Ida 31-May 1866 of this parish, 6y,
CASTLE Henry 21-Sep 1777  
CASTLE Margaret 11-Apr 1795 w. Andrew,
CASTLE Thos 10-Aug 1777  
CAVE Anne 4-Nov 1817 of this parish, 74y,
CAVE John Birch 27-Feb 1854 of this parish, 4m,
CAVE Mary 22-Dec 1864 of this parish, 69y,
CAVE Thomas 8-Aug 1859 of this parish, 73y,
CHANDLER David 27-Mar 1832 of this parish, 36y,
CHANDLER William 28-Apr 1821 of this parish, 4w,
CHAPMAN Alice 9-Apr 1801  
CHAPMAN Anne 29-Dec 1827 of this parish, 30 y,
CHAPMAN Henry 7-Feb 1829 of this parish, 54y,
CHAPMAN Henry 16-Mar 1807  
CHAPMAN John 13-Apr 1863 of this parish, 90y,
CHAPMAN John 3-Jul 1809 infant,
CHAPMAN John 29-Jan 1837 Preston, 42y,
CHAPMAN Sarah 30-Sep 1851 of this parish, 76y,
CHAPMAN Susannah 10-Feb 1834 of this parish, 64y,
CHITTENDEN James 27-Feb 1786  
CHITTENDEN James & Henry 24-Feb 1772 twins of James & Elizabeth,
CHITTENDEN John 8-Jul 1844 Ramsgate, 79y,
CHITTENDEN Mary 15-Nov 1858 Minster Union, 82y,
CHITTENDEN Pheebe 14-Aug 1801  
CHITTENDEN Sarah 9-Mar 1784  
CHITTENDEN Sarah 9-Mar 1784 [duplicate entry?]
CHITTENDEN Stephen 24-Nov 1833 of this parish, 16y,
CLARK Elizabeth 18-Jul 1762 from St Lawrence,
CLARK William Henry 4-Feb 1877 of this parish, 11m,
CLUN Elizabeth 25-Feb 1753  
COB Judith 20-Apr 1747  
COBB Henry 14-Nov 1733 affidavit received 15,
COBB Thomas 29-Dec 1732 affidavit received 30,
COBB William 1-Oct 1717  
COCK Jane 14-Apr 1737 d. Thomas & Ann, affidavit received,
COCK Thomas 22-Mar 1731 affidavit received 2,
COLEMAN Ann Frances 26-Nov 1856 of this parish, 31 y,
COLEMAN Edward 18-Mar 1830 of this parish, 27 y,
COLEMAN Elizabeth 2-Jul 1736 w. Thomas, affidavit received,
COLEMAN Elizabeth 4-Sep 1838 St Margaret near Rochester, 39y,
COLEMAN Frances 30-Dec 1859 of this parish, 64y,
COLEMAN Mary 7-Oct 1845 of this parish, 82y,
COLEMAN Mary 25-Mar 1728 w. Thomas, affidavit received 31 ,
COLEMAN Sarah 15-Jul 1759 w. Israel,
COLEMAN Thomas 26-Dec 1824 of this parish, 62y,
COLEMAN Thomas 30-Aug 1753  
COLLARD Ambrose 15-Jun 1749  
COLLARD Anne 13-Apr 1874 of this parish, 28 y,
COLLARD Anne 10-Sep 1874 of this parish, 5m,
COLLARD Daniel 19-Feb 1747  
COLLARD Elizabeth 21-Sep 1858 Gore Street, 84y,
COLLARD Henry 2-Sep 1809 79y,
COLLARD Henry 21-Dec 1858 Gore Street, 86y,
COLLARD James 20-Jun 1822 Gore Street, 4y,
COLLARD Jane 18-Mar 1826 Gore Street, 24y,
COLLARD John White 21-Sep 1861 East Peckham, 53y,
COLLARD Mary 24-Mar 1769  
COLLARD Mary 30-Aug 1780 w. Henry,
COLLARD Mary Ann 15-May 1817 Gore Street, 18y,
COLMAN Israel 24-Sep 1781  
COLMAN Mary 30-Mar 1789  
COOK James 12-Mar 1815 s. William & Mary, traveller, infant,
COOPER Elisabeth 1-May 1724 d. Richard & Mary,
COOPER Jane 19-Jun 1760 d. John & Jane ,
COOPER Jane 3-Nov 1788  
COOPER John & Anne 7-Oct 1722 twins of Richard & Mary,
COOPER Mary 26-Aug 1726 d. Mary, widow
COOPER Mary 21-Apr 1737 widow affidavit received,
COOPER Richard 22-Aug 1725  
COOPER Richard 21-Apr 1727 s. Mary, widow
COOPER William 20-Dec 1716 s. Richard & Mary,
COUSINS Elizabeth 17-Apr 1863 of this parish, 3m,
COWPER John 7-Nov 1783  
CREED Boys 6-Jul 1721  
CREED Henry 22-Nov 1730 s. William & Mary, affidavit received 25,
CREED Jeremiah 13-Aug 1702  
CREED Jeremy 19-Nov 1703  
CREED Mary 20-Dec 1739 d. William & Mary,
CREED Mary 29-Dec 1766  
CREED Sarah 17-Sep 1701  
CREED Sarah 2-Jun 1704 an infant,
CREED William 16-May 1725 s. William & Mary,
CREED William 23-May 1737 clark [clerk] of this parish, affidavit received,
CREED William 24-Nov 1739 s. William & Mary,
CULLEN Ann 27-Mar 1845 of this parish, 82y,
CULLEN Sarah 14-Nov 1796  
CULLING John 14-Apr 1822 of this parish, 56y,
CULMER .......... 3-May 1704 child of Henry,
CULMER Daniel 8-Feb 1857 of this parish, 13m,
CULMER Henry 28-Apr 1705 from Hoath,
CULMER Henry 29-Aug 1721  
CULMER Thomas 22-Jul 1722  
CULVER Ann 9-Oct 1763  
CULVER Stephen 23-Mar 1750  
CULVER Stephen 9-Oct 1761  
DARBY Elizabeth 5-Sep 1839 of this parish, 87y,
DARBY John 29-Apr 1807  
DARBY Mary 26-Sep 1806  
DARBY Richard 5-Feb 1799  
DARBY Sarah 20-Mar 1763  
DAVIS Peter 23-Mar 1721 widow
DAWSON Elizabeth   1812 infant, [date not recprded]
DAWSON John 14-Dec 1718 s. Richard & Margaret,
DAWSON Nicholas 24-Feb 1705  
DAWSON Rachel 10-Dec 1749  
DAWSON Richard 14-Oct 1761  
DAWSON William 6-Sep 1810  
DEBEAK John 11-Dec 1836 Union Workhouse, Minster, 83y,
DENNE Elizabeth 2-Sep 1763 d. Thomas & Elizabeth,
DENNE Elizabeth 29-Sep 1819 St Nicholas, 82y,
DENNE Jane 21-Nov 1817 of Sarre, 23y,
DENNE John 19-Sep 1762 s. Thomas & Elizabeth,
DENNE John Smith 21-Aug 1792  
DENNE Martha 23-Mar 1849 Ramsgate, 77y,
DENNE Mary 23-Jun 1800 w. Thomas, 34y,
DENNE Sarah 4-Apr 1846 Ramsgate, 70y,
DENNE Thomas 24-Mar 1821 Esq., of Sarre, 54y,
DENNE Thomas Collard 18-Apr 1797  
DENNE Thos 26-Jan 1784 Mr.
DENNE William 2-Oct 1816 St Nicholas, 47y,
DENNETT George 25-Jul 1849 of this parish, 4y 10m,
DENNETT George 10-Apr 1853 of this parish, 5w,
DOORNE Jane 15-Aug 1858 Minster, 19y,
DOORNE John 14-Sep 1873 of this parish, 67y,
DOURNE Eliza 8-Apr 1877 of this parish, 73y,
DOWKER Elizabeth 20-Oct 1751  
DOWKER Elizabeth 19-Sep 1823 Mrs., of Stourmouth, 83y,
DOWKER John 24-Feb 1756  
DOWKER John 16-Sep 1781  
DOWKER John 2-Feb 1838 Preston, 69y,
DRAYTON Nathanael 4-Oct 1718 a beggar,
ELDRIDGE Richard 25-May 1853 of this parish, 60y,
EMPTAGE Ann 22-May 1772  
EMPTAGE John 14-Sep 1836 Union Workhouse, Minster, 72y,
EMPTAGE Sarah 19-Apr 1819 of Northdown, 43y,
EMPTAGE William 3-May 1763  
EMPTAGE William 19-May 1858 Minster, 19y,
EUDEN William 3-Jun 1857 St Nicholas at Wade, 64y,
EWEL Airs 12-Apr 1725 s. Mary,
EWELL Elisabeth 8-Jul 1722 d. Mary,
EWELL John 27-Apr 1763  
FAGG Jane 31-Oct 1772 widow
FAIRBRASS Sarah Ann 1-Aug 1880 of this parish, 10m,
FARMER Thomas Colmans 27-Aug 1815 of this parish, 80y,
FASSAM William 11-Feb 1771 base s. Ann,
FENNEL Jane 25-Mar 1722 d. John & Jane ,
FENNEL Jane 20-Oct 1732 w. John, affidavit received 25,
FENNEL John 27-Mar 1719 s. John & Jane ,
FENNEL John 11-Jan 1771 84y,
FENNEL Martha 27-Jan 1805  
FENNEL Mary 24-Aug 1793 d. Thomas & Margaret,
FENNEL Richard 27-Oct 1736 affidavit received,
FENNEL Thomas 22-Mar 1721 s. John & Jane ,
FENNEL Thos 22-Nov 1788  
FENNELL Edwin 9-Mar 1870 Acol, 7y,
FENNELL John 5-Sep 1826 of this parish, 38y,
FENNELL John 2-Mar 1737 affidavit received,
FENNELL John 12-Feb 1777  
FENNELL Margaret 6-May 1838 of this parish, 72y,
FENNELL Mary 8-Feb 1813 of this parish, 83y,
FENNELL Mary 14-Oct 1761 d. Thomas & Mary,
FENNELL Thomas 10-Apr 1839 of this parish, 71y,
FENNELL Thomas 16-Aug 1876 of this parish, 67y,
FIGG John 30-Nov 1779  
FILMER Frances 23-Nov 1870 of this parish, 23y,
FITERAL John 7-Sep 1736 s. William, affidavit received,
FITERAL William 2-Sep 1734 s. William & Elizabeth, affidavit received,
FITERAL William 25-Sep 1738 s. William & Elizabeth, affidavit received,
FITERAL William 6-Apr 1740  
FITERAL William 28-May 1741 s. William & Elizabeth,
FORD Harriett 19-Aug 1849 of this parish, 10m,
FOREMAN Benjamin 20-Dec 1788  
FOREMAN George 4-Feb 1863 of this parish, 76y,
FOREMAN James 22-Jul 1854 St Peter, 76y,
FOREMAN John 5-Feb 1834 of this parish, 27 y,
FOREMAN Margaret 3-Jan 1789  
FOREMAN Mary 3-Jan 1789  
FOREMAN Mary 17-Oct 1797  
FOREMAN Mary Anne 29-Jan 1879 of this parish, from Thanet Union, 94y,
FOREST Elisabeth 22-Mar 1721 widow
FOX Ann 3-Feb 1833 of this parish, 81y,
FOX Edward 22-May 1800  
FOX Joanna 29-Mar 1705 widow
FOX John 9-Mar 1788  
FOX John 9-Apr 1797  
FOX Mary 5-Nov 1784  
FOX William   1790  
FRIGHT Ann 30-Mar 1757 w. Stephen,
FRIGHT Ann 28-Dec 1763 d. Stephen & Ann,
FRIGHT Harry 14-May 1861 of this parish, 5m,
FRIGHT Stephen 22-Apr 1761  
FROST Henry 9-Sep 1796  
FULLER Ann 11-Apr 1845 of this parish, 2y 7m,
FULLER Margaret 24-Mar 1844 of this parish, 31y
FULLER Mary 29-Apr 1768 d. John & Mary,
FULLER Sarah 3-Dec 1770 d. Josiah FULLER & Sarah TANER,
GARDENER James 11-Sep 1774  
GARDNER Elizabeth 13-Dec 1818 of this parish, 78y,
GARDNER Henry 10-Apr 1747  
GARDNER Mary 22-Apr 1763 w. James,
GIBBONS Edward 27-Oct 1701 juvenis,
GIBBS Ann 25-Nov 1741  
GIFFARD Isaac 15-Mar 1881 of this parish, from Thanet Union, 78y,
GIFFORD Ansell 25-Dec 1810 46y,
GIFFORD Elizabeth 30-Jan 1822 of this parish, 67y,
GIFFORD Joseph 25-Sep 1798  
GIFFORD Sarah 30-Jan 1873 of this parish, from Thanet Union, 82y,
GOFF Thomas William Sherry 3-Oct 1852 of this parish, 2d,
GOLDFINCH Elis 8-Jan 1713 d. William & Mary,
GOLDFINCH Mary 20-Dec 1724 widow
GOLDFINCH William 21-Mar 1719  
GOODBORN Judith 31-Aug 1739  
GOODBORNE Elisabeth 29-Nov 1716 d. Samuel & Elis,
GOODBORNE Elisabeth 12-Jan 1717 w. Samuel,
GOODBORNE Samuel 17-Nov 1723  
GOODBURN Frances 25-Nov 1781  
GOODBURN Francis 8-Dec 1782  
GOODBURN Mary 14-Dec 1781  
GOODBURN Mary 14-Dec 1782  
GOOSON An 2-May 1706  
GORDON Ann 28-Aug 1796  
GORE James 2-Apr 1732 s. James & Margaret, affidavit received,
GORE James 6-Jan 1766  
GORE Margaret 20-Nov 1774  
HADAWAY Henry 5-Feb 1883 of this parish, 75y,
HADDAWAY Henry 22-Aug 1840 Union Workhouse, Minster, 17y,
HALLAWAY Mildred 21-Jan 1776
HAMMOND Elizabeth 28-Apr 1867 of this parish, 74y,
HAMMOND Emma 28-Aug 1870 of this parish, 18y,
HAMMOND Esther 15-Feb 1882 of this parish, 25y
HAMMOND George 27-Mar 1859 of this parish, 8m,
HAMMOND Harriet 10-Nov 1822 of this parish, 2y,
HAMMOND Harriet 18-Mar 1845 Birchington, 8y,
HAMMOND Henry 27-Sep 1840 of this parish, 7y,
HAMMOND James 26-May 1822 of this parish, infant,
HAMMOND John Henry 6-Apr 1873 of this parish, 19y,
HAMMOND Kate 29-Nov 1868 of this parish, 7m,
HAMMOND Mark 14-Apr 1816 of this parish, 16m,
HAMMOND Mark 4-Feb 1858 of this parish, 77y,
HARLOW Ann 22-Mar 1810 [surname changed from HADLOW], d. William & Susan,
HARLOW John 3-Dec 1854 of this parish, 53y,
HARLOW Susan 7-Apr 1833 of this parish, 53y,
HARLOW William 22-Mar 1808 [surname changed from HADLOW], infant,
HARLOW William 25-Mar 1810 [surname changed from HADLOW], s. William & Susan,
HARLOW William 26-Feb 1832 of this parish, 17y,
HARLOW William 20-Oct 1857 Thanet Union House, Minster, 82y,
HARLOWE Jane 22-Nov 1768 d. William & Jane ,
HARLOWE Sarah 20-Mar 1770 d. William & Sarah,
HARMAN Elisabeth 28-Nov 1748  
HARMAN Elizabeth 15-Oct 1778  
HARMAN Mary 28-Mar 1797  
HARMAN Thos 4-Dec 1774  
HARNET James 6-Mar 1810 infant,
HARNET Martha 10-Jun 1795 d. Thomas & Elizabeth,
HARNETT Catherine Smith 1-Feb 1813 Newington, 14y,
HARNETT Georg 12-Jan 1710 s. Henry,
HARNETT James 8-May 1825 of this parish, 13m,
HARNETT John Hatch 20-May 1828 Newington, 22y,
HARNETT Stephen 3-Apr 1717 s. Henry & Isabell of Minster,
HARNETT Thomas 9-Aug 1714 of Minster,
HART Mary Anne 9-Jan 1825 of this parish, 38y,
HARVEY Elizabeth 6-Nov 1845 of this parish, 85y,
HARVEY George 12-May 1808  
HARVEY Henry 7-Jun 1708  
HARVEY John 28-Apr 1839 Wingham, 82y,
HARVEY Mary 27-Jul 1714 d. Henry & Sarah,
HARVEY Mary 13-Mar 1785  
HARVEY Sarah 30-Jul 1711 d. Henry of Hoad,
HARVEY Sarah 28-Dec 1717 w. Henry of Westbere
HARVEY Thomas 7-Jul 1760 s. Thomas & Mary,
HARVEY Thomas 20-Mar 1803  
HAWKES Edward 3-Nov 1845 Eastry Union Workhouse, 90y,
HAWKES Henry 22-Apr 1810  
HAWKES John 13-Jan 1836 of this parish, 55y,
HAWKES Mary 22-Oct 1826 of this parish, 65y,
HAWKES Mary 28-Feb 1808  
HAWKES William 19-Mar 1804  
HAWKS Sarah 25-Nov 1790  
HERVEY ..........   1784 [given name and date not recorded]
HEWERDINE Thomas 2-Sep 1824 Sandgate, supposed about 50y,
HILLS Elizabeth 22-Jun 1878 Garlinge, 70y,
HILLS George 2-Sep 1868 Garlinge, Margate, 68y,
HIND Marsh Sarah 9-Mar 1833 Canterbury, 72y,
HOBDAY John 29-Jan 1837 Union Workhouse, Minster, 83y,
HODGMAN Harriet Fanny 17-Dec 1876 Birchington, 27y
HOGBEN Albert 12-Oct 1867 of this parish, 10m,
HOGBEN Alfred 21-Jan 1850 Minster, 28y
HOGBEN Alice Jane 17-Nov 1867 of this parish, 5y,
HOGBEN Eliz 9-Oct 1767 w. Michael,
HOGBEN Elizabeth 26-Dec 1849 of this parish, 84y,
HOGBEN Emma 7-Jun 1857 of this parish, 5m,
HOGBEN John 27-Apr 1760 s. Michael & Elizabeth,
HOGBEN Michael 22-Apr 1750  
HOGBEN Sarah 26-Aug 1829 of this parish, 57y,
HOGBEN Sarah 20-Feb 1757 d. Michael & Elizabeth,
HOGBEN Stephen 8-May 1836 of this parish, 21y,
HOGBEN Sydney 16-Mar 1856 of this parish, 5w,
HOGBEN Thomas 17-Mar 1828 of this parish, 67y,
HOGBEN Thomas 3-Jun 1826 St Nicholas, 28y
HOGBIN Alice Jane 27-Jun 1869 of this parish, 6m,
HOGBIN Arthur 7-Oct 1869 of this parish, 5y,
HOGBIN John 19-Jun 1870 of this parish, 70y,
HOGBIN Michael 17-Feb 1837 of this parish, 74y,
HOGBIN Rachel 24-Aug 1865 of this parish, 3w,
HOGBIN Sidney 23-Nov 1860 of this parish, 2m,
HOGBIN William 24-Apr 1872 Margate, 81y,
HOLLAND Eliz 31-Jul 1706 d. Jo,
HOLLAND Elizabeth 1-May 1709 d. John & Patience, an infant,
HOLLAND John 10-May 1711  
HOLLAND John 4-Sep 1774  
HOLLAND Margaret 14-Apr 1716 widow
HOLLAND Nicholas 28-Aug 1703 s. John,
HOLLAND Patience 10-Feb 1710 w. John,
HOLLAND Will 5-Mar 1713 s. John & Elisabeth
HOLLANDS Catharine 28-Sep 1756  
HOLLANDS John 25-Jan 1744  
HOLLANDS Thomas 31-Aug 1761  
HOLLANS Thomas 27-Jan 1739 s. Thomas & Catharine,
HOLLOWAY John 1-Jan 1775  
HOLMAN John 1-May 1843 Union House, Minster, 85y,
HORN Anne 17-Nov 1880 Ware, Sandwich, 97y,
HORN Hercules 8-Nov 1833 Ramsgate, 22y,
HORN John Leach 4-May 1824 Sittingbourne, 15y,
HORN Richard Penfold Henry 23-Feb 1818 Boughton Monchelsea, 41y,
HORNE Edward Henry 23-Nov 1865 of Manston, 49y,
HORNE Fallon 16-Oct 1858 123 Newgate Street, London, 44y,
HORNE George 9-Nov 1846 Birchington, 86y,
HORNE Margaret 15-Nov 1827 Minster, 50y,
HORNE Matilda 13-Apr 1812 3w,
HORTON Ann 8-Mar 1759 d. Joseph & Hannah,
HORTON John 26-Apr 1759 s. Joseph & Hannah,
HORTON Joseph 3-May 1763  
HORTON Margaret 1-Nov 1751  
HORTON Mary 11-Nov 1781  
HORTON Stephen 7-Feb 1869 of this parish, 7y,
HORTON Thomas 8-Sep 1743 s. Joseph & Hannah,
HOSTLER Mary 17-Nov 1741 w. John,
HOWARD Jane 25-Sep 1859 of this parish, 42y,
HUCKSTEP Anne 8-Apr 1781  
HUCKSTEP Daniel 15-May 1866 Isle of Thanet Union, 21y,
HUCKSTEP Mary 3-Mar 1783  
HUCKSTEP Wm 8-Nov 1782  
HUCKSTER Henry 3-Sep 1762  
HUCKSTER Henry 11-Feb 1763 s. Henry & Elizabeth,
HUCKSTER Mary 25-Jul 1766 d. Henry & Elizabeth,
HUCKSTIP Joseph 9-Jun 1776  
HUCKSTIP Susannah 15-Nov 1774  
HUFFAM Edward 18-Jan 1784  
HUFFAM Edward   1785 [undated, possibly erased]
HUFFAM Henry 12-Jun 1800  
HUFHAM Sarah 6-Jul 1817 of this parish, 67y,
HUGHAM Susan 28-Oct 1792  
HUGHES Anne 10-Jan 1830 of this parish, 11m,
HUGHES Anne 22-Jun 1865 of this parish, 42y,
HUGHES Ansell John 7-Aug 1869 of this parish, 12y,
HUGHES Harriet 7-Aug 1869 of this parish, 78y,
HUGHES James Henry 21-Apr 1872 of this parish, 9m,
HUGHES John 7-Oct 1868 of this parish, 87y,
HUGHES John 20-Jul 1879 of this parish, 52y,
HUGHES Sarah 20-Apr 1820 of this parish, 9m,
HUGHES Sarah 10-Sep 1837 of this parish, 16y,
HUGHES Tom 1-May 1870 of this parish, 10w,
HULMAN Ann 17-Jan 1819 of this parish, 58y,
HUMPHREY Edward 24-May 1726  
HUNTER .......... 19-Dec 1778  
HUXSTEP Ann 9-Jul 1865 of this parish, 67y,
HUXSTEP Harriet Ann 4-Jun 1848 of this parish, 7y,
HUXSTEP Henry 17-May 1863 of this parish, 83y,
HUXSTEP John 24-Nov 1833 of this parish, 3y,
HUXSTEP Sarah 23-Oct 1834 of this parish, 80y,
IMPET Elizabeth 12-Feb 1786  
IMPET Elizabeth 12-Feb 1787 [possibly erased]
IMPET Hannah 26-Apr 1777  
IMPET Henry & Elizabeth 28-Jan 1770 twins of Thomas & Elizabeth,
IMPET Jane 3-Jul 1805  
IMPET Mary 5-Nov 1766  
IMPET Stephen 25-Apr 1770 s. Stephen & Elizabeth,
IMPET Thos 20-Jun 1776  
IMPET William 29-Apr 1784  
IMPETT Ann 22-Aug 1865 Middlesex Lunatic Asylum, Hanwell, 65y,
IMPETT Caroline 24-Nov 1844 of this parish, 56y,
IMPETT Elizabeth 3-Dec 1812 75y,
IMPETT George 7-Nov 1858 of this parish, 7d,
IMPETT John 5-Jul 1843 of this parish, 8y,
IMPETT John 3-Mar 1859 Ash, 72y,
IMPETT John 14-Jan 1871 Minster, 79y,
IMPETT Mary 15-Jun 1851 Ramsgate, 84y,
IMPETT Stephen 19-Dec 1843 of this parish, 32y,
IMPETT Stephen 29-Dec 1873 of this parish, from Minster Union, 67y,
IMPETT Thomas 30-Dec 1838 of this parish, 71y,
IMPETT William 12-Mar 1856 Ramsgate, 52y,
IMPITT Anne 3-Feb 1881 St Nicholas, 87y,
INGRAM John 5-Oct 1783  
JACKSON Andrew 5-Apr 1721 a servant,
JARVIS Ann 11-Sep 1855 of this parish, 77y,
JENNINGS Anne 25-Aug 1714  
JESSARD Elizabeth 6-May 1805  
JESSARD George 6-Jul 1793  
JOAD Alfred 28-Apr 1876 of this parish, 10y,
JOHNCOCK Sarah 3-Apr 1828 of this parish, 21y,
JOHNSON John 12-Mar 1746  
JORDAN Mary 7-Apr 1778  
JOY Anne 23-Feb 1713 widow
JOY Thomas 14-Apr 1712  
KEELER Edward 14-Sep 1766  
KELSAY Sarah 11-Oct 1821 of this parish, 13d,
KELSEY Anne 20-Apr 1829 Margate, 3w,
KELSEY Sarah 2-Jun 1827 Margate, 3m,
KEMP Anne 26-Sep 1784  
KEMP Edward 8-May 1742  
KEMP Edward 25-Dec 1779  
KEMP Elizabeth 12-Oct 1729 d. Edward & Elizabeth,
KEMP Isaac 7-Dec 1746  
KEMP Margaret   1796  
KEMP Mary 23-Apr 1732 d. Edward & Elizabeth, affidavit received,
KEMP Mary 6-Mar 1742 d. Mary,
KEMP Mary 18-Apr 1777  
KEMP Richard 4-Oct 1786  
KEMP Thomas 22-Feb 1746  
KEMP Thomas 5-Apr 1747 [day & month lightly crossed through]
KENNETT Anne 16-Jan 1820 of this parish, 41y,
KENNETT John 19-Oct 1825 of this parish, 47y,
KENNETT Mary 25-Aug 1863 St Peter, 83y,
KENNETT Thomas 13-Dec 1861 of this parish, 85y,
KERBY Sarah 26-May 1798  
KETCHINGMAN William 6-Aug 1770  
KITCHINGHAM Sarah 18-Dec 1781  
KITCHINGHAM Sarah 6-Apr 1784  
KNIGHT Andrew James 12-Jul 1857 of this parish, 9m,
KNIGHT Ann 13-Jul 1856 of this parish, 8y,
KNIGHT Charles 25-Feb 1840 of this parish, 26y
KNIGHT George 7-Feb 1840 Willesborough, 25y
KNIGHT Hannah 8-Jul 1879 Ramsgate, 69y,
KNIGHT Harriet 2-Jul 1847 of this parish, 9y,
KNIGHT Henry 3-Oct 1842 of this parish, 14m,
KNIGHT John 15-Oct 1860 of this parish, 80y,
KNIGHT John 4-Oct 1836 Union Workhouse, Minster, 82y,
KNIGHT Lydia 13-Jul 1856 of this parish, 5y,
KNIGHT Sarah 2-Jan 1834 of this parish, 28y
KNIGHT Sarah 15-Jul 1843 of this parish, 66y,
KNIGHT William 30-Sep 1873 of this parish, 67y,
KNOCK Edward 28-Jun 1730 s. Robert of Minster, affidavit received,
KNOTT Elizabeth Anne 20-Jan 1876 of this parish, 11y,
LAD Rich 28-Apr 1706  
LADD John 16-Mar 1711  
LADD Thomas 27-Aug 1735 s. Thomas & Elizabeth
LADD William 24-Jan 1719  
LAMB Henry John 12-Sep 1871 of this parish, 11m,
LAMB Thos 29-Dec 1776  
LAMMIN Jane 13-Jan 1727 w. Thomas, affidavit received 17,
LAMMING Daniel 5-Aug 1765  
LANDSDOWN Ann 31-Oct 1741 from Brabourne
LEACH Ann 17-Aug 1844 Minster, 64y,
LEACH John 19-Jul 1843 Commander RN, Deal, 64y,
LINGHAM Margaret 18-Nov 1718 widow
LINGHAM Nicholas 12-Dec 1705  
LOCKET William 16-Jan 1767  
LONG Elisabeth 19-Jan 1725 d. William
LONG Elisabeth May 1725 w. William
LUCKETT Eliza 12-Feb 1837 of this parish, 20y,
LUCKETT Henry 12-Dec 1852 of this parish, 75y,
LUCKETT Mary 28-Aug 1825 of this parish, 17y,
LUCKETT Phebe 1-May 1836 of this parish, 49y,
LYON Elizabeth 7-Dec 1753  
LYON Elizabeth 25-Nov 1807  
LYON Josiah 30-Jun 1782  
LYON Josiah 21-Nov 1801  
LYON Mary 24-Sep 1782  
MADAMS .......... 17-Feb 1784  
MADAMS Mary 6-Feb 1784  
MAN Samuel 28-Apr 1711 a stranger,
Marsh Caroline Abigail 21-Dec 1869 of this parish, 45y,
Marsh Catharine 18-Jun 1812 55y,
Marsh Elizabeth Ann 11-Dec 1859 of this parish, 15m,
Marsh Emma Jane 28-Apr 1867 of this parish, 15m,
Marsh Frederick 3-Feb 1867 of this parish, 47y,
Marsh George Savine 4-Oct 1857 of this parish, 14d,
Marsh James 7-Aug 1836 of this parish, 80y,
Marsh Sarah 25-Jul 1767 w. William,
Marsh William 14-Jul 1748  
Marsh William 23-Feb 1877 Thanet Union, 12y,
Marsh Wm 23-Apr 1789  
Martin Mary 10-Jan 1867 of this parish, 5w,
MATSON Lushington 18-Oct 1781  
MATSON Mary 17-Jan 1800  
MAXTED George 27-Jun 1824 of this parish, 65y,
MAXTED George 2-May 1874 Minster, 87y,
MAXTED Henry 2-Jul 1784  
MAXTED Jane 21-Oct 1838 of this parish, 14m,
MAXTED Mary 6-Oct 1850 of this parish, 86y,
MAXTED Mary 25-Dec 1861 of this parish, 62y,
MAXTED Mary 4-May 1809  
MAXTED Richard 7-Aug 1881 Minster, from Thanet Union, 84y,
MAXTED Sarah 11-Jan 1850 Thanet Union Workhouse, 69y,
MAY Elizabeth 30-Apr 1758 from Margate,
MAY Elizabeth 23-Oct 1766  
MAY George 11-Mar 1749  
MEDHURST Sarah 27-Aug 1873 Union Workhouse, Minster, 70y,
MERCER John Henry 25-Jul 1855 Dumpton, St Peter, Thanet, 36y,
MERCER Maria Cordelia Louisa 7-Nov 1855 Ramsgate, 17d,
MEXTED Charlotte 8-Oct 1817 Acol, 3y,
MEXTED Job 14-Jul 1811 infant,
MEXTED Sarah 4-Jun 1820 of this parish, 33y,
MEXTED Sarah 9-Nov 1813 Birchington, 26y
MEXTED Sarah 15-Aug 1821 Minster, 33y,
MILES Ann 21-Sep 1761 w. Richard,
MILES David 12-Jan 1776  
MILES Elizabeth 1-Feb 1874 St Nicholas, 73y,
MILES Emma Hannah 15-Feb 1854 of this parish, 21y,
MILES Henry 28-Dec 1733 s. Richard & Ann, affidavit received,
MILES James 5-Dec 1831 Acol, 32y,
MILES James 14-Oct 1880 St Nicholas, 81y,
MILES Michael 23-Jul 1856 Thanet Union, 45y,
MILES Richard 24-May 1769  
MILES Robert 26-Sep 1833 of this parish, 71y,
MILES Sarah 14-Apr 1844 of this parish, 76y,
MILES Sarah 27-May 1793  
MILES William 22-Jul 1831 of this parish, 35y,
MILES William 24-Aug 1796  
MILLES Sarah 26-Apr 1772 w. Austin,
MINE Thomas 4-Dec 1711  
MIRAMS Mary 14-Nov 1781 an infant,
MIRAMS Mary 30-Mar 1789  
MIRIAM Sarah 13-Jul 1801  
MIRIAMS James 19-Aug 1799  
MIRIAMS James 26-Jul 1807  
MIRIAMS James 9-May 1822 St Vincent, Margate, 13y,
MIRIAMS John 2-Apr 1822 St Nicholas, 70y,
MIRIAMS Sarah 2-Apr 1810  
MITCHELL John 3-Sep 1839 of this parish, 9m,
MITCHELL Mary 24-Feb 1828 of this parish, 59y,
MITCHELL Thomas 9-Oct 1827 of this parish, 65y,
MORRIS John 29-Nov 1843 Union House, Minster, 84y,
MORRIS Margaret 19-Feb 1836 Minster, 76y,
MORRIS Sarah 1-May 1796  
MUSSARED Elis 17-Jul 1714 w. John,
MUSSARED John 10-Aug 1721  
NEAL Hesther 7-Apr 1714 widow
NEAL William 28-Jun 1712  
NEALE John 7-May 1784  
NEAME Katharine 6-Aug 1700  
NEAVE Sarah Ann 14-Jun 1874 of this parish, 16y,
NEAVES Ann 6-Nov 1840 of this parish, 26y
NEAVES Sophia 8-Sep 1878 of this parish, 67y,
NEEVE Susan 25-Jun 1823 of this parish, 6y,
NEEVE Susannah 15-May 1881 of Sarre, 88y,
NEEVES Daniel 15-Mar 1863 of this parish, 70y,
NEEVES Harriet 27-Apr 1845 of this parish, 11y,
NEEVES Mary Anne 10-Jan 1831 of this parish, 24y,
NEVE John 8-May 1783  
NEVES Anne 1-Oct 1826 of this parish, 20y,
OINN John 17-Sep 1859 of this parish, 66y,
OINN Mary 13-Jun 1833 of this parish, 32y,
OINN Phoebe 26-Sep 1869 of this parish, 68y,
OINN Rosanna 15-Sep 1868 of this parish, 5m,
OINN Thomas William 15-Mar 1868 of this parish, 15m,
OSBORNE Walter George 11-Jan 1877 Minster, 13d,
PARAMOR Mary 26-Sep 1832 of this parish, 40y,
PARAMOR Mary 27-Nov 1765  
PARAMOR Mary 28-May 1780  
PARAMORE Henry 7-Jul 1771  
PARAMORE Jane 8-Oct 1770  
PARAMORE Mary 21-Jun 1770  
PARAMOUR David 21-Feb 1871 Thanet Union House, Minster, 81y,
PARAMOUR Henry 27-Jun 1763  
PARAMOUR John 27-May 1740  
PARAMOUR Mary 13-Nov 1739 w. Samuel,
PARAMOUR Richard 23-Nov 1735 s. Samuel & Mary, affidavit received,
PARAMOUR Samuel 24-Nov 1736 s. Samuel & Mary, affidavit received,
PARAMOUR Samuel 5-Oct 1766  
PEGDEN Wm 27-Apr 1729 affidavit received 28
PETLEY John 12-Jun 1851 of this parish, 22y,
PETLEY William 5-Mar 1871 of this parish, 39y,
PETLEY William 26-Jun 1883 of this parish, 24y,
PIDDUCK Betsy 14-Apr 1883 of this parish, 9d,
PILCHER Anne 16-May 1777  
PILCHER Margaret 20-Jul 1806  
PITCHER Elizabeth 4-May 1775  
PITCHER Jane 3-Mar 1778  
PITCHER Sarah 31-Dec 1864 Birchington, 80y,
PITCHER Thomas 13-Jun 1847 of this parish, 77y,
PITCHER Thomas   1796  
PITCHER William 15-Sep 1776  
PITCHER William 19-Oct 1777  
PORT Richard 31-Aug 1725  
PRICE Elizabeth 9-Jul 1834 Acol, 86y,
PRICE Francis Horne 20-Sep 1860 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, 55y,
PRICE John 9-Apr 1818 Minster, 69y,
PRITCHARD Edmund Henry William 16-Nov 1879 of this parish, 7m,
RALPH Ann 30-Jul 1843 of this parish, 38y,
RALPH Elizabeth 1-Oct 1752  
RALPH Elizabeth 14-Feb 1819 St Nicholas, 79y,
RALPH Hannah 26-Aug 1862 of this parish, 15y,
RALPH Henry 12-May 1846 of this parish, 39y,
RALPH Henry 31-Dec 1848 of this parish, 71y,
RALPH Henry Thomas 21-Dec 1858 Minster Union, 8y,
RALPH John 20-Aug 1765 s. Stephen & Elizabeth,
RALPH Mary 9-Aug 1829 of this parish, 3y,
RALPH Mary 12-Dec 1852 of this parish, 30y
RALPH Mary 6-Apr 1735 d. Martha SILK, affidavit received,
RALPH Mary 9-Aug 1765 d. Stephen & Elizabeth,
RALPH Mary 5-Jan 1780  
RALPH Rose Hannah 19-Nov 1883 of this parish, 12y,
RALPH Sarah 3-Oct 1849 of this parish, 55y,
RALPH Stephen 19-Dec 1815 24 years parish clerk of this parish, 86y,
RALPH Thomas 17-Sep 1818 of this parish, 9m,
RALPH Thomas 17-Apr 1760  
RALPH William 20-Jun 1756  
RALPH William 9-May 1763 s. Stephen & Elizabeth,
RALPH William 26-Mar 1876 London, 16y,
READ Mary 10-Aug 1815 d. Thomas & his deceased wife Mary, of this parish, 6y,
READ Stephen 28-Feb 1811 infant,
REDWOOD Alfred 20-Mar 1876 of this parish, 7y,
REDWOOD Charlotte Jane 23-Jun 1872 of this parish, 5m,
REDWOOD Henry 3-May 1869 of this parish, 1y 9m,
REDWOOD James 26-Jun 1859 Gore Street, of this parish, 13 weeks
REDWOOD Jane 8-May 1837 Acol, 3y,
REDWOOD Richard 25-May 1830 of this parish, 2y,
REDWOOD Sarah 7-Apr 1876 of this parish, 77y,
REDWOOD Stephen 9-Jan 1845 of this parish, 50y,
REDWOOD William 14-Oct 1803  
REED Gilbert 24-Oct 1869 of this parish, 1d,
RELPH Elisabeth 16-Oct 1720 d. Thomas & Elisabeth,
RELPH Elisabeth 30-May 1727 w. Thomas,
REYNALD Eliz 31-Dec 1710 w. Abraham,
REYNOLD Elisabeth Dec 1716 d. Abraham,
REYNOLDS Abraham 22-May 1727 blacksmith,
REYNOLDS Abraham 21-Jul 1730 affidavit received 24,
REYNOLDS Francis 23-Sep 1718 s. Abraham & Sarah,
REYNOLDS John 8-Nov 1722 s. Abraham & Sarah,
REYNOLDS Mary 23-Jun 1859 Monkton Parsonage, 70y,
REYNOLDS Sarah 1-Oct 1726 d. Abraham & Sarah,
REYNOLDS Thomas 16-Sep 1724 s. Abraham & Sarah,
RICHARDS Mary 9-Aug 1701  
RICHARDS Mary 18-May 1708  
RIGDEN Ann 31-May 1812 24y
RIGDEN Edward 7-Apr 1867 of this parish, 61y,
RIGDEN George 23-Sep 1852 Minster, 58y,
RIGDEN Mary 25-Jan 1848 of this parish, 54y,
RIGDEN Michael 3-May 1859 Isle of Thanet Union, 78y,
RIGDEN Sarah 27-Dec 1880 Margate, 77y,
ROGERS Thomas 24-Aug 1705  
ROLF William Pegden 13-Jun 1853 Minster Union House, 5w,
ROLFE Amelia 14-Dec 1871 of this parish, 1y 2m,
ROLFE Charlotte 5-May 1861 of this parish, 30y
ROLFE David 5-Oct 1871 of this parish, 11d,
ROLFE Elizabeth 15-Oct 1858 of this parish, 41y,
ROLFE Elizabeth 5-Aug 1860 of this parish, 66y,
ROLFE Henry 27-Mar 1859 of this parish, 7m,
ROLFE Isaac 13-Feb 1859 of this parish, 23y,
ROLFE Isaac 30-Oct 1869 of this parish, 77y,
ROLFE James 1-Sep 1869 of this parish, 19d,
ROLFE John 5-Oct 1746  
ROLFE Walter 18-Aug 1868 of this parish, 13d,
ROLFE William 25-Nov 1872 Union Workhouse, Minster, 69y,
ROSE Ambrose 26-Jan 1769  
ROSE Anne 19-Mar 1724 widow
ROSE Gervase 31-Mar 1723 yeoman,
ROSE Sarah 27-Sep 1767 w. Ambrose,
ROWLAND Eliz 23-Oct 1728 affidavit received 25
ROWLAND Elizabeth 27-Jan 1730 w. Joseph, affidavit received 29
ROWLAND John 9-Jun 1723 s. Joseph & Elizabeth ,
ROWLAND Mary 25-Jan 1761 w. Joseph,
SAFERY Thomas 8-Mar 1740 s. Thomas & Sarah,
SAFFERY Elisabeth 12-Nov 1721 d. Daniel & Elisabeth,
SAFFERY Elisabeth 11-Oct 1724 d. Daniel & Elisa,
SAFFERY Elisabeth 28-Sep 1746  
SAFFERY Elizabeth 31-Aug 1811 63y,
SAFFERY George 8-Dec 1719 s. Daniel & Elisabeth,
SAFFERY Isaac 26-Oct 1745  
SAFFERY Sarah Elisabeth 25-Jan 1754  
SAFFERY Stephen 27-Sep 1726 s. Daniel & Elisabeth,
SAFFERY Thomas 22-Aug 1755 from St Nicholas,
SAFFRY Dan 1-Jan 1728 s. Daniel & Elizabeth, affidavit received,
SAFREE Daniel 8-Apr 1728 affidavit received 14,
SAFRY Sarah 29-Apr 1783  
SAFRY Thos 24-Dec 1789  
SALTER Elizabeth 1-Aug 1762 w. John,
SALTER James 28-Aug 1712 s. James,
SALTER James 5-Jun 1734 affidavit received,
SALTER John 24-Apr 1765  
SALTER Mary 10-Dec 1753  
SALTER Stephen & James 19-Dec 1719 ss. James & Mary,
SAVIN .......... 7-Sep 1778  
SAVIN Geo 18-Nov 1783  
SAVIN Henry 26-May 1769 s. William & Sarah,
SAVIN Martha 2-Sep 1767 d. Wm & Sarah,
SAVIN Nathaniel 7-Sep 1755 s. William & Sarah,
SAYER John 7-Dec 1846 Charlton near Dover, 47y,
SETTERFIELD Ann 24-Sep 1867 Minster, 42y,
SETTERFIELD Emma Miles 19-Jun 1855 Minster, 4d,
SETTERFIELD Fanny Neame 6-Aug 1854 Minster, 3y,
SETTERFIELD Henry 16-Jul 1865 Minster, 43y,
SETTERFIELD Mary Ann Miles 24-Jul 1877 Minster, 16y,
SHARP Frances 29-Dec 1829 Nonington, 51y,
SHARP Mary 29-May 1868 Canterbury, 64y,
SHAXTED William 29-Jan 1848 Thanet Union Workhouse, 19y,
SHEPHERD Henry 1-Nov 1829 of this parish, 57y,
SHERRY .......... 3-Sep 1778  
SHERRY Ann 23-Feb 1823 of this parish, 66y,
SHERRY Daniel 20-Nov 1812 73y,
SHERRY Elisabeth 19-Aug 1747  
SHERRY Frances 8-Dec 1781  
SHERRY Francis 14-Dec 1782  
SHERRY John 20-Dec 1785  
SHERRY Thomas 30-Jan 1825 of this parish, 61y,
SHERRY Thomas 9-May 1790  
SHONK Arthur 11-Nov 1874 of this parish, 9m,
SHONK Charles 22-Apr 1882 Minster, 8m,
SHONK Ernest 11-Apr 1883 Minster, 1y 8m,
SHONK Stephen 9-Nov 1875 of this parish, 7m,
SHOOMAKER Margaret 28-Mar 1736 d. Richard & Margaret, affidavit received,
SHORT William 13-Mar 1730 affidavit received 14,
SILK Martha 26-Nov 1754  
SILK Nathaniel 6-May 1772  
SIMMS Ann 19-Dec 1760 from Birchington,
SITHERS Elisabeth 19-Feb 1744  
SITHERS Elizabeth 5-Feb 1764 w. William,
SITHERS Elizabeth 21-Mar 1789  
SITHERS Isabel 13-May 1763 d. William & Elizabeth,
SITHERS Thomas 30-Mar 1747 [see also Ann BELSEY]
SITHERS William 13-Feb 1746  
SKINNER Jane 20-Aug 1719 d. Thomas & Jane ,
SKINNER Thomas 13-May 1720  
SMITH .......... 2.. Aug 1790 Mrs., Monkton Court,
SMITH .......... 15-Mar 1792 widow P,
SMITH Ann 15-Jan 1744  
SMITH Ann 6-Oct 1771 w. Samuel,
SMITH Catherine 30-Mar 1768  
SMITH Eliz 16-Sep 1767 d. Stephen & Mary,
SMITH Eliz 28-Mar 1768 d. Stephen & Mary,
SMITH Elizabeth 20-Sep 1768  
SMITH Elizabeth 18-Jan 1781  
SMITH Elizabeth 14-Feb 1804  
SMITH Elizabeth 10-Nov 1807  
SMITH Elizabeth 20-Jul 1858 Margate, 84y,
SMITH Frances Jemima 24-Jul 1860 Margate, 58y,
SMITH Francis 24-Dec 1761  
SMITH Francis 1-Sep 1764  
SMITH Francis 24-Feb 1825 St John, Margate, 53y,
SMITH Francis Richard 11-Feb 1822 of Eastbourne, 23y,
SMITH James 15-Dec 1830 of this parish, 61y,
SMITH James 1-Oct 1701 juvenis,
SMITH James 3-Nov 1762  
SMITH James 14-Oct 1768 s. James & Elizabeth,
SMITH James 7-Aug 1793  
SMITH James 29-Sep 1824 Vincent, St John, 23y,
SMITH James 12-Jan 1868 Sandwich, 24y,
SMITH John 2-May 1725 yeoman,
SMITH John 14-Nov 1726  
SMITH John 22-Jan 1744  
SMITH John 8-Jul 1757 s. Richard & Elizabeth,
SMITH John 3-Jun 1859 Isle of Thanet Union, 66y,
SMITH John 23-May 1880 Selling, 67y,
SMITH Margaret 5-Nov 1822 St Laurence, 37y,
SMITH Maria 31-Jul 1831 Herne, 35y,
SMITH Mary 11-Jun 1735 affidavit received,
SMITH Mary 27-Feb 1746  
SMITH Mary 17-Jul 1783  
SMITH Mary 17-Jun 1832 Birchington, 78y,
SMITH Nanny 13-Jun 1831 of this parish, 80y,
SMITH Richard 29-Nov 1746  
SMITH Richard 6-Nov 1746  
SMITH Richard 18-May 1762  
SMITH Samuel 17-Dec 1828 of this parish, 84y,
SMITH Samuel 3-May 1856 Minster Union House, 77y,
SMITH Sarah 7-Jan 1818 of this parish, 73y,
SMITH Sarah 8-Mar 1710  
SMITH Sarah 14-Sep 1710 w. John,
SMITH Sarah 26-Jul 1744 d. James & Ann,
SMITH Sarah 13-Mar 1746  
SMITH Sarah 4-Apr 1797  
SMITH Sidney 10-Nov 1856 Sturry, 53y,
SMITH Stephen 16-Mar 1823 of this parish, 68y,
SMITH Stephen 12-Nov 1785  
SMITH Thomas 28-Aug 1831 Herne, 5w,
SMITH William 30-May 1703  
SMITH William 2-Oct 1764  
SMITH William 24-Jul 1800 60y,
SOLE .......... 2-Nov 1802 infant s. Edward,
SOLE James 17-Jun 1795 s. Edward & Mary,
SOLE Rebekah 11-Aug 1809 d. Edward & Mercy,
SOLLY George 24-Jul 1875 Ash next Sandwich, 64y,
SOLLY James Smith 31-Dec 1853 St Peter, Sandwich, 33y,
SOLLY Sarah 13-Apr 1854 St Mary, Sandwich, 80y,
STAINES Martha 10-Feb 1832 of this parish, 85y,
STAINES Richard 13-Feb 1836 of this parish, 78y,
STAINES Sarah 12-Jul 1810 79y,
STANDEN Anne 1-Mar 1776  
STANDEN Henry 26-Sep 1814 s. Henry & Sarah, of this parish, 11m,
STANDEN John 17-Mar 1802  
STANDING Henry 5-Dec 1839 of this parish, 87y,
STANDING John 1-Mar 1832 of this parish, 19m,
STANDING Mary 29-Jan 1828 of this parish, 74y,
STANNER Sarah 2-May 1707  
STARK Edward 6-Nov 1859 of this parish, 55y,
STARK Thomasine 4-Apr 1869 of this parish, 62y,
STOKES Elizabeth 9-Nov 1813 Minster, 37y,
STONE Mary 1-Dec 1730 widow affidavit received 2,
STONE Nicholas 15-Dec 1725  
STONESTREET Elizabeth 24-Sep 1738 affidavit received,
STONESTREET William 1-Dec 1722  
STRAND Emily Jane 25-Apr 1865 of this parish, 4d,
STRAND Walter 18-Oct 1868 of this parish, 10d,
STRIVENS Elizabeth 26-Apr 1736 d. Robert & Elizabeth, affidavit received,
STRIVENS Elizabeth 3-Mar 1767  
STRIVENS Mary 28-Mar 1789  
STRIVENS Robert 27-Jan 1752  
STRIVENS Sarah 15-Jan 1812 84y,
STRIVENS Thomas 13-Feb 1792 pauper,
STUBBLES Richard William 10-Feb 1856 of this parish, 4y 10m,
STUDHAM Edward 29-Aug 1858 of this parish, 8w,
STUDHAM George 9-Sep 1825 of this parish, 39y,
STUDHAM Mary Ann 13-May 1877 of this parish, 54y,
STUDHAM Sarah 4-Oct 1874 of this parish, 24y,
STUDHAM Stephen 10-Mar 1851 of this parish, 1d,
STUDHAMS Sarah Anne 20-Apr 1845 of this parish, 9m,
STUPPLES Harriet 2-May 1860 of this parish, 42y,
STURGES Joseph 17-Jan 1759  
TAMS .......... 15-Nov 1707 w. Edward,
TAMS Edward 9-Jun 1719  
TANER Sarah 3-Dec 1770 d. Josiah FULLER & Sarah TANER,
TAPSILL Jane 23-Nov 1725 widow
TAPSILL John 21-Oct 1724  
TAYLOR Edward 14-Feb 1827 of this parish, 67y,
TAYLOR James William 31-Dec 1861 Thanet Union House, 19m,
TAYLOR Jane 13-Apr 1813 of this parish, 21y,
TAYLOR Mercy 13-Feb 1745  
TAYLOR Mercy 3-Mar 1746  
TAYLOR Susannah 16-Feb 1832 of this parish, 65y, [name changed from Sarah to Susannah]
TAYLOR William 17-Mar 1746  
TENCH Edward 13-May 1733 affidavit received,
TENCH John 7-Apr 1702 s. J [initial only],
TENCH John 6-Mar 1720  
TERRY An 19-Jul 1704 Mrs., widow
TERRY Joseph 1-Jan 1837 Minster, 48y,
THEEOF William Frederick 15-Jun 1873 14y,
TOMS Elizabeth 28-Aug 1733 affidavit received 29
TRAPPS Sarah 26-Jul 1715 d. Samuel & Anne of Margate,
TRAPS Anne 24-Mar 1720 w. Samuel,
TRAPS John 9-Apr 1721 s. Samuel,
UDEN Jackson 1-Apr 1832 of this parish, 4y,
UDEN Mary 12-Jan 1832 of this parish, 6y,
VALLAVINE Christopher 27-Apr 1730 s. Peter & Jane , affidavit received,
VALLAVINE Elizabeth 31-Jan 1742 d. Peter & Jane ,
VANHEAR Lucy 10-Apr 1799  
VANHEER James 26-Aug 1774  
VANHEER John 20-Nov 1769  
VANHEER Mary 28-Feb 1759 w. John,
VANHEER Peter 4-Jan 1763  
WACHER Elizabeth 11-Dec 1868 of this parish, 71y,
WAGSTAFF Thomas 21-Mar 1719 a servant,
WALKER Anne 30-Oct 1784  
WALKER Elizabeth 6-Dec 1782  
WALKER Mary 25-Nov 1781  
WALKER William 27-Apr 1777 an infant,
WALKER William 12-Nov 1810 65y,
WALKER Wm 4-Jan 1776  
WALLIS .......... 18-Feb 1708 widow
WALLIS James 30-Dec 1703 farmer,
WARD Joanna 19-Sep 1706 w. Steven,
WARDROPER Elisabeth 10-Oct 1719 w. Thomas, Vicar,
WARDROPER Mary 1-May 1721 d. Thomas, Vicar,
WARDROPER Robert 1-Aug 1724 s. Thomas, Vicar,
WARDROPER Sarah 11-Oct 1738 d. Sarah,
WARDROPER Thomas 27-Nov 1727 Revd, Mr., Vicar of this parish, 17 years, affidavit received
WATSON Mary 11-Jan 1847 Thanet Union Workhouse, 81y,
WATSON William 25-Dec 1842 of this parish, 87y,
WATTS George 8-Mar 1864 Monkton Court, 83y,
WELWARD Edward 2-Feb 1708  
WELWARD Elis 14-Jun 1713 d. John & Mary,
WELWARD Elisabeth 18-Aug 1719 d. John & Mary,
WELWARD Elisabeth 2-Apr 1721 d. John & Mary,
WELWARD John 8-Aug 1714 s. John & Mary,
WELWARD William 16-Mar 1720 s. John & Mary,
WHATFORD Elizabeth 12-Nov 1854 of this parish, 78y,
WHISK Richard Peter 13-Jan 1871 St Mary, Stoke Newington, 82y,
WHISK Sophia Catherine 25-Aug 1868 Westbourne Villas, Bayswater, London, 80y,
WHITE Ambrose 14-Aug 1808 infant,
WHITE Edward 13-Nov 1736 s. Edward & Mary, affidavit received,
WHITE Edward 17-Sep 1740  
WHITE James 7-Mar 1801  
WHITE James 6-Jun 1849 of this parish, 38y,
WHITE James 29-Aug 1861 Monkton Parsonage, 77y,
WHITE Margaret 20-Sep 1823 Mrs., of this parish, 75y,
WHITE Martha 18-Dec 1782  
WHITE Martha 3-May 1877 of this parish, 90y,
WHITE Mary 25-Jul 1775  
WHITE Mary 13-Feb 1863 of this parish, 89y,
WHITE Rachael 17-Apr 1819 of this parish, 31y
WHITE Robert Edgar 12-Nov 1864 of this parish, 2m,
WHITE William 4-Sep 1871 Birchington, 61y,
WHITFIELD Ja [?] 23-Sep 1708 s. Thomas & Mary,
WHITFIELD Mary 11-Feb 1723 widow
WHITFIELD Thomas 28-Jun 1712  
WHITNALL Elizabeth Sarah 3-May 1863 of this parish, 1m,
WIBORE Anne 3-Jul 1789  
WIGMORE Thomas 16-Aug 1712  
WILD Elizabeth 12-Jul 1730 d. John & Elizabeth, affidavit received 13,
WILD John 17-Jun 1730 junior, affidavit received 18,
WILD Richard 6-Jul 1738 affidavit received,
WILD Sarah 2-Jun 1703 child,
WILDBOAR Jane 10-Dec 1775  
WILDBOAR Mary 4-Nov 1775  
WILDBOAR Mary 6-Jun 1776  
WILDBORE Jane 8-Jan 1719 w. Nicholas,
WILDBORE John 24-Aug 1756  
WILDBORE Nicholas 1-Dec 1726  
WILDBORE Robert 6-May 1821 of this parish, 76y,
WILDES Elizabeth 30-Mar 1792 pauper,
WILDS Henry 5-Dec 1764  
WILES John 11-Dec 1755  
WILES Mary 29-Apr 1752  
WORRELL Elisabeth 20-Aug 1719 d. Thomas,
WORRELL Elisabeth 24-Oct 1722 w. Thomas,
WORRELL Frances 18-Oct 1713 d. Thomas & Sarah,
WORRELL John 16-May 1733 s. Thomas & Martha, affidavit received,
WORRELL Martha 5-May 1763  
WORRELL Sarah 1-Aug 1719 w. Thomas,
WORRELL Thos 25-Aug 1762  
WORRELL William & Richard 17-Nov 1756 twins of Daniel & Mary,
WRIGHT Margaret 26-Dec 1724 spinster,
WRIGHT Mary 18-Feb 1717 widow
WRIGHT Thomas 10-Jun 1705  
YOUNG Mary 24-Feb 1712 d. Mr. ..........,
YOUNG Thomas 26-Jan 1715 s. Mr. .........., Vicar of Chislet, & his wife Anne,

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