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1841 Workhouse Census, Bridge

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Transcribed by Dorothy Holden

A note from Dorothy:

I have transcribed the following from the 1841 census pages for Bridge Union Workhouse.  I have tried to ensure that the names are accurate but if you think there is an error please let me know and I will recheck.  All people born Kent unless otherwise indicated.


FORTH William aged 45 Clerk to the Guardians and Governer of WorkhouseSophia aged 55 MatronSophia aged 20Emma aged 15William aged 15 Asst. ClerkNASH Ann aged 45 School MistressCONSTABLE Mary aged 13Richard aged --COURT Eliza aged 13Mary aged 12Henry aged 8BROWN Hannah aged 20William aged 3 monthsGRIGGS George aged 70 Ag LabourerMAY Thomas aged 60 ShoemakerMATTINGLEY William aged 70 TailorPEPPER Joseph aged 75 Ag LabourerWILLIS Ellen aged 11PIPER William aged 12MAXTED Thomas aged 15 Ag LabourerRebecca aged 40Richard aged 15Eliza aged 11Sarah aged 8BENTLEY Mary aged 20GRIGGS Richard aged 80 Ag LabourerJulia aged 12George aged 11William aged 8Mary aged 7MURPHY Thomas aged 35 Ag LabourerHannah aged 35George aged 10Thomas aged 8Henry aged 6Jane aged 5Edwin aged 3Sarah aged 10 monthsCARSON Martha aged 10 not born KentJames aged 9 not born KentPARKER Mary aged 15JORDAN Caroline aged 15Clement aged 13PITCHER Mary aged 15SPAIN Fanny aged 14Mary aged 10John aged 7BRETT Henry aged 55 Ag LabourerBROCKMAN Daniel aged 70 Ag LabourerDONALDSON Mary aged 10 born IrelandWilliam aged 8 born IrelandCharlotte aged 4 born IrelandJENKINS Sarah aged 80STOCKBRIDGE William aged 75 Ag LabourerMONK Mary aged 15John aged 10 daysWEBB Edward aged 15 Ag LabourerIRONS John aged 65 Ag LabourerWARDEN Henry aged 70 Ag Labourer not born KentFrances aged 75 not born KentSTOCKBRIDGE Lydia aged 65ANCLIFF John aged 70 Ag Labourer not born KentBASHFORD James aged 50 Ag LabourerCOURT Frances aged 55HOAR James aged 70 Ag LabourerATTWOOD Mary aged 35Elizabeth aged 12Mary aged 8Harriet aged 6ANDREWS Elizabeth aged 14Caroline aged 12William aged 7WILLIAMS Matthew aged 60 Ag LabourerWILSON George aged 35WHITE Joseph aged 55 Ag LabourerANDREWS Hannah aged 20SMITH Charlotte aged 20BAKER John aged 55 Ag LabourerCHEESEMAN James aged 14Sarah aged 9Mary aged 5Harriet aged 3WELLS Jordan (male) aged 14Hannah aged 11WOODCOCK John aged 85 Ag LabourerSTUPPLE? Eliza aged 15BUSHELL Stephen aged 35 Ag LabourerCASTLE John aged 11George aged 8HUNT Sarah aged 11Maria aged 9JOINER Edward aged 13SPAIN William aged 75 Ag LabourerSTUDHAM Anne aged 13Name unknown Male aged 35 not known if born Kent or notWANSTALL Jane aged 35BROWN Celia aged 70FEATHERSTONE Anne aged 25James aged 9Anne aged 6MUMMERY Thomas aged 65 Ag LabourerCaroline aged 12DAWKINS William aged 25 Ag LabourerLEGGETT Mary aged 2ARNOLD Sarah aged 75BROWNING Mary aged 80GRIGGS John aged 85 Ag LabourerGOLDFINCH George aged 7WYVER Anne aged 55BURWILL Anne aged 85GOLDFINCH James aged 4HALL William aged 50 Ag LabourerWELCH George aged 75 Ag LabourerCOUCHMAN Anne aged 14Sarah aged 20SIMMONS Peter aged 60 Ag LabourerSarah aged 60PREBBLE Stephen aged 70 Ag LabourerSMITHERS Thomas aged 75 Ag LabourerHOPPER Catherine aged 20 Female ServantMaria aged 3Anne aged 1PEMBLE Eliza aged 20 Female ServantBethia aged 1GIFFORD George aged 13SMITH Sarah aged 35COBB Stephen aged 75 Ag LabourerELDRIDGE William aged 75 Ag LabourerFASSOM? Richard aged 85 Ag LabourerMary aged 75BRIDGER Anne aged 12EPPS Elizabeth aged 20 Female ServantJohn aged 3Frances aged 1OVER Esther aged 20 Female ServantWilliam aged 3Harriet aged 1WALES James aged 75 Ag LabourerPEMBLE William aged 65 Ag LabourerNASH Mary aged 45Charlotte aged 13Anne aged 10ARNOLD Thomas aged 8DELOT William aged 10KIRBY Samuel aged 75 Ag LabourerLODGE Elizabeth aged 75 not born KentPALMER Sarah aged 8GORDON Charles aged 50 Sailor not born KentSarah aged 10Thomas aged 6KNIGHT Henry aged 75 Ag LabourerMAXTED Thomas aged 75 Ag LabourerSPICKETT Thomas aged 70 Ag LabourerJane aged 13Esther aged 9Henry aged 6CASTLE Catherine aged 50HOOKER John aged 80 Ag LabourerWHITNELL Hannah aged 25 Female ServantSarah 6Henry 3DUCKETT William aged 35 Ag LabourerHORNE Thomas aged 50 Ag LabourerTAYLOR Mary aged 20 Female Servant    

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