Transcribed by Susan D. Young. All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.  Please note:  all dates 1 January through to and including 24 March in all years up to and including 1751 are recorded in the Old Style and so, must be read by way of example as 2 January 1676/77.

Click here for marriages arranged by surname of Groom.

SHARP Stephen ABBOT Alice 5-Jan 1746  
HACHER Thomas ADAMS Ann 14-Oct 1739 Banns.
PARAMOUR Samuel ADAMS Mary 31-Aug 1740 Banns.
RALPH Samuel ALLEN Susan 1-Oct 1727  
DARBY William ANDERSON Mary 2-Oct 1733 Banns.
MILES Richard AUSTIN Anne 1-Apr 1722  
BUSHEL Thomas AUSTIN Elisabeth 8-Oct 1722  
SACKETT Thomas AUSTIN Jane 29-Dec 1735 Banns.
SACKETT John AYLES Mary 3-Sep 1749  
YOUNG William AYLING Ann 12-Oct 1706 he Mr., she Mrs.
LYON Josiah BAKER Elizabeth 2-Nov 1740  
WORRELL Thomas BAYLY Martha 25-Feb 1722  
HARVEY Thomas BEECH Mary 29-Sep 1751  
BAX John BELSEY Elizabeth 17-Oct 1734 Banns.
AUSTIN Thomas BENEFIELD Helen 3-Mar 1752  
MAY Edward BING Sarah 8-Jul 1722 she of St. Lawrence. Lic.
WELLWAR John BING Mary 24-Aug 1712 Groom's surname [WELLAR with ‘W’ inserted]
CURLING Daniel BING Sarah 24-Feb 1706  
BARROWS Robert BIRCHETT Elizabeth 1-Oct 1730  
WILDBORE John BISHOP Mary 9-Oct 1743  
HORTON Joseph BOURN Hannah 21-Feb 1731 Banns.
HUCKSTER Henry BOURNE Elizabeth 29-Sep 1745 she a widow.
LAURENCE John BOURNE Elisabeth 2-Dec 1722  
ADAMS William BOURNE Mary 11-Oct 1725  
MARLOW John BROOK Mary 15-Oct 1703  
ADAMS Henry BROWN Mary 14-Jul 1715 He of St Nicholas, she of Birchington
SAYER John BROWN Ann 25-Apr 1731 Banns.
HORN John BROWNING Elizabeth 15-Jan 1709  
BUSBRIDGE William BROWNING Sarah 2-Oct 1735 Banns.
BUSH John BROWNING Sarah 14-Dec 1736  
COCK Thomas BURVIL Ann 23-Sep 1753 Groom's surname is COOK in BTs
STAINS John BUSHELL Jane 31-May 1709 he of Minster, she of this parish. Lic.
AUSTIN William CASEY Elizabeth 20-Feb 1736  
STAINS John CHEESMAN Elisabeth 8-Jul 1716  
GOODBORNE John CHEESMAN Margaret 17-Dec 1717  
ROSE Ambrose CHURCH Sarah 26-Dec 1729  
TREE Robert CLEARLAND Elizabeth 29-Jun 1704  
CULMER Thomas CLUNN Elisabeth 21-May 1721  
BARROWS Robert COBB Mary 4-Nov 1734 Banns.
MUSSARED William COCK Catherine 8-Jul 1732 Banns.
HAYES John COCKLIN Mary 23-Jun 1704  
RANDOLPH John COLBORNE Elisabeth 11-Jun 1727  
GRIGGS Thomas COLEMAN Margaret 16-Aug 1719 she a widow.
TAYLOR John COLEMAN Mary 31-Dec 1711  
LACY Thomas COLEMAN Mary 24-Oct 1742  
BLAXLAND William COLLINGS Mary 24-Jul 1737 Banns.
ASHLY Stephen CORNWALL Elizabeth 16-Oct 1709  
EWELL Stephen COVEL Sarah 6-Sep 1740  
….. ….. CRAVEN Mary 24-Sep 1700 Groom's name illegible
GOODBORNE Samuel CREED Elisabeth 15-Nov 1715  
AMBROSE Daniel CREED Elizabeth 26-Oct 1708  
BUSHELL John CULMER Catherine 26-Oct 1725  
RELPH John CULMER Elisabeth 10-Oct 1721  
LONG William CULMER Elisabeth 13-Jul 1724 she a widow
LAMMING Steven CULMER Margaret 24-Dec 1705  
QUESTED Robert CULVER Mary 14-Jul 1753  
SHOOMAKER Richard DAWSON Margaret 26-Dec 1732 Banns.
BROOK John DIXON Barbara 31-Jul 1721 She of Margate
DARE William DUNKIN Mary 31-Oct 1722 he of St Peter, Sandwich
TAMS Edward DURY Elizabeth 22-Dec 1709  
STREVENS Robert ELLINGTON Elisabeth 14-Oct 1724  
GARRET William ELLINGTON Elizabeth 21-Dec 1704  
MADDAMS Johes ELVERY Mary 2-Oct 1707  
COOK James EMPTAGE Elizabeth 12-Oct 1752  
HOSTLER John EMPTAGE Mary 3-Nov 1741  
CLUNN William FAGG Mary 18-Oct 1720  
CLUN William FENNEL Elizabeth 24-Oct 1751  
BRIANT Thomas FEW Mary 23-Feb 1700  
EMPTAGE William FIELD Anne 4-Oct 1716  
SMITH James FITTALL Elizabeth 13-May 1745  
LOVELL Nathaniel FOREMAN Mary 8-Aug 1713  
THORNTON Henry FORSTER Kath 1-Oct 1744  
UNDERDOWN John FOWLER Sarah 4-Feb 1723 he of St. Peter, she of St. Lawrence. Lic.
ROWLAND Joseph FOWLER Elis 12-Jun 1714  
WILSON John FRIEND Frances 22-May 1712  
BOTTOM Peter FRIGHT Elizabeth 30-Sep 1735 Banns.
MINTER Thomas GAGE Elisabeth 3-Oct 1725  
CULLEN Edward GARRETT Elizabeth 13-May 1736 Banns.
WORRELL Thomas GARRETT Mary 27-Aug 1734 Banns
HEWS Michael GIBSON Anne 27-Oct 1724  
SHARP Edward GILES Mary 21-Sep 1746  
THORNTON Henry GOLDSMITH Elisabeth 14-Oct 1722  
CLARKE John GOODBAN Mary 17-Oct 1751  
CRUTWELL John GOODBORN Sarah 9-Oct 1715  
ADAMS John GOODBORNE Mary 4-Jun 1718 Lic.
SAFERY Thomas GOODBOURN Sarah 24-Jul 1737 Banns.
BRIDGES Henry GOODBOURN Susan 2-Oct 1744  
VANHEAR Peter GORE Elizabeth 28-Sep 1741 Banns.
BROTHERS Daniel GRANT Anne 12-Nov 1722 Both of Sandwich
HAYWARD William GRANT Elizabeth 12-Oct 1752  
TAYLOR John HARMAN Jane 10-Oct 1703  
COURTROPE Thomas HATCHER Elizabeth 5-Oct 1701  
EASTLAND Thomas HAYWARD Ann 2-Jun 1702  
CLUNN Robert HEYWARD Anne 7-Nov 1724  
SKINNER Thomas HILLS Jane 2-Oct 1718 Banns.
HUGHES Thomas HOBDY Susanna 15-Apr 1705  
ROWLAND Isaac HOGBEN Elizabeth 28-Sep 1745  
GIBSON Thomas HOLNESS Mary 27-Feb 1732  
COLEMAN Thomas HOOKER Elizabeth 24-Jul 1730  
BENEFIELD John HOUGHAM Ann 1-Oct 1747  
SOUTHERFIELD John HOW Mary 14-Jul 1726  
KEBLE Richard JARMAN Elisabeth 20-Aug 1716 both of St Lawrence.
POINTER William JARVIS Anne 24-Oct 1720  
HEWES Michael JARVIS Eleanor 13-Nov 1715  
HASWELL Thomas JEBB Hannah 25-Jun 1752  
BUXELL Isaac JOAD Mary 25-Dec 1715  
SHARP Robert JOHNSON Susannah 2-Aug 1752  
JURDEN William JURDEN Elizabeth 2-Apr 1700  
SITHERS William KEMP Elizabeth 15-Apr 1745 she a wid.
HAYWARD John KIRBY Ann 9-Jul 1706  
JARVAIS John KIRBY Anne 5-Jan 1715  
WALES William LAD Mary 29-Sep 1751  
STONE Nicholas LADD Mary 5-Oct 1718 Banns.
MADAMS Thomas LAMING Elis 19-Dec 1713  
GORE James LAMING Margaret 11-Oct 1718 Banns.
WELLS John LAMING Mary 11-Oct 1718 Lic,
BARWICK John LAMING Mary 22-Oct 1746  
LONG William LAMMING Sarah 12-May 1728 she of Birchington
ELLINGTON Thomas LAMMING Mary 6-Jul 1732 Banns.
CULMER George LIDER [LISTER LESTER?} Sibilla 1-Feb 1719 she of St. Peter
SAFERY John LILLY Mary 7-Oct 1734 Banns.
ABBOTT Adam LONG Margaret 6-Jan 1701 Lic.
OUGHTON Robert LYNCH Susanna 4-Apr 1736  
BAX Edward MANAR Mary 3-Oct 1748  
HOGBEN Michael MARIAMS Elizabeth 2-Mar 1746  
WORRELL Thomas MARLY Elisabeth 16-Dec 1719 she a wid.
TWYMAN Edward MATHEWS Mary 20-May 1745  
GILLAM Richard MAXSTEAD Hester 25-Feb 1753  
PETLEY John MAY Mercy 19-May 1746  
POINTER William MAYNARD Martha 3-Oct 1742 Banns.
BROOK Andrew MAYNARD Sarah 21-Aug 1748  
ANDERSON John MEASDAY Ann 6-Jan 1748  
SMITH James MILES Elizabeth 7-Nov 1743  
NEALE William MILLS Hester 12-May 1702  
STONESTREET Will MINE Elisa 28-Sep 1712  
LAMING William MIRREAM alias MADAMS Sarah 5-Oct 1715  
BROAD John MOSS Elizabeth 21-Oct 1733 Banns.
MAYNARD John MOSS Mary 28-Oct 1745  
LAMPARD John MUZARED Judith 16-Aug 1747  
COWELL John NEAM[E] Mary 24-Oct 1727  
LOTT John NEAME Mary 9-Nov 1752  
BAYLY Roger NETHERSOLE Elisabeth 15-May 1722  
MORRICE Charles NETHERSOLE Hannah 11-Dec 1724  
EMPTAGE John NEWBY Mary 27-Oct 1730 Banns.
RELPH Daniel NEWBY Rebecca 28-Oct 1714  
SACKETT Thomas NUBY Elizabeth 13-Oct 1706  
CARTER William PACK [possibly BACK] Elisabeth 26-Aug 1718 both of Wingham, she a widow
COLEMAN Edward PACKER Alice 25-Oct 1731 Banns.
GOODBOURN Robert PACKER Alicia 7-Dec 1734 Banns.
ASHENDEN Thomas PARAMOR Jane 23-Sep 1745  
EAST John PARKER Martha 6-Aug 1710  
WHITE William PARKER Mary 15-Oct 1705  
FRIEND John PENNY Mary 12-Mar 1746  
COVELL Fanting PEPPER Mary 25-Sep 1752  
COLEMAN John PERCY Mary 6-Jul 1734 Banns.
LOTHES Austin PERKINS Bennet 6-Nov 1722  
JONES William PORT Bennet 8-Jul 1728 she a widow. Banns.
BOURN Boyce PORT Elizabeth 10-Oct 1738 Banns.
DAWSON John PRESLEY Elisabeth 17-Jan 1711  
SILK Nathaniel RALPH Martha 25-Apr 1728 she a widow of Birchington.
JOHNSON Robert RANDALL Elizabeth 21-Oct 1745  
SKINNER Noble REDWOOD Margaret 2-May 1728 both of St Lawrence in Thanet, she a spinster, Lic [annotated “Sigillat 30 April 1728”]
NEWBY William RELPH Elisabeth 2-Jun 1723  
FAREMAN John REYNOLDS Ann 11-Jun 1733  
MATTHEWS Nathanael ROBINSON Jane 17-Jun 1719 she a widow
THUNDER John ROLFE Hannah 19-Oct 1741 Banns.
GARNER James SAFERY Mary 15-Feb 1730 Banns.
WARD Steven SALTER Joanna 16-Jul 1704  
LAMING Thomas SEA Jane 7-Oct 1727  
HICKS Timothy SHARP Elizabeth 1-Nov 1739 Banns.
BING John SHRUBSALL Mary 3-Jan 1705  
SAVIN William SILK Sarah 18-May 1752  
DAUNTON Isaac SITHERS Mary 23-Apr 1732 Banns.
AUSTIN Thomas SKINNER Jane 16-Oct 1721  
PERKINS John SMITH Bennet 26-Nov 1715  
HILLS Henry SMITH Elisabeth 24-Jul 1716  
NUBY Henry SMITH Jane 22-Jul 1712  
MILES Richard SMITH Mary 25-Mar 1753  
WILDBORE Seth SPRATT Sarah 27-Oct 1720  
CULMER John STANNER Susanna 12-Jan 1729 Banns.
MOSS Peter STEDMAN Martha 16-Aug 1712  
HOLLAMS Thos STIPPING Katherine 25-Oct 1728 Banns.
MEARS William STONE Susanna 27-Jan 1729  
BARRIS William STONHILL Dorothy 27-Jan 1734  
LAURENCE George STRODE Anne 9-Jun 1716  
COLEMAN Richard STURGESS Mary 8-Jan 1712  
PARKER Ed SWAINE Jane 19-Aug 1701  
COLE John TAMS Hannah Oct 1706  
WHITEHEAD Roger TENCH Mary 21-Jan 1720  
DAUNTON Isaac TOMS Margery 1-Oct 1730 Banns.
BAX Thomas TONN Sarah 23-Nov 1702  
ALLEN Henry TOWNE Elisa 21-Oct 1712  
TAYLOR Henry TREE Susanna 15-Oct 1729 Banns.
SMITH Francis TURNER Sarah 27-Jul 1732  
COBB Francis VANDERPEER Elizabeth May 1729  
HILLS John WALE Elizabeth 1-Oct 1702 he a labourer
PORT Richard WALES Bennet 1-Apr 1722  
JONES Henry WARD Mary 22-Oct 1740 Banns.
JEWEL Adrian WARDROPER Anne 23-Oct 1726  
BAXTER James WHITING Ann 23-Nov 1752  
COLEMAN Thomas WILD Mary 1-Dec 1723  
SMITH William WILD Sarah 1-Oct 1738 Banns.
PARAMOUR Henry WILDBORE Jane 5-Oct 1721  
COLEMAN Israel WORRELL Sarah 20-Oct 1734 Banns.
PETLEY Nathaniel WRAITH Judith 7-Oct 1734 Banns.
SAFERY Daniel WRIGHT Elizabeth 11-Nov 1706  
GRIGS John WRIGHT Mary 23-Jan 1706  
SINNOCK John YOUNG Elizabeth 19-May 1746  

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