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1792, Principal Inhabitants, Gentry & Traders at Deal

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The information displayed here is from the former Deal and Walmer website
by the generous permission of Linda Corbett.


John Baker Esq. Admiral John Bray. James Cannon. William Cannon, Gent. John Carter, Esq.(J.P). Ralph Chambers. John Durban, Lt. Marines. John Durban, jnr. Landing Waiter to the Customs. Jacob Friend. Controller of the Navy. Solomon Ferrier, Surveyor of Customs.Winkworth Grosvenor, Lt. R.N. John Iggulden Capt R.N. George Lawrence Esq, Naval Storekeeper. George Leith Esq, contractor for the Navy Hospital. S.N May Esq. Richard May. Edward Mount. Daniel Noakes, Lt R.N. William Oakley, Lt R.N. J.Pardew Esq. J.Pointer Esq. John Read, Lt R.N. Benj. Sayer, Esq, Collector of Customs. M. Scholey, Esq. James Shipdem. John Turner, Lt R.N. James Wyborn, Esq.


Rev Benson. Rector.Rev Brandon Curate of St. Georges.Rev Crawford Dissenting Min.


Chambers - Surgeon & Man-midwife.Thos Fitzgerald ~ ~William Hulke ~ ~Joseph Robbards ~ ~John Willoughby ~ ~


John Cannon, Attorney. Samuel Roby, Attorney. John Sampson, Town Clerk.


Thomas Alderidge Clock & Watch Maker. William Archer, Hairdresser. J. Attersoll, Hairdresser. Eliz. Barham, Milliner. Thomas Barham, Grocer & Tallow chandler. John Bartlet, Wheelwright.Richard Barton, Victualler (The Black Horse). Geo. Max. Broad, Baker. William Brown, Victualler. Saml. Browning, Tailor.Walker Cannon, Butcher. John Cavill, Boat-builder. John Cavill, Victualler. Matthew Chambers, Butcher. Henry Christian, Tallow chandler. William Christian, Draper. Richard Chitty, Baker. James Claringbold,Carpenter. George Clarke, Carpenter. William Clayson, Linen Draper. Mark Clayson, Linen Draper. John Coleman, Victualler. John Collard, Grocer. Stephen Collard, Shoemaker. William Collard, Schoolmaster. Richard Covill, Perfumer & china-man. Enoch Cramp, Cabinet maker & Auctioneer. Charles Crickett, Carpenter. John Cutt, Sadler. Jacob Dehane, Post-master. Richard Dixon, Glazier & Plumber. James Dunn, Shoemaker. Richard Dunn, Hairdresser. J. East, Bricklayer. S. East, Carpenter. Thomas Fells, Shoemaker. Thomas Fenn, Miller. Thomas Fitch, Grocer & Tallow chandler. Thomas Forwood,Grocer. Robert Fox, Innkeeper. Richard Fuller, Shoemaker. Evan Gill, Hatter. John Hadley, Peruke maker. Sam. Hadley, Baker. John Hallam, Cothier. John Hammond, China-man. Richard Hayman, Joiner, auctioneer. Thomas Hayman, Grazier. Hinds, Victualler. Thos. Hobday, Proprietor of Carriages from Deal to Dover. Danby Hunter, Plumber & Glazier. Charles Hutchins, Grocer. Wm. Jarman, Tinmam. John Iggulden, Brewer & Agent to E.I.Coy. Joseph Iggulden, Butcher. Stephen Kennard, Breeches maker & Glover. Henry Knight, Grocer, Tallow chandler & soap boiler. Richard Knocker, Inn Keeper(Three Kings) & Excise Office Keeper. John Knott, Victualler. John Lambert, Tailor & Salesman. John Lilly, China-man. Richard Long, Bookseller. Stephen Long, Coal merchant. Thomas Long, Baker. Charles Long, Victualler(Royal Exchange). Henry Mackeson, Wine merchant. Shadrach Mackney, Shoemaker. George Marsh, Cooper. Henry Marsh, Blacksmith. Stephen Marsh, Snr.Blacksmith. Stephen Marsh, Jnr. Blacksmith. William Matson, Baker. Thomas Minter, Boat builder. Joseph Mockett, Boat builder. Thomas Mockett, Baker. N. Mockett, Proprietor of the bathing machines. Sam. Mourilyan, Draper & proprietor of the Hoy. John Nash, Baker. George Noakes, Banker, Brewer & Agent to Dutch Admiralty & East India Company. Edward Ollison, Butcher. John Pepper, Butcher. John Pettet, Butcher. Wm. Pitcher, Tailor, Draper & proprietor of the bathing machines. Wm. Pittock, Tailor. Joseph Pritchard, Shoemaker. George Quested, Butcher. Wm. Ralphs, Corn chandler. John Read, Draper & Tailor. John Rose, Shoemaker. James Russell, Victualler. Joshua Sayer, Clerk to the Naval Store-keeper. Saffrey Sayer, Boat builder. James & Thomas Shipdem, Braziers. Richard Shovler, Peruke maker. Joseph Shrowsbury, Hairdresser. John Sole, Grocer & Tallow chandler. James Spearpoint, Sail-maker. Henry Thompson, Plumber & Glazier. Alexdr. Vile, Victualler. Isreal Wellard, Carpenter. Henry Wells, Wine Merchant. John Whitaker, Draper. S. White, Victualler. Thomas White, Victualler. James & William White, Drapers, tailors & coal merchants.John Winter, Linen-draper & coal merchant. J. Wood, Proprietor of the bathing machines. Bethal Wyborn, Inn Keeper (New Inn).


(Those marked * are Wardens).

John Broad.
Richard Ladd Canney.
Henry Christian.
Richard Covell.
John Epsley.
Edward Erridge.
William Gammon*
Jeremiah Hartley*
Henry Hooper.
John Lamb.
Michael Martin.
Henry Maxted.
James Field Osborne.
Edmund Pain*
Bernard Parsons.
Edward Robson.
Ambrose Saunders.
Abraham Shrewbury.
George Smith.
John Thompson.
William Thompson.
James Tomlin.
John Walker*
Edward Whitaker.

John Adams.
Thomas Bayley.
Robert Campbel.
Thomas Canney.
William Carden.
George Clendon.
William Collar.
William Cunningham.
Richard Danton.
Thomas Dowers.
Richard Hartley.
Thomas Hedgecock.
William Husband.
George Johnson.
Thomas Mantle.
Jeremiah Mowles.
Robert Norris.
Thomas Pain.
George Pettet.
James Reddy.
James Taylor.
John Dorne Walker.
Samuel Whitaker.
William Wood.    

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