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Transcribed by Susan D. Young from the Bishop's Transcripts.  Missing years:  1604/5-1610/11; 1613/14; 1621/22; 1627/28; 1640/41-1661/62; 1663/64; 1675/76; 1706/7; 1714/15.
Editorial Note from Kent OPC Administrator:  All files are now alphabetized by surname, followed by given name and then year of event.


....... ........ DBL 5-Sep 1686 a vagrant stranger [no names recorded]
........ ......... DBL 23-Mar 1803 a poor woman, a wandering beggar, her name unknown, her age might be about 40
.......... Robert DBL 9-Oct 1753 a traveller [no surname recorded]
........... .............. DBL 30-Aug 1718 wife of John, a travelling beggar [surname and wife's name missing]
........... Dennis DBL 3-Apr 1617 a base child [no surname recorded]
........... Thomas DBL 14-Feb 1632 a stranger known only by the name of Thomas, no surname recorded
ACE Joane DBL 5-Apr 1620 an almes widow
ADGOE Ann DBL 6-Sep 1638 wife of Nathaniel
AIREY Edward DBL 1-May 1807 affidavit received
ALLEN Steven DBL 15-Jun 1620 householder
ALMON Elizabeth DBL 30-Apr 1716 wife of Richard
ANDREWS Robert DBL 27-Sep 1719 Richard/Elizabeth
AVERY Elizabeth DBL 17-Nov 1730 a child
AVERY John DBL 14-Jun 1733  
AVERY John DBL 16-Nov 1736  
AVERY Sarah DBL 22-Mar 1728 wife of John
BACKWELL John DBL 22-Aug 1615 a householder
BAKER Elizabeth DBL 25-Aug 1810 affidavit received
BAKER Thomas DBL 16-Apr 1811 affidavit received
BALDWIN Dorothy DBL 23-Dec 1624 wife of William
BALDWIN Margaret DBL 1-Jan 1626 do William
BALDWIN Susan DBL 11-Sep 1622 do John
BANKS Ann DBL 27-Aug 1719 wife of John, a travelling tailor
BANKS John DBL 10-Feb 1720 a travelling tailor
BARBER Jane DBL 30-Oct 1620 widow of Thomas who was buried 29 Oct 1620
BARBER John DBL 5-Jun 1618 son of John
BARBER Thomas DBL 10-Apr 1618 son of Thomas
BARBER Thomas DBL 29-Oct 1620 household
BARNER Thomas DBL 27-Jan 1726  
BAYLEY James DBL 2-Feb 1726  
BENE Joseph DBL 5-Nov 1768  
BENE Margaret DBL 4-Nov 1769  
BENSTEAD William DBL 23-Mar 1806 affidavit received
BISHOP Abigale DBL 6-Feb 1704 do Thomas
BISHOP Ann DBL 27-Jun 1723 widow
BISHOP Thomas DBL 20-Dec 1739 from Ruckinge
BLATCHER Abigail DBL 5-Apr 1794  
BOULDEN John DBL 16-Mar 1637  
BOULDEN John DBL 14-Sep 1637 a servant
BOURN Sophia DBL 17-Jan 1808 affidavit received
BOWRNE William DBL 2-Mar 1612  
BOYKETT Henry DBL 14-Feb 1632  
BRACKENBURYE John DBL 9-Mar 1604 son of Stephen
BRET William DBL 16-Mar 1680 a child
BRETT Anthony DBL 6-Oct 1671  
BROOKEBACKE Robert DBL 23-Aug 1638 a stranger
BULLOCK John DBL 11-Apr 1742  
BUNKLY George DBL 24-Dec 1689 labourer
BUNKLY Mary DBL 27-Nov 1697  
BUTCHER Anne DBL 28-Mar 1768 wife of George
BUTCHER Mary DBL 7-Jan 1763 do George/Ann
BUTLER Katherine DBL 2-Feb 1752 affidavit [received]
BYSHOP Thomas DBL 5-Oct 1707 Senior
CAMBLE Elizabeth DBL 26-Feb 1769  
CHAFFINCH Edward DBL 20-Apr 1702  
CHAFFINCH Elizabeth DBL 31-Oct 1703  
CHAFFINCH Jane DBL 18-Mar 1697 child of Edward/Jane
CHAFFINCH Mary DBL 3-Nov 1695 wife of Edward
CHAFFINCH Mary DBL 22-Dec 1695 do Edward
CHAFFINCH William DBL 27-Nov 1692 an infant
CHAPMAN Elizabeth DBL 31-May 1741 do Richard/Mary
CHAPMAN Elizabeth DBL 5-Feb 1770  
CHAPMAN John DBL 18-Mar 1756 of Richard/Mary
CHAPMAN Mary DBL 1-Apr 1772 affidavit received in due time [this entry appears to have been erased but does not reappear in the register for the following year]
CHAPMAN Richard DBL 20-Jun 1763 labourer
CHAPMAN Richard DBL 17-Jan 1797 aged 57
CHAPMAN Sarah DBL 7-Nov 1779  
CHAPMAN Susannah DBL 18-Feb 1741 do Richard/Mary
CHEESMAN Henry DBL 25-Aug 1701 a servant
CHITTENDEN Elizabeth DBL 28-Nov 1730 wife of Daniel
CHITTENDEN Elizabeth DBL 12-Jan 1731 an infant
CHITTENDEN William DBL 2-Jun 1785  
CHRISTMAS William DBL 2-Jan 1749  
CLARKE Barbara DBL 21-Jul 1766 a traveller from Maidstone
CLERK George DBL 24-Apr 1731  
COB Mary DBL 7-Jan 1745 do Robert/Mary
COBB Elizabeth DBL 29-Apr 1776 wife of Robert
COBB Elizabeth DBL 11-May 1796 do Joseph/Mary, an infant
COBB James DBL 1-Dec 1809 affidavit received, date was not included with entry only the month
COBB John DBL 2-Jan 1806 affidavit received
COBB Joseph DBL 24-Aug 1805 affidavit received
COBB Joseph DBL 12-Apr 1807 affidavit received
COBB Mary DBL 3-Oct 1795 do Joseph/Mary, an infant
COBB Richard DBL 28-Jan 1770  
COBB Robert DBL 26-Nov 1779  
COBB Sarah DBL 4-Jul 1768  
COBB Sarah DBL 28-Mar 1804 affidavit received
COBB Sarah DBL 15-May 1805 affidavit received
COBB Susannah DBL 30-Apr 1805 affidavit received
COBB Thomas DBL 14-Aug 1805 affidavit received
COBBE Joseph DBL 2-Jan 1763 of Thomas/Sarah
COBBE Robert DBL 21-Mar 1736 son of Robert/Elizabeth
COLEBRAN Thomas DBL 14-Feb 1639  
COLEMAN Mary DBL 11-May 1671  
COLLINS Elizabeth DBL 12-Mar 1735  
COLLINS John DBL 10-Nov 1805 affidavit received
COLLINS Joseph DBL 8-Apr 1722 Joseph/Sarah
COLLINS Joseph DBL 3-Dec 1735  
COLLINS Mary DBL 9-May 1805 affidavit received
COLLINS Richard DBL 4-Sep 1720 an infant
COLLINS Sarah DBL 23-Feb 1735  
COLMAN John DBL 26-Apr 1662  
CONWAY Peter DBL 10-Jan 1639 a stranger
CORNELIUS Richard DBL 2-May 1791  
COTTENDEN John DBL 17-Aug 1625 poor fellow died in our parish
COULTMAN Dorothy DBL 13-Aug 1639 a widow
COULTMAN Mary DBL 8-Mar 1638 wife of John
COULTMAN Mary DBL 15-Oct 1638 a child
COURTUP Henry DBL 5-Feb 1697  
COWSTICK Elizabeth DBL 30-Mar 1746 of Orlestone
COWSTICK Elizabeth DBL 28-Jun 1747  
CRAMP William DBL 10-Aug 1811 affidavit received
CRASSINGHAM Harriot DBL 9-Dec 1806 affidavit received
CRASSINGHAM John DBL 19-May 1811 affidavit received
CRASSINGHAM Mary DBL 4-Mar 1812 affidavit received
CROUCH Elizabeth DBL 3-Feb 1740 do John/Margaret
CULLINGE Henry DBL 8-Apr 1625 son of John, a child
CULLINGE John DBL 25-Mar 1625 householder
CUMMING Nathaniel DBL 12-Jan 1634 a child
CUMMING? ........... DBL 5-Jan 1638 an infant unbaptized of John [no name recorded, surname interlined and very difficult to decipher, might be Lum or Cumming]
CUTLER Michael DBL 6-Jan 1670 servant
DANEL Salomon DBL 16-Apr 1699 paterfamilias of Brinket
DANIEL Ann DBL 4-Jun 1691 wife of Solomon of Warehorn
DANIEL Jane DBL 28-Apr 1695 do Solomon
DANIEL Katherine DBL 8-Feb 1708  
DANIEL Martha DBL 27-May 1687 wife of Thomas
DANIEL Thomas DBL 28-Feb 1681 Thomas/Martha
DAUSTON Henry DBL 12-Mar 1612  
DAVIES Mary DBL 30-Dec 1689 widow of Aldington
DITTON John DBL 30-Mar 1770  
DORMAN Catharine DBL 28-Nov 1779  
DORMAN Edmund DBL 25-Jul 1792 son of John/Mary
DORMAN Edward DBL 22-Nov 1767 son of John/Elizabeth
DORMAN Edward DBL 4-Nov 1804 affidavit received
DORMAN Elisabeth DBL 30-Apr 1780  
DORMAN Elisabeth DBL 12-Aug 1784 wife of John
DORMAN Elizabeth DBL 9-Nov 1735 do John/Mary
DORMAN Elizabeth DBL 30-Apr 1780  
DORMAN James DBL 14-Oct 1749  
DORMAN James DBL 15-May 1765 son of John/Mary, Jr.
DORMAN John DBL 10-Mar 1778  
DORMAN John DBL 21-Oct 1787 son of John/Mary, affidavit received in due time
DORMAN John DBL 10-Nov 1788 son of John/Elizabeth
DORMAN Mary DBL 6-Jul 1763 John/Mary
DORMAN Mary DBL 18-May 1764 wife of John
DORMAN Mary DBL 12-Jul 1801  
DORMAN Richard DBL 11-May 1777 John/Elisabeth
DORMAN wife of John, Senior DBL 16-Dec 1764  
DRAWSON Jane DBL 18-Nov 1632 wife of Edward
EDMONDS Mary DBL 2-Sep 1750  
EDMUNDS John DBL 11-Sep 1778  
EDMUNDS Mary DBL 4-Sep 1726 an infant
EDWARDSFIELD John DBL 14-Jan 1771  
EDWARDSFIELD Mary DBL 27-Sep 1772  
ELLIS Elizabeth DBL 5-Apr 1712  
ERIE Mary DBL 11-Nov 1790  
ETELL Christopher DBL 5-Nov 1615 son of Abraham
EVANS Katherine DBL 14-Mar 1717  
FAG Avis DBL 23-Mar 1623 a poor old widow
FAG Richard DBL 19-Oct 1619  
FAG Tabitha DBL 11-Apr 1619 wife of Richard
FAGG Thomas DBL 20-Mar 1709  
FAGGE Elizabeth DBL 8-Mar 1704 do Thomas
FEGG William DBL 5-Sep 1702 son of Thomas/Susan
FIELD Elizabeth DBL 19-Oct 1683 widow
FIELD William DBL 20-Jan 1682  
FIST Henry DBL 16-Jun 1686  
FOORD Elizabeth DBL 14-Jan 1680 a child
FOORD Harriet DBL 23-Aug 1806 affidavit received
FORD John DBL 21-Mar 1771  
FORD Mary DBL 7-May 1780  
FORD Mary DBL 7-May 1780 an infant
FORD Robert DBL 17-Feb 1625 a stranger and poor
FORD Sarah DBL 12-Jan 1789  
FORD Sarah DBL 12-Jan 1789  
FORDE John DBL 22-Jan 1805 affidavit received
FORDE Priscilla DBL 23-Jan 1795 do James/Elizabeth
FORWARD Richard DBL 10-Feb 1612 servant of George Robson
FOSTER Mary DBL 7-Mar 1762 wife of Peter
FOSTER William DBL 31-Jan 1769 infant
FOWLER Henry DBL 1-Oct 1732  
FREEMAN Anne DBL 29-Oct 1705 do Walter
FREEMAN Bridget DBL 25-Apr 1694 wife of Walter
FREEMAN Elizabeth DBL 14-Nov 1738 widow
FREEMAN John DBL 25-Jan 1683 son of Walter/Bridget
FREEMAN Walter DBL 13-May 1697  
FREEMAN William DBL 16-Jan 1704 son of Walter
FULLER John DBL 2-Mar 1612  
FULLER Margaret DBL 22-Jan 1612 wife of John
GADSBE Margaret DBL 14-Jul 1676 of Ruckinge
GADSBY Cicely DBL 22-Jan 1722 widow
GIDDINGS David DBL 24-May 1800  
GILES Sara DBL 5-Apr 1692  
GILES William DBL 9-Jul 1718 sojourner
GIMBER Joab DBL 4-May 1762 widower
GOOSE John DBL 14-May 1796 a travelling labourer aged about 40
GORHAM Mary DBL 15-Apr 1667 wife of Thomas
GORHAM Thomas DBL 9-Apr 1682  
GRANT Henry DBL 18-Jul 1809 affidavit received
GREENFIELD Catherine DBL 30-Jul 1805 affidavit received
GRINSTEAD Thomas DBL 6-Aug 1776 baseborn son of Mary
HADDAN Martha DBL 9-Jun 1704  
HADDEN Richard DBL 18-Nov 1691 son of Richard/Martha
HADDEN William DBL 7-Jun 1703 the child of Richard/Martha
HADDON Mary DBL 3-Jul 1686 wife of Richard
HADDON William DBL 20-Oct 1700 son of Richard
HADLOW Margaret DBL 21-Apr 1618 an almes creature
HARDS John DBL 5-Nov 1634  
HARSELDEN Anne DBL 8-Nov 1615 do Henry
HARSELDEN Henry DBL 22-Oct 1618 a householder
HATTEN George DBL 12-Nov 1683 son of Richard/Mary
HATTEN Richard DBL 3-Jul 1702  
HEAD Elizabeth DBL 18-May 1716 wife of Samuel
HEAD Elizabeth DBL 18-May 1716 wife of Samuel
HEAD John DBL 7-Apr 1712  
HEAD John DBL 21-May 1712 Samuel/Elizabeth
HEAD John DBL 6-Feb 1716 son of Samuel/Elizabeth
HEAD Katherine DBL 31-Mar 1728 a poor widow
HENMAN John DBL 3-Jul 1635 a stranger
HENMAN Richard DBL 14-Sep 1680 poor
HEWITT William DBL 20-May 1684  
HEYWOOD Admans DBL 10-Jan 1742 son of Thomas/Susanna
HEYWOOD Jane DBL 15-Jan 1721 a poor widow
HEYWOOD Jonathan DBL 10-Oct 1717 victualler
HEYWOOD Thomas DBL 5-Mar 1738 son of Thomas/Susannah
HICKS James DBL 31-Jan 1780  
HIDER William DBL 5-Jan 1635  
HOCKMAN Walter DBL 19-Oct 1667 mason
HODGES Elizabeth DBL 18-Oct 1665 wife of Thomas of Warehorne
HODGES Joane DBL 14-Jul 1708 widow
HODGES Margaret DBL 10-Apr 1681  
HODGES Thomas DBL 20-Jun 1679 a son, of Warehorne
HODGES William DBL 4-May 1676 householder
HODGES William DBL 17-Sep 1704 paterfamilias
HOGBEN Henry DBL 28-Sep 1620 a child
HOMCARD Mercy DBL 1-May 1785 wife of Richard
HOOK William DBL 24-Jan 1667 a tailor
HOOKS James DBL 16-Jul 1746 son of James/Anne, travellers
HOPPER Mary DBL 6-Dec 1811 affidavit received
HOWLAND Charles DBL 28-Aug 1807 affidavit received
HOWLAND Hannah DBL 21-Dec 1808 affidavit received
HOWLAND Susannah DBL 16-Jun 1811 affidavit received
HUDSON Thomas DBL 30-Sep 1723 a servant
HUNT Elizabeth DBL 16-Aug 1676  
HYLAND George DBL 21-Mar 1771  
IFIELD George DBL 29-Mar 1791  
INMETH Jane DBL 5-Sep 1617 wife of Henry
INMETH Jone DBL 30-Jan 1615 a woman
INMETH Ursula DBL 25-Jan 1618 daughter of Henry
JACKWIS Anne DBL 3-Apr 1748  
JACOB William DBL 9-Apr 1682  
JOHNSON Elizabeth DBL 10-Nov 1634 wife of Richard
JOHNSON Elizabeth DBL 5-Dec 1697  
JOHNSON Jane DBL 20-Oct 1634 do Richard
JOHNSON John DBL 5-Sep 1686 son of Richard
JOHNSON Richard DBL 24-May 1639 a child
JOHNSON Richard DBL 27-May 1694 labourer
JONES Ann DBL 10-Jan 1773  
JONES Henry DBL 17-Apr 1798 son of William/Elizabeth
JONES Richard DBL 7-Mar 1616 a servant
JONES Stephen DBL 17-Nov 1802 William/Elizabeth
JUGLER John DBL 19-Jun 1633 son of John
KASBY Thomas DBL 24-May 1772  
KEIGHE John DBL 24-Jan 1612 of Great Chart
KESBY Ann & Lucy DBL 29-Sep 1771 mother and daughter, affidavit received in due time
KESBY Elisabeth DBL 6-Oct 1771 do Thomas/Ann, affidavit received in due time
KESBY Hannah DBL 12-Jan 1791  
KESBY Stephen DBL 22-Sep 1771 son of Thomas/Ann, affidavit received in due time
KESBY Susanna DBL 6-Dec 1761 of Thomas/Ann
KESBY Thomas DBL 29-May 1763 Thomas/Ann
KETCHBY Elizabeth DBL 2-Jun 1767  
KETCHLEY William DBL 13-Oct 1755 of the late John by Elisabeth his wife
KIDDER George DBL 3-Dec 1717 sojourner
KINGSFORD Jane DBL 24-Aug 1687 wife of Thomas
KINGSFORD Katharine DBL 21-Jan 1683 do Thomas/Jane
KINGSFORD Thomas DBL 4-Nov 1697  
KINGSFORT Mary DBL 15-Nov 1685 do Thomas
KITTAM John DBL 10-Jul 1662 son of Richard/Marie
KNOWLDEN Elizabeth DBL 15-Oct 1797 do James/Mary, an infant
KNOWLDEN Mary DBL 3-Jun 1798 wife of James
LAXTON William DBL 29-May 1723 a traveller
LEONARD Elisabeth DBL 18-Nov 1752 wife of John
LEONARD John DBL 9-Jan 1776  
LOEBELL John DBL 5-Nov 1617  
LONKHURST James DBL 11-Apr 1789  
LOWD Amy DBL 4-Sep 1694 of Petham, widow
LOWD Peter DBL 14-Nov 1701 of Petham
LUCKET Jane DBL 8-Feb 1772 from Sandwich, affidavit received in due time
LYNKE Henry DBL 23-Nov 1742  
LYNKE Margaret DBL 13-Nov 1737 wife of Henry
MAIDHURST Elizabeth DBL 12-Dec 1696  
MAKENE Richard DBL 1-Feb 1742  
MAPESTONE Margaret DBL 23-Apr 1639 a child
MAPESTONE Margaret DBL 1-Sep 1639 do Thomas
MARDEN July DBL 23-Aug 1638 a child
MARDEN Susan DBL 24-Jan 1632 wife of James
MASH Thomas DBL 10-Oct 1681  
MASTER John DBL 12-Jun 1620 a householder
MASTERS John DBL 17-Dec 1762 from New Romney
MASTERS Margaret DBL 14-Jan 1681 Mr. Edward/Elizabeth, deceased
MASTERS Mary DBL 4-Jul 1762 from New Romney
MAY Daniel DBL 6-Apr 1725  
MAY Sarah DBL 26-Feb 1736 widow
MAY Thomas DBL 18-Mar 1722 housekeeper
MEPHAM John DBL 24-Oct 1736  
MERCER Benjamin DBL 16-May 1780  
MERCER Benjamin DBL 16-May 1780  
MERCER Elizabeth DBL 5-Mar 1618 wife of Thomas
MERCER Thomas DBL 5-Apr 1623 householder
MERCER Thomas DBL 15-Apr 1623 householder
MERCHANT Peter DBL 10-Jun 1703  
MILLEN Elizabeth DBL 13-Dec 1620 widow of Thomas who was buried 6 Nov 1620
MILLEN Jane DBL 2-Jul 1632 do Thomas
MILLEN Thomas DBL 6-Nov 1620 householder
MILLEN Thomas DBL 25-Jun 1633  
MINSHAIR Sarah DBL 12-Aug 1683 a servant maid
MOORE Debora DBL 5-Dec 1666 widow and "Eleemosynary" [possibly alms receiver]
MORISH Aron DBL 28-Dec 1678 a poor boy
MORLEY John DBL 22-Jun 1707  
MORRISS John DBL 6-Jan 1799 son of John/Charlotte
MORTON John DBL 2-Mar 1704 of Great Chart
MOTE William DBL 11-Nov 1800 a travelling mendicant [definition: one who depends upon alms for a living or practices begging, also used to refer to an order of friars forbidden to own property in common right]
MOUNT Elizabeth DBL 15-Feb 1629 wife of Nicholas
MOUNT Thomazine DBL 30-Nov 1637 wife of George
MUNT John DBL 22-May 1774  
MURRAY Anne DBL 22-Jun 1736 a traveller
MURVELL Thomas DBL 15-Jul 1631  
NIGHE Isaac DBL 21-Jun 1805 affidavit received
NIX Susan DBL 1-Oct 1614 a servant
NYE Elisabeth DBL 17-Sep 1750  
NYE Isaac DBL 9-May 1763  
NYE John DBL 25-Aug 1758 Isaac/Lydia
NYE Lydia DBL 19-Aug 1785 widow
NYE Margaret DBL 29-May 1751 affidavit [received]
NYE Susanna DBL 28-Jun 1761 of Isaac/Lydia
PAGE Elizabeth DBL 16-Mar 1801 David/Anne
PAINE Ann DBL 29-Mar 1788 do Thomas/Susannah
PAINE Elizabeth DBL 5-Nov 1781 wife of Thomas
PAINE Thomas DBL 23-Apr 1793  
PARKER John DBL 16-Nov 1777  
PARMER Richard DBL 24-Sep 1752 baseborn child of Lydia Parmar and Isaac Nye
PAYNE Thomas DBL 20-Sep 1784 Thomas/Elisabeth
PERNELL Robert DBL 22-Dec 1611  
PETENDEN John DBL 4-Sep 1707  
PHILPOT Mary DBL 3-Apr 1780  
PHILPOT Mary DBL 3-Apr 1780 from New Romney
PIERCE Jane DBL 15-Apr 1742 do Edward/Eleanor
PIETY Mary DBL 27-Nov 1803 do Richard/Anne
PIETY Sarah DBL 6-Dec 1803 do Richard/Anne
PIETY Sarah DBL 5-Jan 1804 do John/Anne
PINYAN Edward DBL 3-Mar 1731 a sojourner
PIPER .......... DBL 24-Aug 1808 a stranger, Christian name unknown, affidavit received
POINTER Mary DBL 29-Jun 1707 wife of William
POINTER Sarah DBL 20-May 1709 widow
POINTER William DBL 24-Oct 1708  
PORTER George DBL 13-May 1728 a carpenter
POTTER John DBL 19-May 1635  
PRICE Beechast DBL 2-Feb 1623 do Rachell
PULESTONE Edward DBL 8-Mar 1613 Mr., clerk
RACHEL Elizabeth DBL 13-Feb 1717  
RATE Joseph DBL 24-Jul 1771 of this parish, affidavit received in due time
READ John DBL 21-Mar 1612 son of Christopher
READER Aldigan DBL 13-Jun 1703 do John/Mary
REILLY George DBL 2-Jul 1809 a soldier accidentally drowned, affidavit received
RENDER Elisabeth DBL 18-Oct 1780  
RIDGWAY John DBL 30-Apr 1722  
ROBARTS Susanna DBL 21-Mar 1669 poor widow
ROBERTS Thomas DBL 14-Aug 1664 the parish clarke
ROBSON George DBL 10-Dec 1619  
RYGDEN Elizabeth DBL 1-Apr 1668 do Edmund/Catharine [date obliterated]
SANDERSON Elizabeth DBL 5-Sep 1630 do John
SANDERSON John DBL 29-Apr 1631  
SANDERSON William DBL 1-Feb 1625 son of John
SAUNDERS John DBL 12-Sep 1623 a child
SAUNDERS John DBL 14-Apr 1728 sojourner
SAUNDERSON John DBL 19-Feb 1626 son of John
SEXBY Mary DBL 18-Oct 1715 widow
SHEARMAN Mark DBL 12-Aug 1665 Rector
SHEAVE Ann DBL 13-Nov 1768  
SHERMAN John DBL 12-Aug 1664 George/Mildred
SKOT John DBL 8-Mar 1615 a poor almsman
SLADEN Davy DBL 14-Nov 1633  
SMALL Richard DBL 8-May 1804 affidavit received
SMART Anne DBL 12-Apr 1705 of Rucking
SMITH Ann DBL 28-Mar 1725  
SMITH Deborah DBL 31-May 1618 do Richard
SMITH Elias DBL 17-Aug 1779  
SMITH Elisabeth DBL 11-Jun 1751 affidavit [received]
SMITH Esther DBL 11-Jun 1766 wife of Elias
SMITH Henry DBL 20-Sep 1758 Elias/Hester
SMITH Mary DBL 5-May 1769  
SMITH Mildred DBL 21-Feb 1638 a poor widow
SMITH Richard DBL 19-Oct 1623 that hath left a widow and two small children upon the mercy of a miserable poor parish
SMITH Richard DBL 29-Oct 1765  
SMITH Richard DBL 3-Nov 1777  
SMITH Sarah DBL 6-Mar 1776 wife of Samuel
SMITH Sarah DBL 8-Apr 1804 affidavit received
SMITH Vincent DBL 5-Feb 1772 son of Richard/Margaret, affidavit received in due time
SNOOD Mary DBL 15-Jan 1686 do Jeremiah
SPICE Robert DBL 23-Jul 1665 dweller at Old Romney was slain and buried
SPICER Christopher DBL 6-Oct 1678 son of Edward of Ruckinge, labourer, buried at Orlestone
SPICER Deborah DBL 1-Nov 1684  
SPICER Elizabeth DBL 4-Sep 1616 wife of Goodman [his name not recorded]
SPICER Elizabeth DBL 12-May 1689 do Edward
SPICER Elizabeth DBL 15-Oct 1689 wife of Edward
SPICER Katharine DBL 23-Mar 1674  
SPICER Mary DBL 2-Mar 1612 do Robert
SPICER Mary DBL 4-Nov 1683 do Edward/Mary
SPRAT Mary DBL 9-Oct 1692 widow of John
SPRATT Mary DBL 26-Oct 1625 do John
SPRATT Susan DBL 7-Jan 1620 wife of John
SPRINGET Ann DBL 22-Nov 1806 affidavit received
SPRINGETT Stephen DBL 12-May 1809 affidavit received
STANDEN Ann DBL 1-Jan 1633 widow
STANDEN Joane DBL 16-Sep 1622 wife of Thomas
STANDEN Seath DBL 6-Mar 1612 son of Thomas
STANDEN Thomas DBL 23-May 1631  
STEED Edmund DBL 23-Jun 1752 Edmund/Elisabeth
STICKLES Elizabeth DBL 1-Jan 1800 do John/Sarah
STONESTREET John DBL 23-Jun 1780  
STONESTREET William DBL 2-Jul 1780  
STREATEN Sarah DBL 20-Jan 1811 affidavit received
SWAYNE John DBL 1-Apr 1619 son of John
SWAYNE John DBL 28-Jan 1620 a poor man
TAMSETT Anne DBL 2-Apr 1769  
TAMSETT Marie DBL 1-Dec 1662 widow, date in December obliterated
TANNER Ambrose DBL 19-Nov 1717 widower
TANNER Mary DBL 10-Jun 1715 wife of Ambrose
TERRAL James DBL 16-Oct 1674 son of John/Sarah
THOMSON John DBL 16-Dec 1679  
THURSTON Mary DBL 25-Feb 1740 do William/Sarah
THURSTON Richard DBL 12-Dec 1777  
THURSTON Sarah DBL 13-Mar 1740 wife of William
THURSTON Susanna DBL 3-Dec 1792  
THURSTON William DBL 10-Mar 1752 affidavit [received]
THURSTON William DBL 9-May 1772  
TILDEN Elizabeth Anne DBL 11-Jul 1731  
TILDEN Ellen DBL 8-Oct 1727 do John/Ann
TIPPETT John DBL 14-Sep 1803 brickmaker at Brightling, Sussex
TOLHURST Mary DBL 16-Jul 1780  
TRANSUM William DBL 11-Apr 1779  
TRETTON Marie DBL 13-Mar 1680 a child
TRETTON Samuel DBL 9-Mar 1680 a child
TRITTON Robert DBL 13-Jun 1681  
TROWER John DBL 2-Mar 1612 son of William
TURNER Elizabeth DBL 20-May 1792  
TURNER James & Margaret DBL 29-Dec 1788 children of Thomas/Elizabeth
TURNER Margaret DBL 13-Mar 1796 do Thomas/Elizabeth
TURNER Maria DBL 6-Apr 1787 do Thomas/Elizabeth, affidavit received in due time
TURNER Richard DBL 10-May 1801  
TURNER Sarah DBL 26-Dec 1770  
TURNER Susanna DBL 6-Nov 1753 of Richard/Sarah
TURNER Thomas DBL 26-Apr 1747  
TURNER Thomas DBL 23-Nov 1784 Thomas/Elisabeth
TURNER William DBL 23-Nov 1790  
TURRALL Marie DBL 30-Jan 1678 wife of John
TURRELL Jane DBL 21-Jun 1667 wife of John
TURRELL John DBL 4-Nov 1667 labourer
TURRELL Sarah DBL 10-Oct 1676  
VALE ........... DBL 21-Jan 1638 an infant unbaptized of George [no name recorded]
VAUGHAN Rebecca DBL 8-Jul 1809 affidavit received
VENNER Sarah DBL 11-Jan 1758  
VENNER Stephen DBL 22-Jan 1749  
VENNER Thomas DBL 4-Jun 1741  
VINCET Mary DBL 12-May 1763 wife of Jeremiah
VINSET Jeremiah DBL 19-Jul 1765 Mr.
VINSET Ralph DBL 7-Feb 1755 single man
WACHERS Rebeccah DBL 11-Jul 1616 wife of Thomas
WAKOM Edward DBL 5-Feb 1612  
WAKOM Sarah DBL 1-Dec 1611 wife of Edward
WATERMAN Margaret DBL 18-Mar 1612 widow
WATERS Elizabeth DBL 14-May 1618  
WATTES Elizabeth DBL 2-Aug 1665 wife of John
WATTES Mary DBL 8-Dec 1666 do John/Margaret of Ruckinge
WATTES Richard DBL 16-Oct 1625 son of Richard, a young man
WATTS William DBL 9-Aug 1664 son of John/Elizabeth
WEBB Katherine DBL 12-Sep 1624 do Robert
WEEKS Elizabeth DBL 6-Oct 1698 do John
WEEKS John DBL 8-Dec 1725  
WEEKS Mary DBL 10-Oct 1708 child of John/Mary
WEEKS Mary DBL 13-Nov 1719 John/Mary
WEEKS Mary DBL 8-Oct 1724 daughter of John/Mary
WEEKS Robert DBL 19-Sep 1720 an infant
WELLES Deborah DBL 20-Oct 1669 do Thomas/Jane
WELLES John DBL 30-Dec 1666 a labouring man
WELLES John DBL 15-Mar 1668 son of Thomas/Jane
WELLES Mary DBL 1-Feb 1669 poor maiden [date obliterated]
WELLES Thomas DBL 5-Apr 1666 son of Thomas/Jane
WELLS Joan DBL 26-Feb 1632 do John
WELLS John DBL 8-May 1633 son of John
WELLS John DBL 10-Dec 1672  
WELLS Mary DBL 23-Mar 1638 a child
WELLS Sarah DBL 27-May 1624 wife of Benjamin Nathanael Wells [the name Benjamin was written over top of the name Nathanael but neither were crossed through]
WELLS Sarah DBL 8-Jan 1632 do John
WELLWARD Edward DBL 8-Jun 1694 labourer
WHEELER Isaac DBL 17-Apr 1688 son of Isaac
WHITE Alice DBL 6-Oct 1754 wife of John
WHITE Anna DBL 3-Nov 1700 do Henry/Elizabeth
WHITE Grace DBL 19-Dec 1703  
WHITE Henry DBL 14-Jun 1693 son of Henry
WHITE Henry DBL 11-Sep 1715  
WHITE Henry DBL 29-Jan 1735  
WHITE John DBL 25-Oct 1780  
WICKS Catherine DBL 9-Oct 1715 daughter of John/Mary
WILDING Susan DBL 6-Jan 1633 wife of Richard
WIN John DBL 1-Feb 1678  
WINDER Anne DBL 22-Apr 1711 Thomas/Elizabeth
WINDER Elizabeth DBL 24-Jan 1733  
WINDER Elizabeth DBL 20-Jun 1795 wife of Thomas
WINDER John DBL 13-May 1716 son of Thomas/Elizabeth
WINDER John DBL 13-May 1716 son of Thomas/Elizabeth
WINDER John DBL 11-Oct 1738 son of Thomas/Mary
WINDER John DBL 25-Jul 1742 baseborn child of Mary
WINDER John DBL 4-Jan 1767  
WINDER Katherine DBL 18-Feb 1718 daughter of Thomas/Elizabeth
WINDER Mary DBL 6-Aug 1771 of this parish, affidavit received in due time
WINDER Sarah DBL 21-Aug 1723 do Thomas/Elizabeth
WINDER Thomas DBL 16-Mar 1740  
WINDER Thomas DBL 6-Mar 1795  
WINNE Catharine DBL 21-Feb 1669 wife of John
WINNE John DBL 8-Nov 1637 poor man
WINNE Mildred DBL 6-Apr 1631 do John
WINTERTON Sarah DBL 15-Aug 1687 wife of Robert
WOODBORN Amy DBL 28-Jan 1717 daughter of John/Elizabeth
WOODBOURN Amia DBL 21-Feb 1687 do John
WOODBOURN Mary DBL 23-Nov 1689 do John
WOODBOURN Robert DBL 17-Nov 1689 son of John
WOODBOURN Susan DBL 25-Jan 1702 the child of John/Elizabeth
WOODBURN Elizabeth DBL 10-Feb 1714  
WOODBURN John DBL 10-Apr 1726  
WOODCOCK Annis DBL 19-Jan 1632 wife of John
WOODCOCKE John DBL 23-Sep 1632 son of John
WOOLLBOURN John DBL 2-Nov 1707 Junior
WRAIGHT Anthony DBL 8-Jan 1630  
WRAIGHT Clement DBL 3-Jan 1630  
WRAIGHT Eden DBL 19-Oct 1626 wife of Clement
WRAIGHT Mary DBL 26-Oct 1625 do Clement
WRAIGHT Mary DBL 25-Jun 1749  
WRAIGHT Thomas DBL 15-May 1763 Joseph/Mary
WRIGHT Richard DBL 19-May 1769  
WRIGHT William DBL 27-Feb 1792  
YEOMAN Ann DBL 11-Nov 1638 wife of William
YEOMAN John DBL 16-Nov 1634 son of William
YEOMANS Edward DBL 13-Jun 1639 a child
YEOMANS Mary DBL 20-May 1665 do William/Mary
YEOMANS William DBL 26-Apr 1667 labourer
YEOMANS William DBL 10-Jan 1664 son of William/Mary
YOUNG Anne Mary DBL 12-May 1737  
YOUNGE Elizabeth DBL 20-Dec 1673 widow
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