Nether Court

In the Parish of St. Lawrence, Nether Court is the seat of the late T. Garrett, Esq., Lieut. Colonel of the East Kent Yeomanry, which station we understand he occupied upwards of 30 years.  Nether Court has a handsome modern appearance, though it is supposed to have been built 150 years ago.  It is situated in a small park well sheltered with lofty trees, and surrounded with pleasure grounds.  The interior is elegant and commodious:  the drawing room is lined with Dutch embossed leather, in good preservation.  Nether Court is distant from Ramsgate one mile west, from Canterbury 16 miles, and from London 70 miles.

Nether Court was anciently part of the possessions of the family of Sandwich to temp. Edward III when it was hen held by Nicholas de Sandwich.  After this family had become extinct here, it passed to the family of Goshall aka Goshale of Goshal, Ash, Kent til temp Henry IV when it was carried in marriage by a female heir to one of the family of St. Nicholas, of whom Roger St. Nicholas died in possession of it during 1484.  Nether Court passed to his daughter and sole heir, Elizabeth, who carried it to her husband John Dynley of Charlton, Worcerstershire, whose eldest son Henry then alienated it to Maycott.  Maycott sold it soon to Lucas and during 1 Eliz. I. Lucas passed it to Thomas Johnson.  At length it came by purchase, about Queen Anne's reign, to Edward Brook, Gent. who rebuilt the mansion.  After which the manor was divided in moieties, one of which became vested in Mr. Mark Sellers Garrett, the other in the name of Moses, of whose two children Mr. Garrett purchased their moiety, and thus became possessed of the whole.  Mr. Mark Sellers Garrett died in 1779 and the estate devolved on his son, Thomas Garrett, Esq..

Pegwell Cottage

Pegwell Lodge, in St. Lawrence, Thanet, Kent forms part of Pegwell Caravan Park

In the Parish of St. Lawrence, Pegwell Cottage is the seat of Baron Garrow.  It is situated on the Cliff, distant from Ramsgate Pier one mile south-west, from Canterbury 16 miles, and from London 61 miles.

Southwood House

In the Parish of St. Lawrence, Southwood House was formerly the seat of the late Samuel Winter, Esq. and now of his widow, is a good house, elegantly fitted up, and decorated with paintings by Berghem, Morland, etc.  The front commands a beautiful and extensive prospect of the Downs, Dover Castle, the French Coast, and, towards the west, of Canterbury and its' cathedral.  The grounds are exceedingly well laid out, and adorned with groves and shrubberies.  Southwood House is less than a mile from Ramsgate Pier, from Canterbury it is 15 miles north-east, and from London 60 miles.

Vicarage of St. Lawrence

Is the residence of the Rev. George Wilson Sicklemore, is situated on the north side of the church, and is little more than half a mile west from Ramsgate.

West Cliffe Lodge

West Cliff Lodge circa 1808, in St. Lawrence, Thanet, KentWest Cliff Lodgecirca 2010, in St. Lawrence, Thanet, Kent

Image far left is West Cliffe Lodge circa 1808 while the image immediately left is circa 2010.  West Cliffe Lodge, in the Parish of St. Lawrence, is the seat of George A. Warre, Esq..  This mansion is most delightfully situated near the cliffs, and commands extensive and beautiful prospects of Dover Castle, the sea, and the French coast.  It is one mile south-west from Ramsgate Pier, from Canterbury 16 miles, and from London 61 miles.


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