Transcribed by Linda Corbett.  The information displayed here is from the former Deal and Walmer website by the generous permission of Linda Corbett.

       Baptisms alphabetical by Surname

Given Name
24-Jun 1840 ALLEN JAMES STOKES s/o WILLIAM & ANN ALLEN of West St. Fathers occ. Labourer.
3-Apr 1842 ANSELL SUSANNA ANN d/o JOHN SOLOMON & ELIZA ANSELL of Upper Deal. Fathers occ. Carpenter.
8-Feb 1839 BRISTOW ELIZABETH ANN d/o WILLIAM & MARY BRISTOW of Alfred Sq. Fathers occ. Carpenter.
12-Apr 1839 CASTLE ADELAIDE d/o JOHN MATTHEW & CHARLOTTE CASTLE of Lower St. Fathers occ. Grocer.
3-Dec 1841 DARBY CHARLES s/o EDWARD & MARY ANN DARBY of Lower St. Fathers occ. Baker.
2-Dec 1838 DENNE CAROLINE REBECCA d/o DAVID & MARY DENNE of Upper Deal. Fathers occ. Farmer.
17-Feb 1838 DUNN RICHARD JOHN s/o GEORGE & HANNAH DUNN of Middle St. Fathers occ. Labourer.
21-Feb 1841 FRIEND GEORGE THOMAS s/o THOMAS & MARY ANN FRIEND of Middle Deal. Fathers occ. Labourer.
15-Jul 1840 GORE THOMAS GEORGE BAKER s/o RICHARD & HESTER GORE of Dolphin St. Fathers occ. Cordwainer.
7-Jan 1842 JARVIS ELIZABETH JANE d/o GEORGE & SUSANNAH JARVIS of Bulwark Row. Fathers occ. Mariner.
12-Nov 1841 MAY JOHN s/o WILLIAM & SUSANNA MAY of Peter St. Fathers occ. Mariner.
19-Dec 1838 MILES ROBERT CHAPMAN s/o WILLIAM & HARRIET MILES of Beach St. Fathers occ. Mariner.
6-May 1840 NORRIS MARY JANE d/o TOM & MARY JANE NORRIS of Beach St. Fathers occ. Mariner.
12-Nov 1841 OSBORN JANE ANN d/o JOHN & MARY OSBORN of George Alley. Fathers occ. Mariner.
8-May 1839 PRITCHARD EDWARD s/o SIMON & DORCAS PRITCHARD of Broad St. Fathers occ. Grocer.
4-Nov 1840 REDSULL HENRY EDWARD s/o HENRY EDWARD & LOUISA REDSULL of Alfred Row. Fathers occ. Policeman.

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