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white cliffs of Dover
photo of St. Peter & St. Paul parish church at Charlton near Dover, Kent, England, copyright 2011, David Anstiss licensed for reused under Creative Commons License 2.0 Generic
Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church
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Charlton by Dover, Baptisms 1701 - 1775

Transcribed by Dorothy Holden.  All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.
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SurnameGiven NameDateYearParents, Notes
ADCOCKJacob14-May1758son of John and Sarah
ALLRIGHTGeorge19-Sep1725son of Richard and Joyce his wife
ANDREWSHenry1-Feb1746/7son of Henry and Mary
ANDREWSJohn21-Nov1743son of Henry and Mary
ANDREWSMary27-Oct1745daughter of Henry and Mary
ANDREWSThomas31-Jan1730/31son of Richard and Mary his wife
ANDREWSThomas24-Mar1750/1son of Henry and Mary his wife
ASHMOREEleanor30-Apr1758daughter of John and Eleanor
ASHMOREGeorge12-Jan1757son of John and Eleanor
ASHMOREJohn11-Nov1757son of John and Eleanor
BAILEYSusanna17-Jul1763daughter of John and Ann
BAILEYWilliam16-May1756son of John and Ann
BAKERJames22-Jan1769son of James and Sarah
BAKERMargaret19-Jul1737wife of Thomas aged 25 years
BAKERMary13-Mar1762daughter of Joseph and Susanna
BAKERMary11-Apr1766daughter of James and Sarah
BAKERMercy13-Mar1742/3daughter of Thomas and Mary
BAKERSarah2-Feb1772daughter of James and Sarah
BAKERThomas24-Apr1743an adult
BAKERValentine8-Oct1749son of Thomas and Margaret his wife
BAKERWilliam31-Oct1736son of Thomas and Margaret
BAYLEYHenry17-Feb1739/40son of Henry and Susannah
BAYLEYJames25-Mar1733/4son of Henry and Susanna
BAYLEYJohn25-Nov1750son of John and Ann
BAYLEYJohn20-Feb1740/1son of Henry and Susannah
BAYLEYMartha1-Feb1736/7daughter of Henry and Susannah
BAYLEYMary19-Jul1735daughter of Henry and Susannah
BAYLEYMary24-Jul1768daughter of John and Mary
BAYLEYRichard11-Oct1752son of John and Ann
BAYLEYSarah27-Jan1757daughter of John and Ann
BAYLEYWilliam2-Feb1772son of John and Mary
BEERAnn14-Jan1770daughter of Phineas and Mary
BEERJohn23-Jan1765son of Phineas and Mary
BEERMary6-Sep1767daughter of Phineas and Mary
BOWLEliz29-Apr1739daughter of Thomas and Susannah
BOWLSusannah27-Sep1741daughter of Thos and Susannah
BOWLESAnn25-Jul1762daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
BROCKMANElizabeth12-Jun1774daughter of John and Elizabeth
BROCKMANJohn2-Aug1772son of John and Elizabeth
BROCKMANStephen17-Apr1768son of John and Elizth
BROCKMANWilliam17-Sep1769son of John and Elizth
BROWNINGEThomas6-May1708son of Thomas and Susanna
CHAMBERSJohn22-Sep1751son of John and Susanna his wife
CHANDLERJoseph24-Mar1748/9son of Joseph and Catherine his wife
CLOAKRichard31-Dec1775son of James and Mary
COOPERJohn3-Dec1732son of Thomas and Elfry (sic)
COOPERSarah6-Apr1735daughter of Thomas and Effrey
CORNELIUSElizabeth16-Sep1732daughter of Richard and Sarah his wife
CORNELIUSRichard22-Dec1741son of Richard and Sarah
CORNELIUSSarah24-Feb1773/4daughter of Richard and Sarah
CURLINGEdward5-Mar1758son of Edward and Mary
CURLINGThomas14-Jan1753son of Edward and Mary
DIGERSONElizabeth8-Oct1721daughter of John and Elizabeth his wife
ELLENDENAbraham2-Apr1738son of Abraham and Eliz
ELLENDENJohn4-Feb1740/1son of Abraham and Eliz
ELLENDENThos16-Jan1742/3son of Abraham and Eliz
ELLENDERWilliam24-Feb1744/5son of Abraham and Eliz
ELLISRichard7-Oct1705son of William and Mary
ELVEYDavid17-Jan1727/28son of James and Katherine his wife
ELVEYEdward23-Mar1717/18son of James and Katherine his wife
ELVEYElizabeth18-Dec1720daughter of James and Katherine his wife
ELVEYHays-[sic]2-Mar1727/28son of James and Katherine his wife
ELVEYJames5-Apr1713son of James and Katherine his wife
ELVEYJames17-Apr1737son of James and Susannah
ELVEYJohn30-Oct1709son of James and Katherine
ELVEYKatherine12-Jan1721/22daughter of James and Katherine his wife
ELVEYMargaret31-Mar1717daughter of James and Katherine his wife
ELVEYMartha29-May1715daughter of James and Kathering
ELVEYRobert2-May1725son of James and Katherine his wife
FILEElizabeth1-Nov1751daughter of Henry and Mary his wife
FLOWERRichard22-Sep1723son of Richard and Mary his wife
FLOWERSusanna27-Jun1725daughter of Richard and Mary his wife
FLOWERThomas23-May1722son of Richard and Mary his wife
FRIENDAnne30-Oct1709daughter of William and Mary
FRIENDAnne17-Dec1721daughter of William and Mary
FRIENDJohn4-Mar1710/11son of William and Mary
FRIENDMary1-Nov1713daughter of William and Mary
FRIENDRichard4-Jan1718/19son of William and Mary
FRIENDWilliam11-Dec1715son of William and Mary
GIBBONSSusanna9-Aug1724daughter of John and Susanna his wife
GILLMANEliz18-Mar1738/9daughter of Henry and Eliz
GILLMANLydia17-Jan1741/2daughter of Henry and Eliz
GILLMANSarah15-Aug1731daughter of Henry and Elizabeth
GILLMANThos20-May1744son of Henry and Eliz
GILMANJames22-Aug1736son of Henry and Eliz
GOLDERJane16-Oct1726daughter of Steven and Jane his wife
GOLDERThomas20-Jan1720/21son of Stephen and Jeanne his wife
GOLDFINCHAnne3-Feb1705/06daughter of Thomas and Mary
GOLDFINCHEliz.29-May1737daughter of Richard and Judith
GOLDFINCHJudith24-Feb1733/4daughter of Richard and Judith .
GOLDFINCHMary24-Oct1731daughter of Richard and Judith
GOLDFINCHThomas9-Jan1708/9son of Thomas and Mary
HAMBROOKSarah18-Jun1732daughter of William and Elizabeth
HAMMONEdward27-Apr1729son of Edward and Susanna his wife
HAMMONMary9-Jun1727daughter of Edward and Susanna his wife
HAYES-aka-SMITHThomas18-Jul1714a bastard child, son of Thomas SMITH and Margaret HAYES
HOGBENElizabeth2-May1773daughter of John and Mary
HOGBENHannah4-Dec1763daughter of John and Mary
HOGBENHannah3-Apr1768daughter of John and Mary
HOGBENLucy2-Feb1766daughter of John and Mary
HOGBENSarah7-Jun1761daughter of John and Mary
HOGBINAnn2-Sep1753daughter of John and Mary
HOGBINMary7-Oct1755daughter of John and Mary
HOGBINMary29-Jan1758daughter of John and Mary
HOGBINThomas21-Oct1759son of John and Mary
HOLLOWAYThomas20-Jul1751son of James and Susanna his wife
HOPERElizabeth23-Jan1725/26daughter of Stepher and Elizabeth his wife
HOPPEThomas1-Jul1770son of Benjamin and Catherine
HOPPERFanny5-Jun1774daughter of Benjamin and Catherine
HOPPERRobert29-Mar1772son of Benjamin and Catherin
HOPPERStephen7-Feb1769son of Benjamin and Catherine
HOWLANDAnn24-Feb1765daughter of John and Elizabeth
HOWLANDJane7-Dec1766daughter of John and Ann
HOWLANDThomas17-Oct1762son of John and Ann
JENNINGSElizabeth7-Dec1718daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth his wife
JENNINGSJoseph12-Mar1720/21son of Joseph and Elizabeth his wife
JENNINGSMary3-Apr1726daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth his wife
JENNINGSSara29-Mar1724daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth his wife
JENNINGSSteven30-Sep1717son of Joseph and Elizabeth his wife
KEMBERElizabeth18-Nov1759daughter of Wm and Susanna
KEMBERJames28-Sep1746son of William and Susanna
KEMBERMary18-Sep1748daughter of William and Susanna
KEMBERSarah11-Nov1753daughter of William and Susanna
KEMBERSusannah1-Sep1745daughter of William and Susannah
KEMBERSusannah11-Nov1750daughter of William and Susannah his wife
KEMBERWilliam22-Aug1756son of William and Susan
KNIGHTJames27-Dec1775son of James and Mary
LAMPARDAnne23-Mar1717/18daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth his wife
LAMPARDBenjamin7-Aug1715son of Benjamin and Elizabeth
LAMPARDElizabeth18-Jul1714daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth
LAMPARDElizabeth13-Sep1719daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth his wife
LAMPARDElizabeth4-Feb1721/22daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth his wife
LAMPARDMartha11-Sep1720daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth his wife
LECANDLEJames6-Jan1716/17son of Thomas and Hester his wife
MILLOMS?Richard30-Jan1763son of Richard and Mary
NELOSS?John15-Mar1729/30son of Richard and Sara his wife
OLDFIELDMary20-Jul1775daughter of David and Jane
PAINEJohn7-Nov1764son of Thomas and Elizth
PALMEREdward-Gregory20-Oct1770son of Ann
PARAMOURMary-and-Martha23-Oct1751daughters of William and Jane
PARKESMary7-May1738daughter of Edward and Mary
PARKSEdward-and-John24-Jul1737sons of Edward and Mary
PAYNEEsther15-Mar1761daughter of Thomas and Eliz
POKERMary20-Feb1714/15daughter of James and Susanna
POLLENJohn27-Oct1717son of James and Susanna his wife
POLLENSusanna16-Nov1712daughter of James and Susanna his wife
POWELLEliz27-Nov1737daughter of Thomas and Eliz
POWELLThomas14-Oct1739son of Thomas and Eliz
POWELLThomas31-Dec1775son of Laurence and Mary
POWELLWilliam2-May1742son of Thomas and Elizabeth
RAMBLEJohn7-Dec1752son of John and Margaret
RAYNOLDSElizabeth2-Oct1709daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
RAYNOLDSHenry6-Jul1707son of Edward and Elizabeth
RAYNOLDSMary16-Oct1715daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
RAYNOLDSRobert24-Aug1712son of Edward and Elizabeth
RAYNOLDSWilliam3-Jun1705son of Edward and Elizabeth
RENALDSRobert19-Jan1745/6son of Robert and Ann
RENNALSWill1-Dec1757son of Rob and Anne
RENVILJohn4-Feb1753son of John and Margaret
REYNOLDSAnn6-Jul1760daughter of Robert and Ann
REYNOLDSAnn11-Apr1773daughter of Robert and Sarah
REYNOLDSEdward13-Apr1701son of Edward and Elizabeth
REYNOLDSEdward16-Apr1749son of Edward and Ann his wife
REYNOLDSElizabeth15-May1774daughter of Robert and Sarah
REYNOLDSHenry29-Apr1744son of Robt and Anne
REYNOLDSHenry5-Nov1775son of Robert and Sarah
REYNOLDSJohn18-Jan1702/03son of Edward and Elizabeth
REYNOLDSMary15-Dec1751daughter of Robert and Ann his wife
RICHEliz20-Jul1740daughter of Jane and Caleb
RICHARDSAnn4-Nov1759daughter of John and Ann
RICHARDSJohn5-Aug1753son of John and Ann
RICHARDSJohn4-Mar1764son of John and Ann
RICHARDSRichard4-Jun1762son of John and Ann
RICHARDSWilliam7-Dec1755son of John and Anne
RICHEAJames21-Dec1707son of James and Susanna or possibly Pritchard?
RICHEA?Mary26-Mar1704daughter of James and Susanna
ROBINSJames6-Apr1760son of Vince and Elizabeth
ROFFEMary1-Jul1764daughter of Thomas and Elizth
ROUSERichard28-Feb1713/14son of William and Margaret
ROUSEWilliam11-May1712son of William and Margaret
RUFFINAnn16-Jul1769daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
RUSSELLAnne8-Jul1744daughter of Henry and Mary
RUSSELLJohn12-Jul1741son of Henry and Mary
RUSSELLMargaret8-Apr1739daughter of Henry and Mary
RUTTLEYEdward31-Jan1773son of Edward and Elizth
RUTTLEYElizabeth18-Aug1771daughter of Edward and Elizth
RUTTLEYThomas23-Oct1767son of Edward and Elizth
SMITHJohn12-Mar1701/02son of Alexander and Susanna
SMITHSarah15-Dec1742the illegitimate daughter of George GIBBS and Eliz
SMITHSusanna17-Jul1703daughter of Alexander and Susanna
SOLLEYStephen31-Aug1760son of Stephen and Sarah
SPINNERJohn16-Aug1772son of John and Susanna
SPINNERSusanna21-May1775daughter of John and Susanna
SPINNERWilliam12-Dec1773son of John and Susanna
STONERichard23-Apr1721son of Thomas and Aimee his wife ( Aimee was spelt in the French way with the accent across the double e )
STONESusanna5-May1723daughter of Thomas and Aymee his wife
STUNTJohn26-Dec1708son of Nicholas and Elizabeth
STUNTNicholas6-Nov1719son of Nicholas and Elizabeth his wife
STUNTRaynard-(sic)19-Nov1710son of Nicholas and Elizabeth
STUNTRichard16-Nov1712son of Nicholas and Elizabeth his wife
STUNTSara2-Feb1717/18daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth his wife
STUNTWilliam8-Jan1715/16son of Nicholas and Elizabeth his wife
SUTTONAbraham10-Jul1761son of Abraham and Ann
SUTTONHenry21-Sep1755son of John and Elizabeth
TAYLORDaniel18-Apr1736son of William and Sarah
TAYLORElizabeth1-Apr1711daughter of John and Mary
TAYLORJohn22-Sep1706son of John and Mary
TAYLORMary31-Oct1709daughter of John and Mary
TAYLORMary3-Nov1734daughter of William and Sarah his wife
TUCKERStephen5-Aug1750son of Benjamin and Ann his wife
VILEJohn17-Apr1748son of Henry and Mary
WARWELLJohn20-Nov1761son of John and Bridget
WATSONJohn1-Jan1738/9son of John and Ann
WATSONSusannah9-Apr1740daughter of Catherine and Hammond?
WILLSONJohn18-Feb1704son of William and Mary
WILLSONWilliam13-Jun1703son of William and Mary
WILSONAnn26-Feb1732/3daughter of Thomas and Ann
WILSONJohn8-Feb1729/30son of Thomas and Anne his wife
WILSONMary26-Sep1731daughter of Thomas and Anne
WILSONThomas11-Apr1708son of William and Mary
WOODAnne23-May1725daughter of Christopher and Mary his wife
WOODCatherine13-May1770daughter of John and Mary
WOODEdward20-Jul1760son of John and Mary
WOODEliz13-May1740daughter of Mary and Christopher
WOODElizabeth9-Jul1704daughter of Henry and Anne
WOODElizabeth5-Dec1762daughter of John and Mary
WOODHenry28-Apr1743son of Christopher and Mary
WOODMary19-Jan1726/27daughter of Christopher and Mary his wife
WOODSusanna14-Apr1706daughter of Henry and Anne
WOODSusanna7-Mar1727/28daughter of Christopher and Mary his wife
WOODSusannah29-Dec1734daughter of Christopher and Mary
WOODWilliam8-Nov1730son of Christopher and Mary his wife
WOODWilliam2-Jul1769son of Henry and Ann
WOOTTONSarah21-Aug1748daughter of John and Ann