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white cliffs of Dover
photo of St. Peter & St. Paul parish church at Charlton near Dover, Kent, England, copyright 2011, David Anstiss licensed for reused under Creative Commons License 2.0 Generic
Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church
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Charlton by Dover, Baptisms 1776 - 1812

Transcribed by Dorothy Holden.  All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.
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SurnameGiven NameDateYearParents, Notes
BAKEREliza31-May1812daughter of James and Frances, child born 4th May 1812
BAKERMary12-Aug1795listed at the end of the year, possibly adult baptism
BOWLESAugustus4-Apr1790son of Thomas and Mary
BOWLESHenry2-Nov1788son of Thos and Mary
BOWLESMary4-Feb1787daughter of Thomas and Mary
BOWLESThomas25-Dec1784son of Thomas and Mary
BOWLESThomas17-Nov1793son of Thos and Mary
BOWLSGeorge11-Dec1791son of Thomas and Mary
BRETTWilliam Henry20-Mar1791son of Mary
BURDENEdward Reeves9-Dec1798son of Edward and Sarah
BURDENMartha Reeves28-May1797daughter of Edward and Sarah
BURDENMary Ann5-Jul1801daughter of Edward and Sarah
BURVILLAnn6-Jan1793daughter of Wm and Elizth
BURVILLERichard18-Oct1795son of Wm and Elizabeth
BUSHELLJames6-Feb1785son of Thomas and Sarah
BUSHELLTHomas9-Sep1783son of Thomas and Sarah
BUSHELLThomas21-Nov1790son of Thomas and Sarah
BUSHILLHenry4-Nov1781son of Thomas and Sarah
CARLTONEdward2-Jun1782son of John and Sarah
CASTLEArchelaus29-Dec1792son of Archelaus and Thomasin
CASTLEHenry9-Sep1804son of John and Margaret
CASTLEJohn26-Dec1790son of Archelaus and Tamesin
CASTLEJohn4-Feb1798son of John and Margaret
CASTLERachel19-Apr1812daughter of Thomas and Rachel
CASTLEThomas30-May1802son of John and Margaret
CASTLEThomas25-Feb1811son of Thomas and Rachel, child born 26th January 1811
CASTLEWilliam27-Dec1795son of Archelaus and Tamsn
CHIDWICKAnn7-Jun1801daughter of Edward and Margaret
CHIDWICKElizabeth26-May1799daughter of Edward and Margaret
CHIDWICKMargaret1-Oct1797daughter of Edward and Margaret
CHIDWICKThomas14-Dec1794son of Edward and Margaret
CLOAKHenry2-Jun1782son of James and Mary
CLOAKJohn23-Jan1785son of James and Mary
COLLARDGeorge8-Sep1811son of John and Alice
CRAFTElizabeth15-Sep1799daughter of John and Ann
CULLINMary26-Jan1794daughter of Abraham and Mary
DAVISBenjamin Pusey17-Mar1811son of Elizabeth
DAVISMary Ann26-Jul1812daughter of Mary, child born 28th June 1812
DYERJames18-May1806son of James and Ann
DYERJohn7-Apr1805son of James and Ann
ELLISWm.13-Aug1810son of John and Sarah
FAGGMary Ann24-Apr1808daughter of Thos. and Elizth
FINNISAnn6-May1792daughter of Wm and Mildred
FINNISElizabeth7-Mar1790daughter of William and Mildred
FINNISJane14-Dec1794daughter of William and Mildred
FINNISJohn27-Jan1788son of Wm and Mildred
FINNISWilliam19-Feb1797son of William and Mildred
FOLKSRachel25-May1800daughter of George and Hannah
FOXCharles24-Mar1805son of John and Ann
FOXEliza18-May1806daughter of Robert and Mary
FOXGeorge4-Jul1811son of John and Ann
FOXSarah Ann8-Feb1807daughter of John and Ann
FOXThos.4-Dec1808son of John and Ann
FOXWm21-Nov1802son of John and Ann
FRAZIERRobert John23-Feb1783son of Alexr and Elizth, from the Artillery Quarters of Dover
FRIENDMary3-Dec1780daughter of Wm and Mary
FRIENDWilliam7-Nov1795listed at the end of the year, possibly adult baptism
FROSTAnn2-Dec1781daughter of John and Sarah
FROSTCharles3-Feb1784son of John and Mary
FROSTElizabeth17-Sep1786daughter of John and Mary
FROSTMary Ann20-May1792daughter of John and Mary
FROSTSarah24-Jul1789daughter of John and Sarah (* I think this should read Mary not Sarah)
FRYEdward18-Jun1809son of Edward and Mary
FRYJohn15-Mar1812son of Edward and Mary
FRYSarah12-Apr1807daughter of Edward and Mary
GAMBRELEdward26-Jun1796son of Mark and Ann
GAMBRELThomas23-Mar1794son of Mark and Ann
GAMBRELLAnn31-Jul1803daughter of Mark and Ann
GAMBRILLGeorge2-Jun1805son of Mark and Ann
GIBBONSSarah18-Dec1803daughter of Richard and Margaret
GRAVESAnn27-Sep1789daughter of James and Lucy
GRAVESJohn Hollams17-Jun1792son of James and Lucy
HANCELLLydia30-May1784daughter of James and Susanna
HARBERTWilliam22-Feb1795son of Nicholas and Sarah
HARVEYSarah23-Feb1812daughter of George and Sarah
HEADLARN?Ann26-Dec1790daughter of William and Ann
HEARNEThomas Rogers & Hannah Rogers11-Apr1802twin son and daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Elizabeth
HOBDAYAnna1-Oct1783daughter of George and Susannah
HOBDAYSusannah21-Oct1781daughter of George and Susannah
HOGBENJemima21-Mar1800daughter of Richard and Ann
HOGBENJohn6-May1804son of Richard and Ann
HOGBENMaria15-Mar1803daughter of Richard and Ann
HOGBENMary22-Sep1805daughter of Richard and Ann
HOGBENRichard23-Mar1794son of Wm and Elizth
HOGBENSusanna15-May1796daughter of Wm and Elizth
HOGBENThomas2-Feb1800son of Wm and Elizabeth
HOGBENWilliam9-Jul1797son of William and Elizabeth
HOILEElizabeth19-Apr1778daughter of Samuel and Mary
HOILEHannah26-Sep1782daughter of Samuel and Mary
HOILESusanna25-Feb1776daughter of Samuel and Mary
HOLIDAYMaria3-Jul1803daughter of Daniel and Dianna
HORNElizabeth17-Mar1785adult married daughter of William and Elizabeth HORN, her surname CABLE, baptised with her brother James HORN, also an adult
HORNJames17-Mar1785adult son of William and Elizabeth HORN, baptised with his sister Elizabeth CABLE, also an adult
HOWLSPeter Ashdown21-Oct1810son of Philip and Ann, child born September 23rd
INGRAMAnn3-Aug1800daughter of Thos and Ann
JONESThomas22-Mar1789son of Walter and Margaret
JONESWalter15-May1785son of Walter and Margaret
KELTONWilliam30-May1784son of John and Sarah
KENDALLMary Ann19-Jul1807daughter of James and Mary
KNIGHTJames28-Sep1788son of Thos and Mary
KNIGHTJohn18-May1777son of James and Mary
KNIGHTMary Ann13-Dec1778daughter of James and Mary
KNIGHTThomas28-Apr1780son of James and Mary
KNIGHTWm4-Nov1781son of James and Mary
LAMPERMartha7-Feb1796listed at the end of the year, possibly adult baptism
LANGLEYRichard21-Nov1802son of Richard and Sarah
LAWRENCEElizabeth Eliza4-May1806daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Eliza
LAWRENCEJane16-Jun1793daughter of Stephen and Jane
LAWRENCEJohn29-Jul1804son of Stephen and Elizabeth
LAWRENCEJohn Percy31-Jul1791son of Stephen and Jane
LAWRENCEMary20-Aug1786daughter of Stephen and Jane
LAWRENCEMary Jane & Peter Thomas10-Feb1811daughter and son of Stephen and Elizabeth
LAWRENCEPeter28-Dec1788son of Stephen and Jane
LAWRENCERichard23-Oct1808son of Stephen and Elizabeth
LAWRENCESarah Chapman5-Aug1798daughter of Stephen and Jane
LAWRENCEStephen3-Nov1782son of Stephen and Jane
LAWRENCEStephen26-Oct1800son of Stephen and Elizabeth
LAWRENCEWilliam26-Jun1802son of Stephen and Elizabeth
LEVER?Elizabeth Sophia14-Jul1811daughter of John and Mary
LEWISElizabeth21-May1809daughter of Wm. and Mary
LEWISJohn Allen26-Jan1812son of Wm. and Mary
LUCASJane10-Nov1799daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann
MANCERJohn27-Jan1811son of Thomas and Ann
MARSHGeorge30-May1784son of John and Elizabeth
MARSHJohn Vanson18-Jan1782no other details
MARSHJoseph Vanson16-Apr1786son of John and Mary
MAXSTEDHenry12-Mar1809son of Henry and Elizabeth
MAXTEDRichard28-Jul1811son of Henry and Elizabeth
MEERSWm17-Mar1793son of John and Elizth
MILESJohn11-Sep1808son of Henry and Mary
MILESWm. Henry12-Apr1807son of Henry and Mary
NEWTONJohn William13-May1787son of Ann, widow
OLDFIELDJohn10-Jul1779son of David and Jane
OLDFIELDSarah22-Sep1776daughter of David and Jane
PAINElizabeth4-Jun1795listed at the end of the year, possibly adult baptism
PALMERElizth6-May1781daughter of Samuel and Ann
PAYMary Ann26-Jan1812daughter of Wm. and Mildred
PHILPOTTJohn Overy5-Apr1812son of Charles and Jane
PORTERJohn5-Jun1791son of Thos and Ann
PORTERWilliam15-Dec1793son of Thomas and Ann
POWELLJames3-May1778son of Laurence and Mary
POWELLWilliam19-Sep1784son of Stephen and Jane
PRESCOTTCharlotte23-May1802daughter of Thomas and Mary
PRESCOTTElizabeth3-May1789daughter of Thomas and Mary
PRESCOTTHannah27-Sep1807daughter of Thomas and Mary
PRESCOTTHenry30-Dec1804son of Thos. and Mary
PRESCOTTMaria6-Apr1806daughter of Thos. and Mary
PRESCOTTMary15-Apr1798daughter of Thomas and Mary
RATCLIFFAnn7-Feb1790daughter of Thomas and Ann
RATCLIFFHannah22-Feb1778daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth
RATCLIFFThomas16-Mar1788son of Thomas and Ann
RATLEYDaniel5-Jul1781son of Daniel and Elizth
RATLEYHenry16-Nov1783son of Daniel and Elizabeth
RAVELLJohn12-Jul1795son of Wm and Mary, child born June 17th
READJane23-Aug1812daughter of Richard and Ann
READWm.24-Sep1809son of Richard and Ann
REYNOLDSEdward29-Jul1781son of Robert and Sarah
REYNOLDSHenry20-Oct1776son of William and Elizabeth
REYNOLDSRichard1-Nov1779son of Robert and Sarah
REYNOLDSRobert29-Dec1776son of Robert and Sarah
REYNOLDSRobert6-Sep1778son of William and Elizabeth
REYNOLDSWilliam13-Jun1784son of William and Elizabeth
ROLFEDavid4-Jun1809son of Wm. and Mary
ROLFEHarriot6-May1804daughter of Wm. and Mary
ROLFEJohn20-Oct1805son of Wm. and Mary
ROLFEMary20-Sep1812daughter of Robert and Sarah KINGSFORD, adult baptism?
ROLFESusannah23-Mar1812daughter of William and Mary
ROLFEThomas20-Jun1802son of William and Mary
ROUZLEGeorge19-Apr1812son of Richard and Mary
SMALLAnn15-Aug1802daughter of John and Mary
SMALLJohn16-Jul1797son of John and Mary
THOMSETTSusanna Louisa19-Dec1812daughter of George and Elizabeth, a Miller
TILBYWm. Walton13-Mar1808son of John and Mary
VINESarah6-Aug1784daughter of John and Ann
WELLINSCharles20-Feb1786son of Mark and Ann, of Town Sutton in Kent
WICKSJohn Mutton9-Oct1791son of Susanna
WIGGLESWORTHBenjamin1-Nov1812son of Benjamin and Elizth
WILLIAMSElizabeth11-Nov1798daughter of David and Mary
WISEJohn26-Jun1796son of John and Sarah
WISEJuliana21-Jul1799daughter of John and Sarah
WOODElizabeth23-Sep1792daughter of Wm and Elizth
WOODSarah30-May1787daughter of William and Elizabeth
WOODRUFFSarah16-Nov1778daughter of William and Ann
WOODSAnn17-Jul1803daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
YOUNGMary9-Sep1804daughter of John and Catherine
YOUNGSarah Spicer16-Mar1800daughter of John and Sarah
YOUNGWm.4-Jul1811son of John and Catherine